September 30, 2007

Pandering Politicians Packing Polling Places with Pathetic Populace

I have always opposed the lowering of the voting age to below the age of twenty-one. Young people can follow orders and give birth, but that does not automatically give them the widsom and experience to cast intelligent votes. But, the Democrats, always on the prowl to register uninformed people for their votes, have a new champion.

Kucinich at Dem Debate: "I Would Give 16-Year Olds the Vote"

But probably the most important point from an underdog - maybe the most important point made by any candidate - came from Dennis Kucinich, who said he not only favored lowered the drinking age to 18, but the voting age to 16. I seriously support such a lowering of the voting age - I've been saying for years that it should be lowered to 14 - an age at which, according cognitive psychologist Jean Piaget, people have completely adult reasoning processes, and have had them for at least two years.

If some Democrats trust the wisdom of kids to vote, then maybe they will lower the ages for drinking, smoking, driving, statutory rape, obtaining credit, and running for office.

Maybe my dog should vote, because she listens and follows commands better than most teenagers, plus she barks at Democrats.

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September 07, 2007

Repay Scooter Libby and the American Taxpayers

We know the costly and extensive investigations made on behalf of the Democratic Party to investigate the outing of CIA employee Valerie Plame Wilson and the report by her husband Joe Wilson that Iraq had not sought uranium for Niger. These costs went beyond dollars and destroyed the lives and careers of Scooter Libby and others. Maybe the Democrats and the Wilson's should take all the money that they raised from this fabricated scandal to restore the taxpayers and Scooter Libby for what they lost. Not likely.

Here is the 3 1/2 minute video from Hannity's America exposing the Wilson's. It is clear and documented.

The Wilson's Busted

Newly declassified documents shed light on pair.

To the Democrats, no cost is too high to win elections--as long as the costs are borne by individuals and taxpayers. Typical liberals--use other people's money.

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July 30, 2007

If the Presidential Election Were Re-held

If you had to vote for President all over again, given the choices and even what we know now from 2004, would you vote for Bush or that French guy?

This is how the election came out:

These were our choices:

Images from Respublica and Zete-Tic

Think we have problems now? Maybe we would be going along with U.N. resolution number 426 condemning Hussein, and the U.N. still taking bribes if this country had gone the other way. Think of the Supreme Court justices that we would have gotten rather than what we have. Think of the taxes that would have been added and the negative impact of those on the economy.

I have a lot of problems with President Bush, but nothing compared to what might have been. When people want to bash Bush, remember the other choice that we had--no choice.

(Note: This post is not from G.M., who may have a varying viewpoint.)

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July 02, 2007

Democratic Voting Justice

Democrats guilty of interfering with the election process??!! Say it ain't so.

Democrats Violate Voting Rights Act

(AP) U.S. District Judge Tom S. Lee ruled late Friday that Noxubee County (Miss.) Democratic Party leader Ike Brown and the county Democratic Executive Committee "manipulated the political process in ways specifically intended and designed to impair and impede participation of white voters and to dilute their votes."

Noxubee County is a rural area along the Alabama line with a population of about 12,500, of whom 70 percent are black.

The judge said there was a pattern to Mr. Brown's efforts to keep all whites out of the county's Democratic Party, including holding party caucuses in private homes rather than public voting precincts and inviting only blacks to the meetings.

Brown, in fact, claims a number of whites as friends," Judge Lee wrote. "However, there is no doubt from the evidence presented at trial that Brown, in particular, is firmly of the view that blacks, being the majority race in Noxubee County, should hold all elected offices, to the exclusion of whites; and this view is apparently shared by his allies and associates on the [Noxubee Democratic Executive Commitee], who, along with Brown, effectively control the election process in Noxubee County."

To the Democrats, justice is spelled "just-us." Where's their outrage? Do you think Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will go to the rescue?

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December 10, 2006

Democrats Put Power Above Principle

I bet that title really shocked you. Imagine that.

Democratic Leadership Knew About Foley E-mails

The House Ethics Committee Report includes new information that top Democrats were also aware in 2005 of Mark Foley's inappropriate e-mails to congressional pages at about the same time as outgoing Speaker Dennis Hastert's office was informed.

While the report is critical of Hastert and his staff for not taking sufficient action, nowhere is there any evidence that the Democrats followed up.

Of course, we knew it all the time. Isn't it amazing that the major media failed to catch this before the election? But, now they know it and suddenly protecting young people from congressional predators is not important to them. It never was to the Democrats.

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November 24, 2006

Beware of Democrats Changing Voting Methods

Whenever Democrats want a change in the voting process, you can bet that it's not because they actually believe the change is fair or that it is good for democracy. One recent notable case was trying to make every Arizona voter eligible for a million dollar lottery. Vote for us! We'll give you a million dollars! There are many cases of rushing to register illegal aliens and multiple law suits to fight voter identification laws. Sure we'll let you vote without an ID, but you better have one to buy cigarettes! They know that illegal votes and fraud helps Democrats. You do, too.

The latest crusade for voting change comes from Oregon's Democratic Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, who is writing and campaigning with other Democrats and the usual suspects to have all states adopt the new Oregon voting process of vote by mail. Watch out.

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November 08, 2006

Open Letter To The Error-gant Republicans!

Dear Republican Party:

I'm betting that right now you are wondering what happened? Wondering how did we come so low in only 12 years when it took the Democrats 40 years to betray the trust of the voting public and lose the house. Why, we had the "Contract With America" and we had tax cuts and we had a war time President who had such high ratings just 5 short years ago. Well, I'll tell you what went wrong folks: You did.

You sat on your fat butts and spent like you were democrats. You refused to fight for the principles you were elected on. You broke your promise to the American people and they remembered that when they went into the voting booth. You fell down on the job.

Oh sure, you did some good things, but almost each and every time you rolled over for the Democrats and all but apologized for doing it. Need an example? When you passed the Tax Cut the Democrats took the high road and said "Tax cuts for the rich," and you rolled over and let them get away with it. When the war in Iraq started going less than perfectly, the Democrats said "no blood for oil" and "Bush lied and people died" and you kept quiet rather than call them out on playing politics in a time of war. When the Democrats and others of their ilk predicted a major meltdown in Afghanistan, you soldiered on and said nothing lest you be proven wrong when you should have stood up, argued for the rightness of the war in both Iraq and Afghanistan and you should have sent a delegation to the President and said, you need to speak out more often, you need to LEAD, but no, you kept quiet.

You seemed like a bunch of simpering high schoolers wanting the Democrats to desperately like you. Well, guess what, they don't, they won't and now they have the power.

You tried to buy things for your district thinking that if it worked for Democrats it should have worked for you. You let disgusting tirades of a United States Senator standing before the greatest deliberative body in the world and whimper that if you didn't let him have money for a bridge he would resign. You needed to stand up to Stevens and say "Fine, quit, you still aren't getting money that is needed elsewhere." but no, you took the money and gave it to Alaska via the back door where they could spend that money just the same.

You let a United States Senator pork up for repairs to a rail road that didn't need repairing. You spent, and spent and then when all the money was gone, you spent some more.

You let the Democrats demonize you on Social Security, on welfare reform, on taxes. Don't you get it, Democrats want the power that you had; and now they have it. You broke the contract with America and you did it in a smug self satisfied way that turned off the voters. Oh, the Democrats will be gloating now, and some of the libs/Dems who are readers here will come in and gloat, and you know what, that's fine because you fell on your sword and let it happen.

You will be tempted to blame the Democrats, the voters, the bloggers, indeed, you will be tempted to blame everyone but yourselves, but that is where the blame lies my friends, on you. There will be much gnashing of teeth and wringint of hands on the right side of the blogosphere, many will decry the victory of the Democrats. But you know what? The Democrats earned every vote they got, they earned it by out manuvering you on every front. The prime piece of evidence of this is that the Democrats had no program except "We're Not Repubicans," and it worked. So think on that for a while if you will.

Many Democrats ran on a more "conservative" ideaololgy than ever and they won big time. You are about to face reality. America wants governance and since you showed you couldn't do it, the Democrats will now get the chance. I don't think they can do it either, they will not have learned the lessons of the last 12 years either and will most likely revert to the usual leftish style that has governed Democratic policy and practice for the last 35 years. And in that reverting you will find your opportunity.

But you could also blow this opportunity. You have two years to get it right, two short years. Quit-chur-bitchin and think what got you elected in the first place, and do it again. Otherwise, lean back and get used to the idea that the Democrats will be in power for a long, long time.

Many months ago, I wrote you another letter here. You didn't listen then, maybe you'll listen now.

You have failed miserably at reforming the way government works. And, I'm not sure you even think we have noticed. You are going blithely about your business as though we were too stupid not to notice. Well, you are wrong. Further, you are wrong on so many counts. We expect good government and we are not getting it with you in charge. If we wanted all this scandal, spending like there is no tomorrow etc., we would have kept the Democrats in place in '94. But, we wanted change. You started off right but quickly lost your way.

So, I'm putting you on notice. You will have to EARN my vote this year, and you have damn little time to do it. You need to clean up your act and you need to start now. Not next week, not next month, not next year. Now!

Remember, I don't need you, I can get some Democrats to do the same thing you are doing (and probably increase my taxes too.) But you need me in a most desperate way. You need my vote!

UPDATE: John Boehner is running for minority leader:

Why we lost seats. I'll be talking with everyone in our Conference in the coming days about how we can rebound. If I haven't talked with you yet, I will soon. Widespread concern about the war in Iraq was clearly a factor, but to my mind the issue was much closer to home. Our voters stopped thinking of us as the party of principle because we lost our commitment to and confidence in our core principles. We fell into the trap of exploiting the marginal advantages of majority control instead of constantly advancing those principles. We got used to talking with those whom we'd already convinced instead of persuading the unpersuaded. We got used to playing not to lose instead of playing to win. And somehow, we grew to accept the notion that we were entitled to continued majority control, instead of having to constantly earn it.
Exactly!! Now, will Boehner make a good leader? That remains to be seen.

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November 07, 2006

My Predictions

It's probably not worth much, but my prediction is that the Republicans will very likely hold on to both houses, perhaps by the slimist of margins, but hold on never-the-less. I also predict that the Democrats will, along with the able biased reporting of the majority of the left leaning MSM claim that "We wuz robbed!"

I have spoken!

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Exit Poll Released

Hi, GM Roper reporting here. As a public service, and to get the jump on everyone else, I did some informal exit polling during my lunch hour today. Here are the startling results:

Because my sample is small, I'll give you the full rundown on all 15 voters:

  • 3 dead voters (66.67% voting Democratic) (2 votes Democrat, 1 vote Republican)
  • 4 men and one woman dressed in business suits (60% voting Republican) (3 votes Republican, 2 votes Democrat)
  • 3 Marines and a Soldier (100% voting Republican)(4 votes Republican, 0 votes Democrat)
  • 3 school teachers who are members of NEA (100% voting Democrat) (37 votes Democrat, 0 votes Republican)
  • Apparantly the Democrats have won by a landslide in my little corner of Texas. Of 15 votes cast, Democrats won 41 or 273% of the total.

    Democrats are claiming fraud and that they should have had all 49 votes of the 15 cast. Al Gore and Jessie Jackson will be holding a press conference soon.

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    Weather For Tuesday, November 7, 2006

    Today's weather Pattern. This WILL test the theory of turnout efforts vs. weather on election day. (courtesy of Jonah Goldburg of The Corner)

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    Captain Ed Gets It, Will America?

    Captain Ed quotes Michael Kinsley:

    [...] For national security in general, the Democrats' plan is so according-to-type that you cringe with embarrassment: It's mostly about new cash benefits for veterans. Regarding Iraq specifically, the Democrats' plan has two parts. First, they want Iraqis to "assum[e] primary responsibility for securing and governing their country." Then they want "responsible redeployment" (great euphemism) of American forces.

    Older readers may recognize this formula. It's Vietnamization—the Nixon-Kissinger plan for extracting us from a previous mistake. But Vietnamization was not a plan for victory. It was a plan for what was called "peace with honor" and is now known as "defeat."

    Then El Captitan adds (and be sure and read the whole thing):
    [...] In fact, as Kinsley notes, the Democrats have no plans for anything other than their normal asset redistributions to special-interest groups and selected victim classes. They want small businesses to shoulder the cost of a 50% health-care tax, which they think will solve the health-care crisis. It's more likely to start a small-business crisis as firms collapse under the weight of the new costs. Since the engine of economic growth lies in small businesses and start-ups, the effect will be to start a recession and to drive people into larger corporations for their investments. Instead of building a more robust middle class, the Democrats will remove competition and escalate centralization of economic power.

    Also, Kinsley also discovers that for all of the talk about fiscal discipline and responsibility in this election cycle, the Democrats did not specify a single new revenue source for all of their new programs. They rail about the profligate Republicans, in an attempt to convince fiscal conservatives to consider the Democrats as their own "new direction", and talk a lot about "pay as you go" as the principle for budgeting. However, they leave the reader with no clue as to how the Democrats will find the money for all of their giveaways and redistributions ... which means that they have some tax increases that they don't want to mention.

    The Democrats offer defeat, retreat, and an economic collapse darned near complete. Even Kinsley can't put a good face on this fiasco. No wonder Nancy Pelosi has been hiding for the last week.

    Sounds right to me!

    Vote, and vote Republican!

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    November 06, 2006

    Public Service: My Georgia Ballot [Updated for Results]

    Because some people find ballot choices for candidates and issues confusing, I will simplify them for Georgia voters by providing a glimpse at my intended ballot for Tuesday. I'm such a nice guy to share this insight.

    Continue reading "Public Service: My Georgia Ballot [Updated for Results]"
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    Democrats Getting Nervous About Election

    Republicans Cut Democratic Lead in Campaign's Final Days:

    Republican gains in the new poll reflect a number of late-breaking trends. First, Republicans have become more engaged and enthused in the election than they had been in September and October. ...The Republicans also have made major gains, in a relatively short time period, among independent voters. ...Notably, President Bush's political standing has improved in the final week before the election. ...The final pre-election survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted among 2,369 registered voters from Nov. 1-4, finds that voter appraisals of the national economy also have improved. ...In addition, Sen. John Kerry's "botched joke" about the war in Iraq attracted enormous attention.

    Republicans More Likely to Vote:

    The Pew poll showed that the Democratic advantage had dropped to 47 percent to Republicans' 43 percent among likely voters, down from 50 percent to 39 percent two weeks ago. The poll found a drop in Democratic support among independents, but Pew Director Andrew Kohut said the most significant change over the past two weeks is that Republicans now outnumber Democrats among likely voters. ...Democrats, mindful of the Republicans' success in getting their voters to the polls in the past two elections, expressed nervousness at signs of tightening in some national polls. But they said private and some public polling in contested House districts continued to show their party in a position to win enough seats to claim the majority. "I don't know what to make of it," said Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

    Republicans Focused:

    Ken Mehlman, the Republican chairman, said polls showed that Republicans and conservatives “were coming home,” which he said “is what happens when voters focus on the choice before them.” Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, the Democrat leading his party’s effort to win control of the House, said, “It’s inevitable that there would be some tightening in the end.” Still, Mr. Emanuel, who has been careful this campaign to avoid the public expressions of optimism voiced by other Democrats, added, “This is making me nervous.”

    Weather Forecast--Wide Spread Rain:

    A new study of voter behavior confirms something political operatives have long suspected: rain hurts Democrats and helps Republicans. The study found that 1 inch of rain reduces overall turnout by slightly less than 1 percent and cuts the Democratic vote by 2.5 percentage points. ...Democratic strategists acknowledge that their party is more affected by bad weather but say they boost their turnout efforts by giving out rain ponchos (LOL) or adding more vans to give voters a ride to the polls.

    So, Democrats Already Starting with the Excuses:

    In an interview from her Capitol office, Pelosi...cautioned that the number of Democratic House victories could be higher or lower and said her greatest concern is over the integrity of the count -- from the reliability of electronic voting machines to her worries that Republicans will try to manipulate the outcome. "That is the only variable in this," Pelosi said. "Will we have an honest count?''

    But, I'm not confident despite the Democrat's worries. However, I feel better knowing that the Democrat's are losing confidence themselves. Let's pray for heavy showers tomorrow.

    G.M. UPDATE: In a previous thread, one of my favorite contrarians who typically is fairly obnoxious in his comments (reg) complained that we thought only the educated should vote and that we were racist etc. (read the whole thing and all the comments). But then comes along a typical liberal/democrat who posts a comment on this Huffington Post post:

    Instead, I talk with Wingers and feed into their conspiratorial mistrust of politicians and government in general, with catch phrases like: "They're all a bunch of crooks! Your vote doesn't count anyway! It makes no difference who you vote for, they do what THEY want anyway!" Helping to keep stupid people FROM voting is my goal in this election, and it is relatively easy to do.
    Yeah reg, you were saying?

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    November 05, 2006

    One More Reason Not To Vote Democratic

    I came across this in a comment with a link from Editor. Now, Editor claims that this is his (her?) first attempt at this, if so, it's an awesome first shot. John "Do you know who I am?" Kerry is just one more reason not to vote Democrat.

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    Dear Readers,

    I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but it really doesn’t matter what the hell the pundits say, conservative or liberal pundits. It really doesn’t matter what the polls say. It only matters that we get out the vote. There are more right thinking Americans out there than there are liberals; more right thinking Americans out there than pollsters and pundits. We need them out there voting Republican. GOTV!!!!

    Every post I make between now and close of voting on tuesday needs to be on the reasons why the Democrats will destroy our way of life, and why the Republicans, though they have not done what they said all the time, are the only ones capable of fighting the war on terrorists, balancing the budget and keeping the tax cuts as well as nominating and confirming judges who think like we do. GOTV!!!!!

    The Republic is in more danger today than it was on September 10th and that is because we know for certain that the Democrats will raise taxes, cut and run in Iraq and pass legislation that will cost us and our children and our grandchildren more than we can possibly imagine. If you love this country as I do, and I KNOW that you do, GOTV!!!!


    GM Roper
    Cancer Sucks!!!

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    November 03, 2006

    Dropping the House!

    Normally, I place a photo/graphic on the left, however this one most assuredly belongs on the right, because that is the vote needed for the election on Tuesday.

    And make no mistake, while Nancy Pelosi and her minions on the left are not evil like the Wicked Witch Of The West (although there are certainly those that will disagree with me on that), she and her minions are certainly deserving of having the House (of Representatives) dumped on them. That DOES NOT imply that they are deserving of taking over the house, though that is what they and the typically liberal media would like you to believe; it means that only you, the voting public can send the Democrats the message that while we may not be happy with everything the Republicans do, we are not about to hand the House of Represenatives over to people who would

  • Cut and Run in the War on the Terrorists/Al Qaeda.
  • Who would vote to end the Tax Cuts that have spurred one of the greatest economic engines in the history of the world.
  • Promote a former Federal Judge who was impeached by a Democratic House and convicted by the Senate for corruption to the chair of the house intelligence committee.
  • Elevate Congressman Conyers to the chair of the house judicial committee when he has a history of calling for the impeachment of the president
  • Enact legislation that will spend money like a drunken sailor (no offense intended to our illustrious Navy)and will make the Republicans (as bad as they are) look like skinflints
  • So, as you can tell, this election is important, and the Republic (as well as the Republicans) need you to get out and VOTE!!!

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    A tip O' The GM Derby to Gribbit

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    November 01, 2006

    We Don't Need No Education


    Via Drudge Report

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    A Week To Go!!!

    What wonders doth the morrow bring? Shallst the dastardly Republicans weave their wicked Rovian Magic and steal once again all the votes cast, or shall the dead rise up and vote in the peaceful/progressive pusillanimous Democrats with all their forward backward thinking?

    Tune in to the Blogging Caesar to find out for verily, the Blogging Caesar doth know.

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    Will Repubs Hold On?

    A new essay in Time online's The Allen Report lists five reasons (from the Republican perspective) why the Republicans think they will hold on to both houses in congress:

    A new Washington must-read by political journalists Mark Halperin and John F. Harris maps "The Way to Win" for presidential candidates in 2008, but White House officials say they have their own way to win in '06. Besides Bush's residual popularity in some crucial states and districts, Republican officials say the other reasons they're optimistic are:

    1) No Republican is being taken by surprise, unlike many Democrats in 1994. Shortly after Bush's reelection, White House and Republican National Committee officials began working to convince House members that the formidable reelection record for incumbents (since 1996, 97.5 percent) was not something they could take for granted. "What we attempted to do last year," said one of these officials, "was to go out of our way to say to people: 'You face a potential of a race. In order to win as an incumbent, you better have a plan,' " including an intensive focus on voter registration, a message plan that would unfold in phases, and a ground organization that was operating in a measurable, quantifiable way. One official involved in the process said Republican officials deliberately "scared" lawmakers, telling them: "You face a very tough road. You better be ready."

    2) Absentee ballot requests and returns, closely tracked by the party, are meeting or exceeding past levels for Republicans in key states and districts. Republican officials say White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and party operatives are scrutinizing this data with the same intensity that they followed metrics like voter registration earlier in the cycle. For at least 68 races, they have been getting reports once a week on the number of voters registered, phone calls completed and doors knocked on. Now, they're getting a second report on the number of absentee ballots requested, absentee ballots returned and early votes cast. "We can look at that data flow and make an assumption about what's going on and plotting it out," a Republican official said.

    3) When the national parties, national campaign committees, state "victory" committee accounts and competitive campaigns are added up, Republicans maintained a substantial financial advantage over Democrats at the last filing period. "We didn't look on it as one pot," said one official involved in the process. "We looked upon it as four pots, with synergy available through all four."

    4) Republicans say the district-by-district playing field favors them in several structural ways not reflected in national polls. Here is their thinking, starting with statistics from the President's 2004 race against John F. Kerry: "There are 41 districts held by a Democrat that Bush carried, and 14 seats held by Republican that Kerry carried, so we're fighting on better turf. You see it in the open seats, where Bush carried 18 of the Republican open seats and Kerry carried two. So we're fighting on better turf."

    5) The get-out-the-vote machine designed by Rove and now-Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman in 2001 was dubbed the "72-hour" program, but officials say that's quite a misnomer and that it's really a 17-week or even two-year program. "In Ohio, we are making more phone calls this year than we made two years ago," said an official involved in the process. "Now, that's not the case necessarily in Virginia, which was not a battleground state. You have to build that. In other places, we built that and built it early."

    Hmmm.... interesting. Wishful thinking or that old Rovian black magic?

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    October 30, 2006

    Democrats Seeing Reality

    Democrats fear the storm could leave them high and dry

    At the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee headquarters, Karin Johanson, the executive director, has taken up smoking again, but with only eight days to go before polling day she says that there is scant time for indulging the habit.

    Speaking to The Times as she pored over the latest numbers from swing seats, Ms Johanson said: “Some of the polls are looking great — really great — but some of the recent ones have been looking not so good.”

    “The Republicans have convinced everyone, not least themselves, that the reason they did so well in 2004 was because of their turnout operation,” she said. “They think they’re smarter than us, and, the truth is, some of us think they’re smarter than us.”

    Smoking can kill you, but that wouldn't stop her from voting. (See next entry.) This Democratic campaign director proves that she is stupid by taking up the habit, but she is insightful enough to know that Republicans are smarter. I didn't need a poll for that one.

    Maybe Democratic public confidence is being used to conceal their fears.

    Related Article: Republicans See Edge From Early Voting

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    Democrats Dig Deep to Mobilize Voter Base

    Approximately six feet deep. Democrats always manage to turn out the vote in this base given up for dead.

    Dead voters continue to cast ballots in New York

    A new statewide database of registered voters contains as many as 77,000 dead people on its rolls, and as many as 2,600 of them have cast votes from the grave....

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    October 22, 2006

    Don't Be a Dummy (or a Dim-0-Crat) GET OUT AND VOTE

    I'm not happy with the Republicans in Congress. Not happy at all, in fact, I'm downright pissed at them. But the control of the House or the Senate passing to the Democrats because Republicans and Conservatives sat home would be a disaster for this country that is unprecidented given the Democrat's tendency to cut and run. In fact, there is some evidence that Her Nancyship of Pelosiville plans to appoint an impeached and convicted and removed former federal judge as head of the House Intelligence Committee. OH MY GOSH!!!!

    Jonah Goldberg, editor at large of the conservative National Review Online

    "Well, you have a number of things building here. You have this report that Nancy Pelosi's indicated she'd appoint Alcee Hastings to be the head of the Intelligence Committee, which will be a stunningly irresponsible act, since he is only the ninth person in history to be impeached and removed as a federal judge, and the idea of him chairing the Intelligence Committee basically means that the system will just break down totally."

    So, even thought I'm ticked off at Bushco and the Republicans, I'm not voting for a single Democrat this time and that will be only the second time in my life that I can say that.

    There are other voices out there however that say this is entirely in the hands of America. Scott Elliott of Election Projection has a terrific essay up saying "The Outcome is in OUR Hands". Folks, this is a terrific essay and I hope you will go read it. Democrats, you ought to read it too because you need to know that the vast majority of Republicans, conservatives etc., have no intention of staying home, not voting and giving you Democrats any slack. You may in fact win the Senate, or the House, but not both, and probably not either. You read it here!!!

    UPDATE: What would Her Nancyship of Pelosiville do if she were the Speaker of the House? Read it here:

    Once she'd gotten their attention, Pelosi met privately with several senior House members and told them they would get their committees. But she wanted it understood that she was running the place. Pelosi was especially firm with Conyers. She told him she didn't want any "out-of-control investigations," a senior House aide says; not another word about impeachment, she warned. "The impeachment talk gave the other side exactly what they wanted, which was an opening to talk about 'those liberal Democrats'," says the senior House aide. "It couldn't keep happening. We were writing their campaign ads for them."

    So far, Pelosi's strategy appears to be working. The closest Conyers now gets to slamming Bush is his promise to conduct "robust oversight" of the administration. But Pelosi's authority wouldn't be put to a meaningful test until after the election, once chairmen assume control of their new committees and are less susceptible to threats and pressure from the top. If an errant chairman disobeys Pelosi and goes off message—or if preapproved hearings just so happen to take a detour and end up as bitter Bush-flogging sessions—it won't be easy to pry him from his chair, if it were possible at all.

    Not to be paranoid or anything, but I think this is called "Plausable Deniability." Her Nancyship of Pelosiville would be a disaster for the Republic. Go, vote, deny her the opportunity to screw things up worse than they already are. All change is change, but not all change is good and this definately would not be good!

    Another UPDATE: This one from the organ of the Democratic Party, the New York Times:

    Representative Nancy Pelosi [subscription required], Democrat of California, who is in line to become speaker if her party wins the House, has put out the word that no one should be talking with too much certainty or detail about the days after Nov. 7. But even Ms. Pelosi has slipped on occasion. In a recent interview with The Associated Press, when asked which suite of offices she would use as speaker, she said with a laugh, “I’ll have any suite I want.”
    Can there be any doubt?

    Posted by GM Roper at 06:06 PM | Comments (10) | TrackBack (0)

    October 09, 2006

    Election Projection

    Blogging Caesar has his new projection up, and it's a doozy! He's projecting Dems taking control of the Senate. Harry Reid as Majority Leader... oh, the horrors!!! (here is where I'm really hoping my friend Scott is oh-so-very-wrong!!!)

    Projected Tally

    This week: 49 GOP, 49 DEM, 2 IND - DEM +5, GOP -6, IND +1
    Last week: 52 GOP, 46 DEM, 2 IND - DEM +2, GOP -3, IND +1

    This week: 220 GOP, 215 DEM, 0 IND - DEM +13, GOP -12, IND -1
    Last week: 221 GOP, 214 DEM, 0 IND - DEM +12, GOP -11, IND -1

    This week: 24 GOP, 26 DEM - DEM +4, GOP -4
    Last week: 22 GOP, 28 DEM - DEM +6, GOP -6

    Posted by GM Roper at 02:17 PM | Comments (7) | TrackBack (0)

    October 05, 2006

    Make Your Own Caption - The Religious Left?

    Jesus Dems.bmp


    Caption Here


    I'm sure that you can come up with some caption for the picture above. It's an easy assignment.

    The group responsible for the sign, Grassroots Dems, had this post on its purpose: Jesus Cares, which states: “The whole thing behind it is to counteract the Christian right and their so-called monopoly on religion.” and to the Christian right "...your Jesus is pro-rich, pro-war, and only pro-American, and your monologue is over." Does that sound Christian to you? And, what's wrong with being pro-American?

    Also, you may want to check out another post from this "progressive" organization titled The Left Hand of God. Here's part of the discussion.

    GRSD Progressive Book Club discussed The Left Hand of God by Michael Lerner on Thursday, June 8. Rabbi Lerner touched upon fundamental basic sense a lack of spiritual direction and fulfillment in America. He contends that this sense of lack that lead us to reach out to one another is being used and abused by the political right to undermine basic principles that spurred the growth of our country.

    The group discussed how the right hand of God, that of fear, is used to promote detrimental military, environmental, and economic policies. Lerner believes that instead we need to turn to the left hand of God which fosters hope – a hope that by embracing the spiritual aspects of our shared humanity. It is also his assertion that Democrats/Progressives cannot ignore the spiritual needs of Americans if they want to guide the country to a return of the American promise for all citizens.

    It's the right which uses fear to promote environmental policies? As Mr. Subliminal would say, global warming. Military policies? deaths in Iraq Economic ones? government health care Run that by again. Actually, the book might make for an interesting discussion, but it would surely be one of politics rather than religion, as the Left has a hard time separating politics from anything.

    Ironically, the post preceding that one on God is titled Petition Drive to Refer South Dakota Abortion Ban . It encourages people to sign a petition to make abortions legal again in the state through a popular vote overriding the legislature. It's rare that you find any one from the left wanting a popular vote rather than an activist judge to decide things.

    In a skillful twisting of words, that same post refers you to a group calling itself South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families, which, unbelievably from the name, is a pro-abortion group. I have never considered a family as healthy when a member of it has been murdered. Part of the family is dead. And, I have never considered that those who promote abortion to have the blessings of God, despite His left hand that the "progressives" claim for hope above. No hypocrisy here, huh?

    Anyway, Democrats claim to care for the poor, just like Jesus. Maybe they will heal the blind, too, so that people can see through them.

    Posted by Woody M. at 12:00 PM | Comments (18) | TrackBack (0)

    October 02, 2006

    Election Projection!

    Blogging Caesar has a new projection up. This week he notes that Pearlmutter (D) is up by 17% over his Republican opponent (Rick O'Donnell). Could this be a trend? Add to this Foley's problems and with the donk's "growing list of gains" may in fact end up with Speaker Pelosi.

    What a race this is going to be.

    Senate This week: 52 GOP, 46 DEM, 2 IND - DEM +2, GOP -3, IND +1
    Same count as last week

    This week: 221 GOP, 214 DEM, 0 IND - DEM +12, GOP -11, IND -1
    Last week: 222 GOP, 213 DEM, 0 IND - DEM +11, GOP -10, IND -1

    This week: 22 GOP, 28 DEM - DEM +6, GOP -6
    Same count as last week

    Posted by GM Roper at 06:24 AM | Comments (5) | TrackBack (0)

    September 25, 2006

    Election Projection Update

    The Blogging Caesar has a new UPDATE and it looks as though a dem will take an additional governorship, but no changes (so far) in the House or Senate balance of terror! Heh!

    Posted by GM Roper at 07:04 AM | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0)

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