October 31, 2006

New Video From Cuba

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October 30, 2006

Democrats Seeing Reality

Democrats fear the storm could leave them high and dry

At the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee headquarters, Karin Johanson, the executive director, has taken up smoking again, but with only eight days to go before polling day she says that there is scant time for indulging the habit.

Speaking to The Times as she pored over the latest numbers from swing seats, Ms Johanson said: Some of the polls are looking great really great but some of the recent ones have been looking not so good.

The Republicans have convinced everyone, not least themselves, that the reason they did so well in 2004 was because of their turnout operation, she said. They think theyre smarter than us, and, the truth is, some of us think theyre smarter than us.

Smoking can kill you, but that wouldn't stop her from voting. (See next entry.) This Democratic campaign director proves that she is stupid by taking up the habit, but she is insightful enough to know that Republicans are smarter. I didn't need a poll for that one.

Maybe Democratic public confidence is being used to conceal their fears.

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Democrats Dig Deep to Mobilize Voter Base

Approximately six feet deep. Democrats always manage to turn out the vote in this base given up for dead.

Dead voters continue to cast ballots in New York

A new statewide database of registered voters contains as many as 77,000 dead people on its rolls, and as many as 2,600 of them have cast votes from the grave....

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Netroots, that silly little name used to describe a bunch of ultra-liberal activists who are in a thither that their chosen god-head Ned Lamont is not doing well in his election fight against a well established, and well liked Joe Lieberman.

In the Lieberman-Lamont fight, there has been a fair amount of hand wringing over why Lamont isn't blowing Joe out of the water. Why, if Joe lost to Lamont, isn't he losing in the general? Why did Lamont let Joe get away? Well there are a number of reasons, but among the most prominent is the total abandonment of Lamont by the party establishment. And let's be very clear - this is not Lamont that they are abandoning, it's the party primary voters that they are abandoning.
OK, lets see if we can understand this conundrum: use anti-war sentiment and a hell-of-a-lot of money that doesn't belong to you but that comes from some very special BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) points of view and get a nomination for a lightweight with almost no experience on the national stage. Hustle your fanny off and get him the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate and then assume that because you won, you have the entire Democratic vote in a very blue state. I think that falls under the rubric of hubris.
They know that Democratic Senators are moral lepers, weaklings, and that is the only reason we aren't further ahead when the Republicans screw everything up. The Democratic Senate leaders will sell us out at every opportunity, be it torture, Iraq, Alito, Lieberman, the Bankruptcy Bill, or stopping war with Iran. They aren't poll-driven, they aren't fear-driven, and they aren't driven by strategic differences. They are simply driven to beat us down, their voters, by any means necessary.
Well, Republicans have been saying that for years. But is it true, or is it sour grapes from a bunch of adolescents who think that they own the electorate with the only agenda that makes sense to them? I suggest it is the latter. The Democratic party is just like the Republican party from the standpoint that they are frequently driven by an affinity for power more than they are driven by a careful analysis of what needs to be done for the overall good of the country. The netroots folk see this as a betrayal of their high flalutin' ideals much as the Goldwaterites did in the mid-sixties. I know, I was one of those Goldwaterites. The difference is, we set about building a solid conservative base that culminated in the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. The netroots folk have yet to do that though they may in the long run.
It's sad. Lamont can win this, and we're all doing our best to make that happen. But the important story here is not that the country supports the war, it doesn't. Lieberman is running on an antiwar platform, promising to bring the troops home in a transparently dishonest pander to the left. The important story here is that the DC Senate Democrats and DC lobbyists are not on our side. They have their own side, a side that is out of touch, immoral, and dishonest.
"... in a transparently dishonest pander to the left." What do you think the rest of the electorate thinks of the netroots folk?

Patently, MYDD and the KOSsacks have an agenda, one that is pretty much at odds with the majority of the country and less so with the Democratic party, but that too. I wish them well, mostly for the amusement they provide to the rest of us. These folk have yet to champion a winner, Lamont's victory in Connetticut notwithstanding, and with this kind of attitude, they aren't likely to.

Hey fellas, if you want to win, you have to convince both the electorate and the party you choose that your ideas are superior. That's the way it works. Learn that and you can win. Whine like you are doing now, and while it may feel good, it makes you look like a bunch of self-centered adolescents.

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October 29, 2006

New Halloween Masks Available At Your Local Merchant

scary liberals.jpg

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October 28, 2006

17 Years Later, I'm Laughing My Butt Off!

This is a cautionary tale, but a true one. Many years ago, I was the Program Director of an adult psychiatric unit in a private psychiatric hospital I had a program assistant by the name of... well, let's call him "Dario." Dario told everyone that he had a degree in Chemistry, and 3 years of medical school. He talked the talk and walked the walk. He had learned conversations with physicians, and though only a lowly assistant, he believed that he was the next Albert Schweitzer.

One day, sitting in the coffee room, Dario came in and went into the bathroom. Previously, one of the staff had been in there and had knocked over a bottle of talcum powder. Dario goes in, and comes out. "There is white powder all over the floor in there."

"Oh no," says I, "you didn't step in that and get some on your shoes did you?"

"Why?" says Dario.

"One of the psych patients walked in there earlier and he has dry urine disease. It's highly contageous Dario, if you stepped in it, please, sit down and carefully take off your shoes, and put them in the trash."

Dario sat as requested, with a look of concern on his face and the beginnings of a bead or two of sweat on his brow.

"Wait," said I, "let me get you some latex gloves so you don't accidently touch the powdered urine." I rose to get him the latex gloves. I swear he was almost shaking by the time I got back.

Gently, Dario took his shoes off and placed them carefully in the trash can.
Later (much later in fact) we took pity on Dario and told him it was a joke.

A couple of months later, I discovered that Dario did not have a degree in Chemistry and, calling the medical school, found out they didn't know who he was. When confronted he initially tried to bluff his way through, but I kept grilling him. Not too much later, I fired Ducky.

Many years later, after I was in private practice, I came across Dario at a bidding conference for a local agency. Dario introduced himself as a Psychologist. Another (real) psychologist and a good friend of mine questioned Dario who confirmed he was indeed a Psychologist.

My friend, called the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists though and found out that Dario was fraudulently claiming that distinction. My friend filed a complaint with the TSBEP who issued, I believe, a cease and desist order.

Complaints against Dario have been filed with the Licenesd Professonal Counselors Board, the Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors Board and the Social Workers Board.

This last week Dario allegedly was found to be practicing medicine without a license, having obtained the name of a real physician similar to his own. Dario was arrested and has been released on $100,000.00 bond. I hope no one was hurt by this guy.

I plan to be at the trial, for sure. I want to see what the long term effects of dry urine disease is.

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Cry Me A River!

In England, a hospital that could no longer afford the 18.50 (about $34.84) for a cremation of aborted fetuses children is burning the body in the same incenerator that is used to burn garbage and trash.

One local woman, who asked not to be named, said after the heartache of deciding to have an abortion she was mortified to find the hospital had used the same furnace they burn rubbish in to incinerate her terminated baby.

She said: "I am furious and very hurt. Imagine my horror when I discovered that my baby was incinerated in the same furnace as the hospital rubbish."

So, let me get this straight. You don't care enough about your fetus child to carry it to term, but you care how the product of your choice is disposed of? Cry me a river lady, cry me a river!

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October 27, 2006


It's Halloween!!! Received from a friend via E-Mail.

A man was walking home alone late one foggy night, when he hears:
BUMP... behind him.

Walking faster, he looks back and through the fog he makes out the image of
an upright casket banging its way down the middle of the street toward him


Terrified, the man begins to run toward his home, the casket bouncing
quickly behind him,


He runs up to his door, fumbles with his keys, opens the door, rushes in and slams and locks the door behind him.
However, the casket crashes through his door, with the lid of the casket

clappity-BUMP...on his heels.

The terrified man runs,
rushing upstairs to the bathroom, the man locks himself in. His heart is
pounding; his head is reeling; his breath is coming in sobbing gasps.

With a loud CRASH the casket breaks down the door. Bumping and clapping
toward him........

The man screams and reaches for something, anything, but all he can find is
a bottle of cough syrup!
Desperate, he throws the cough syrup at the casket...

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October 26, 2006


I don't know How the heck I missed this at my friend's Kit and Heidi's blog Euphoric Reality. The singer, Beccy Cole sings this ballad for the "Diggers" or, Australian Troops fighting the war on terror "on the other side of the world." So, withouth further ado I present it now, enjoy!

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October 25, 2006

Did Europe Ever Like America?

I shrug off Europe's criticism of the U.S., simply because I know that Europeans do it in great part because they are envious of us; plus, they do it so much that their criticism has lost its effect--at least, with rational people. What do I care what they think, as we have a lot better batting average than do they. However, I read something the other day that led me to realize that this disdain (maybe a better word than hate) started long ago.

Go back to Colonial America. Because of an abundance of wood from land clearing, settlers often constructed zig-zag fences, which were sturdy but might require almost eight-thousand logs per mile. That was considered wasteful by European standards, where they had earlier stripped their forests.

Here's where I realized that Europe's disdain for America existed long ago. I went on to read that a London newspaper in 1780 discussed America's "mania for enclosure" and went on to say, "The stripping of forests to build fortifications around personal property is a perfect example of the way those people in the New World live and think." How petty, and I suppose that our claim to independence didn't endear us to them, either.

Not much as changed in Europe's petty attacks against us today, and the descendants of "those people" in the U.S. still do things the way we want--because we can, and it's what's best for us.

So, the next time that you hear, "In Europe they do it a better way" or "America is always wrong," don't worry or give in to it. It's their problem--not ours. Be proud that our system is successful and that we live in a land that has become the envy of the world.

I think I'll go build a zig zag fence, because it seems right at this time.

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Mexico: "Don't Fence Me In"

A frequent reader of this blog, fellow Texan, all around good guy and a friend sent me the following email:

The Secure Fence Act is something I support because I believe we need to get better control over our borders. I think this is important for our country and it's also a local issue for me as a West Texan.

There is something that interests me about one small aspect of this subject that I want to share with you and see what you think. Let me start with some background. As you probably know, President Bush claims Midland and West Texas as his home although he hasn't lived there in over 20 years. Nevertheless, I think he has kept in touch with many Midland friends over the years including a former accounting employee, Michael Conaway. Conaway's web page here.

Mr. Conaway is currently Congressman Conaway representing 36 Texas counties (including Midland) in Texas-11 in the U.S. House of Representatives. This is his district here The district was specially created to benefit Midland during Tom Craddick's redistricting a few years ago and it was generally accepted that Conaway was the front-runner since he came in second to Randy Neugebauer of Lubbock in the prior election for Texas-19, the district that Midland was in prior to redistricting..

Now to the point of this email, the Secure Fence Act (HR 6061). President Bush will apparently sign the Secure Fence Act on Thursday in what Mickey Kaus says will be a subdued ceremony. Kaus previously speculated that President Bush might even exercise a pocket veto on this legislation. We know President Bush was originally reluctant to support a fence without some sort of amnesty or amnesty-like provisions, so it's probably safe to say that he's not a big supporter of this legislation.

Nor, apparently, is Michael Conaway. If find that surprising, to say the least, since Midlanders and most of West Texans are known for their conservative views. Why, then, did Congressman Conaway join Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel, Jack Murtha, Barney Frank, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Cynthia McKinney, and approximately 130 other Democrats to vote against the Secure Fence Act? In fact, Conaway was one of only 5 Republicans to vote against the Secure Fence Act, and 3 of those were from Alaska and Puerto Rico - not exactly hotbeds of illegal immigration. Here's a link that shows the House vote on HR 6061, the Secure Fence Act.

If not for Conaway's ties to President Bush, this would be of interest only to Texas-11 residents. However, I can't help but wonder if Conaway's opposition is related to or reflects President Bush's antipathy to this legislation. Perhaps it was simply Conaway's attempt to support his old boss, the President. It's true that Conaway has consistently supported President Bush's views on immigration as evidenced by this op-ed from April 2006, and this op-ed from late 2005. Conaway also wrote about visiting the border with President Bush here: http://www.conawayblog.com/?p=22. Interestingly enough, I can't find any reference to or explanation of his vote on the Secure Fence Act at Conaway's website or on his blog.

Frankly, I'm not sure if it matters but it intrigues me and I wondered what you thought.

Frankly I'd like to see a good fence from Brownsville, Tx to San Diego, Ca. though I'm not sure it would do as much good as supporters think it will. As the Russians found out with the Berlin Wall, maintaining a fence of any length and keeping it secure is a very difficult and expensive job. That said, Mexico is not willing to police it's own borders so we must. It is interesting too, I think, that the Mexican Govt is planning to protest the fence at the UN, not mentioning the groundswell movement among their own people to build a fence on their southern border to keep out Central and South American "riff-raff."

I'm not sure what the answer is, but I doubt if the PC police with their charges of racism, etc. have any better answer than a fence. I am concerned, as an American National, about the children born in this country to illegals. Those children are in fact, and due to our own laws, citizens of this country. I do believe that we need to change that law as soon as possible. In the mean time, how do we handle deporting parent's and not deporting citizens (the children) who through no fault of their own are now pawns in this game? This is an issue that no one wants to talk about, and I can see why, it is fraught with difficulty and the angst of the familys involved is both real and palpable.

What do you think dear readers?

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October 24, 2006

Pelosi vs. Conyers: To Impeach Or Not To Impeach, That Is The Question

To impeach, or not to impeach: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous elections,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
and employment of countless lawyers,
And by opposing provide ample fodder for the press?
To die: to sleep; No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
That the electorate is heir to, 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish'd. To elect Republicans, to elect Democrats;
To sleep and perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;
For in that election what folly may come
When we have elected a government deserving of
All of us, before we shuffled off this mortal coil... and
Elect a bevy of partisan hacks, more interested in power
Than in effective government and government not
Willing to bow down to terroristic threats. Ahh, to vote
Republican or no. Aye, I have made my mind, I cannot
See this great republic ground down by scoundrels worse
Than the ones currently in place.
Nay! Consulting the stars gives one pause, and I shall
Vote Republican, for that is my wont and I fear
The coming of a Conyers or his mistress Nancy of Pelosiville.

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And The Left Thinks We're Paranoid?

From the "puffington host" Norman Lear's wife opines:

When I asked Gore Vidal at dinner why the White House seemed so serene and at ease about the vote, he replied that, this time around, the Bush-Cheney henchmen could simply call on martial law. He glumly noted that we are so far down the road toward totalitarianism that, even if Democrats do win back the Congress, it would take at least two generations before the last six years of damage to the nation could be reversed. Gore frankly despaired that any amount of time could ever return the country to where and what it previously was. This prediction left me reaching for some Fernet Branca.

We all know the neocons won't cede power easily. They have to be aware that if the tide of Congress turns, Bush's last two years will be mired in gridlock and perhaps even be punctuated by several embarrassing congressional investigations. Of course, Cheney did say last week that everything in Iraq is hunky dory, which leads one to believe that after James Baker's devastating report and the escalating mass destruction of the war, Dickey-boy has simply lost it. But whether it is hubris, loony tunes, or both, the White House's freakish calm about the elections makes me as nervous as the hell we seem to be headed for. Therefore we should all be on alert. If for whatever reason we don't win back Congress in November the only real answer will be to take to the streets.

And there are truly those on the left that think WE are paranoid. Physician, heal thyself!

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October 23, 2006

Alabama Governor's Cup Up for Grabs

As someone who has lived and was educated in Alabama, I have to hold my breath that the press, whenever it covers a tornado or hurricane in the state, will find someone to interview who isn't a complete idiot. Same with its politicians. But, they find the worst and run with it. Today's embarrassment (or pride to some) comes in the form of Loretta Nall, the Libertarian candidate for governor, who is running her campaign on her cleavage. Yes, you read that correctly.

From AP: Her campaign is offering T-shirts and marijuana stash boxes adorned with a photo of her with a plunging neckline and the words: "More of these boobs." Below that are pictures of other candidates for governor - including Republican incumbent Bob Riley and Democratic Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley - and the words: "And less of these boobs."

Her Web site has a cartoon of someone stuffing bills down the front of her low-cut top. And for $50 donation she apparently offers to show a cartoon of herself flashing her breasts.

Yes, I already know that you want to go to her web site with pictures and links, so here it is along with her blog (yes, she has a blog, too.):

Nall Campaign Site and Blog Site

At least, she gives the term "Governor's Cup" a unique meaning. The election straps that are pulled may not be boot straps. And, suddenly, a lot of men have renewed interest in the fall election, and doesn't Nall look a lot better than Polosi?

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I know it. They Won't Admit It. Professors Push Liberalism.

Have you ever thought that college professors are liberal--and, that they push that view on students? If so, what made you come to that conclusion? For many of us, it was because of personal experiences in the classroom or tales of professor indoctrination from our kids. How accurate are these perceptions? Consider findings of this recent study:

"A Profile of American College Faculty Volume I: Political Beliefs & Behavior."

"Major Findings (Undelined emphasis mine)

"Faculty Political Ideology Is Overwhelmingly Liberal
Faculty at colleges and universities of all kinds in America are overwhelmingly liberal in their political ideology, creating a strong campus political culture. Categorized according to both self-identification and voting patterns, faculty are heavily weighted towards the Left. Indeed, those who identify as independents and moderates actually vote more like liberals and Democrats.

"Faculty Are Not Representative of the American Public
The majority of faculty are liberal and Democratic, and therefore the full spectrum of beliefs and political behavior of the American public is underrepresented on campus.

"Faculty Are Ideologically Critical of America and Business, Supportive of International Institutions
Faculty hold a certain number of beliefs that are pervasive, but not monolithic. They include:
Criticism of many American foreign and domestic policies.
Propensity to blame America for world problems.

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50 years, Freedom Comes Hard Sometimes

Last year at this time I published a remembrance of the Hungarian Revolution. This yeat, the 50th Anniversary of that Uprising is better noted on the pages of The Wall Street Journal. A sample:

Returning from school, I too spent the afternoon on the street; I was now part of the crowd standing on the square. The Soviet star had been installed on the top of the cupola only a few weeks before; they had done a really good job. The square was echoing the thundering rhythm of this cheerful demand but, it seemed, there was no one around to hear it: The Parliament building with its turrets and traceries loomed darkly, somberly and silently in the background. Perhaps there was some light up in the cupola hall. Perhaps they did hear it up there and thought it better to yield to the people's will.

Yet they turned off the public lighting of the square instead. A roar of indignation rose from the crowd, and it was to be feared that people would fall upon the building to tear it apart with their bare hands. Fires were started immediately; they set newspapers and pamphlets ablaze and held them up high. Wildfire-like, the quickly dying lights spread in waves above the heads. The silence had a solemnity about it; the sheer beauty of the waves of fire enchanted everyone for a moment. It was probably at this point that I lost my sketching board and my T-square. Then, high above, the ruby light of the star went off; it was the downsized replica of the Kremlin's famous star in Moscow. The square was completely dark now. In the soft and warm evening, autumn had a certain pungent, foggy edge to it; one could sense the Danube's metallic smell. The silence of a crowd always has a massive weight. It took some time before the square would dare believe that its demand had been heard, and then amongst triumphant, thunderous cheers the public lighting was turned on again.

A great read, go forth, read and come back here to comment.

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October 22, 2006

Don't Be a Dummy (or a Dim-0-Crat) GET OUT AND VOTE

I'm not happy with the Republicans in Congress. Not happy at all, in fact, I'm downright pissed at them. But the control of the House or the Senate passing to the Democrats because Republicans and Conservatives sat home would be a disaster for this country that is unprecidented given the Democrat's tendency to cut and run. In fact, there is some evidence that Her Nancyship of Pelosiville plans to appoint an impeached and convicted and removed former federal judge as head of the House Intelligence Committee. OH MY GOSH!!!!

Jonah Goldberg, editor at large of the conservative National Review Online

"Well, you have a number of things building here. You have this report that Nancy Pelosi's indicated she'd appoint Alcee Hastings to be the head of the Intelligence Committee, which will be a stunningly irresponsible act, since he is only the ninth person in history to be impeached and removed as a federal judge, and the idea of him chairing the Intelligence Committee basically means that the system will just break down totally."

So, even thought I'm ticked off at Bushco and the Republicans, I'm not voting for a single Democrat this time and that will be only the second time in my life that I can say that.

There are other voices out there however that say this is entirely in the hands of America. Scott Elliott of Election Projection has a terrific essay up saying "The Outcome is in OUR Hands". Folks, this is a terrific essay and I hope you will go read it. Democrats, you ought to read it too because you need to know that the vast majority of Republicans, conservatives etc., have no intention of staying home, not voting and giving you Democrats any slack. You may in fact win the Senate, or the House, but not both, and probably not either. You read it here!!!

UPDATE: What would Her Nancyship of Pelosiville do if she were the Speaker of the House? Read it here:

Once she'd gotten their attention, Pelosi met privately with several senior House members and told them they would get their committees. But she wanted it understood that she was running the place. Pelosi was especially firm with Conyers. She told him she didn't want any "out-of-control investigations," a senior House aide says; not another word about impeachment, she warned. "The impeachment talk gave the other side exactly what they wanted, which was an opening to talk about 'those liberal Democrats'," says the senior House aide. "It couldn't keep happening. We were writing their campaign ads for them."

So far, Pelosi's strategy appears to be working. The closest Conyers now gets to slamming Bush is his promise to conduct "robust oversight" of the administration. But Pelosi's authority wouldn't be put to a meaningful test until after the election, once chairmen assume control of their new committees and are less susceptible to threats and pressure from the top. If an errant chairman disobeys Pelosi and goes off messageor if preapproved hearings just so happen to take a detour and end up as bitter Bush-flogging sessionsit won't be easy to pry him from his chair, if it were possible at all.

Not to be paranoid or anything, but I think this is called "Plausable Deniability." Her Nancyship of Pelosiville would be a disaster for the Republic. Go, vote, deny her the opportunity to screw things up worse than they already are. All change is change, but not all change is good and this definately would not be good!

Another UPDATE: This one from the organ of the Democratic Party, the New York Times:

Representative Nancy Pelosi [subscription required], Democrat of California, who is in line to become speaker if her party wins the House, has put out the word that no one should be talking with too much certainty or detail about the days after Nov. 7. But even Ms. Pelosi has slipped on occasion. In a recent interview with The Associated Press, when asked which suite of offices she would use as speaker, she said with a laugh, Ill have any suite I want.
Can there be any doubt?

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NYTimes Does An About Face

Those self rightous blankety blanks at the New York Times publish a Mea Culpa on the SWIFT banking story.

There were reasons to publish the controversial article, but they were slightly outweighed by two factors to which I gave too little emphasis. While its a close call now, as it was then, I dont think the article should have been published.
I havent found any evidence in the intervening months that the surveillance program was illegal under United States laws. Although data-protection authorities in Europe have complained that the formerly secret program violated their rules on privacy, there have been no Times reports of legal action being taken. Data-protection rules are often stricter in Europe than in America, and have been a frequent source of friction.
And these are the folks that want us to trust them on matters of knowing which security matters they can publish.

And where are the self righteous bloggers on the left? Will they publish a Mea Culpa also or will their BDS continue to blind them.

Read the whole NYT article then come back and comment.

A tip 'O The GM Derby to Instapundit

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October 20, 2006

A Look At Your Politics: The Test Of The Decade

I received an E-Mail from Don Hagen today, who says he is a reader who enjoys my little part of the blogosphere. Be that as it may, Don has a well crafted political test to get to the root of your politics. Be you Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian or Commie-Hippy-Pinko. A sample of the test:

1: Government's practice of stealing from the rich to give to the poor is...
CONS: a crime.
LIBL: a brave, generous and heroic deed.
LBRT: a foolish, misguided attempt at social engineering.
COMM: an inspiration to us all.

2: The most egregious example of government waste is...
CONS: the Department of the Interior's $600,000 outhouse.
LIBL: the Department of Defense's $600 toilet seat.
LBRT: the $100,000,000 in emergency funds to buy air conditioners for poor people during the blistering heat wave of 1998. Although, I'm sure there are people who honestly believe that if all those air conditioners saved just one life, then it was indeed a small price to pay.
COMM: the Department of Commerce's entire budget.

3: Why do people contribute money to political campaigns?
CONS: To get a good return on their investment.
LIBL: To buy access to corruptible legislators.
LBRT: To support candidates who have views similar to their own.
COMM: To advance the needs of The Party.

The test is, though lengthy, quite funny and parts of it may split your sides. Be warned, not for the faint of heart, fence sitters or those who just don't have a funny bone in their body. Conservatives should see the humor with no problem, Libertarians may smirk occasionally, Commie-Hippy-Pinkos will wonder why more people don't A.N.S.W.E.R. (pun intended) their way and the Liberals will be totally perplexed. Go, read, take the test and come back and comment.

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October 18, 2006

New Site Added To The Blog Roll

I came across A Second Hand Conjecture via a link in Instapundit. Good reading folks, I'd consider adding this site to your favorites list or, if you are a blogger, to your blogroll.

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October 17, 2006

The Sissification of American Kids by Educators

As a kid, I played tag, football, and other contact sports--and, I lived. So what? Well, according to this article and film clip , the people who run the public schools in Attleboro, Mass. think that these games for kids should be forbidden because of safety risks--and lawyers, who seem to ruin a lot of things. But, my gripe here is with the boards of education that deal in such silliness. It's not just Addleboro, but here are others:

Santa Monica, Calif: "The principal said children playing tag suffered both physical and emotional injuries." Emotional? He means self-esteem. If someone tries to win, then he's hurting someone else's self-esteem and is bad, bad, bad. No competition allowed. Here's more.

Cheyenne, Wyo, Wichita, Kan.; San Jose, Calif.; Beaverton, Ore., Rancho Santa Fe., Calif., ...: "The bans were passed in the name of safety, but some children's health advocates say limiting exercise and free play can inhibit a child's development. ...Critics of the bans say playing freely helps kids learn to negotiate rules and resolve disputes."

Spokane, Wash.: Principle (sic) Terren Roloff told Fox News she chose to ban tag because it encourages victimization and students are encouraged to play. ...The National Association of School Psychology agress with Roloff, and other schools have been banning tag as well."

Sacramento, Calif: "Concerned about safety and injuries and worried about bullying, violence, self-esteem and lawsuits, school officials have clamped down on the traditional games from years past. ...At Natomas Park...yard supervisor Janice Hudson spotted a first-grader pushing a girl on the swing. 'Do not push,' Hudson told the student. 'Let her push herself, please.'"

Silver Spring, MD: "The school had been cracking down on those games at recess because, as Principal Doris Jennings explained, 'Body contact is inappropriate for recess activities.'"

Or, you can read a study that influences these school decisions. Neil Williams, chair of the health and physical education department at Eastern Connecticut State University, has compiled and updates "The Physical Education Hall of Shame" list of recess activities that he feels are inappropriate.
"The Physical Education Hall of Shame was established to identify certain activity programs or games which, although physically demanding, do not contribute to the development of motor, cognitive, and affective skills of the students. Such meaningless activities have limited physical activity time, promote minimal participation, embarrass students in front of their classmates and are primarily concerned with having fun. Line Soccer, Red Rover, Simon Says, Spud, Tag and Messy Back Yard are examples of such activities."
Well, we can't have games "primarily concerned with having fun," can we? His list also adds Dodge Ball, Duck Duck Goose, Kick Ball, Musical Chairs, and Steal the Bacon, the last of which I think is a game for inner city school kids.

Many of these schools banning tag are in Massachusetts and California, which are trying to overtake France as the land with the most weenies. Instead of exercising, maybe kids could take up some other activity that is non-contact, like target shooting, walking over to McDonald's to eat and hang out, or playing video games. Those are non-contact, so they might be good.

The education establishment is getting worse and more out-of-touch with the real world, desires of parents, and the best interests of the kids.

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Harry Reid IS the Culture of Corruption!

Harry Reid IS the "Culture Of Corruption". Read "Reid Him His Rights" by my good friend Big Dog, then come back and comment.

A taste:

After the land was rezoned and then sold, Reid made a huge profit and reported it to Congress as a sale of his own property. The way he did business, as the story points out, allowed him to transfer ownership, legal liability and tax consequences and then allowed him to make a fortune off the sale. Once again the appearance of impropriety is enough to make this bad but the dealings indicate Reid used his political position for personal gain and this is a violation of the law. Reid dismisses this as an election year smear tactic but has directed that his financial records and ethics papers be corrected to report the things the way they should have been in the first place. Reid calls this the correction of an oversight, when a Republican is involved he calls it a culture of corruption.

Harry Reid, how do you plead?

Update: From Investors Business Daily:

We remember the feeding frenzy over former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's alleged violation of federal tax law in using tax-exempt funds to fund his allegedly political college course, "Renewing American Civilization."

After a 3 1/2-year ordeal, and a $300,000 fine paid to the House Ethics Committee, the IRS finally ruled that the sponsoring organization, the Progress and Freedom Foundation, "did not serve the private interests of Mr. Gingrich" and was both apolitical and completely legal.

Which is more than you can say about Reid's shenanigans. Gingrich wasn't offered a "do-over" or the opportunity to amend anything. In his case, it was sentence first, trial later. But then, unlike Reid, he was both innocent and a Republican.

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October 15, 2006

Freddy Fender Dies At 69

Baldemar Huerta, aka Freddy Fender has died at age 69. And though he lived in Corpus Christi, Texas his home was San Benito, Texas just down the road from me. I've been listening to his songs since the mid seventies when I moved to a little town named Harlingen in '76.

Earlier this year, Fender was diagnosed with lung cancer, about the same time I was. I'm here, he's gone and while I'm delighted to still be around, his Tex-Mex tenor voice will be missed.

In his "guestbook" one of his fans said:

I cherish the memories of dancing to your music with my Grandmother and Mother - I will miss you as much as I miss them. Play for them up there, so they can dance - I'll be there someday and join in. Till then my friend. Peace.

"And I'll be there before the next teardrop falls." R.I.P. Freddy

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October 14, 2006

Halloween Costume for Kids of Potty Mouth Liberals

It can't get much worse than this. Can you imagine the pride of a parent taking his kid trick-or-treating in that costume? Let's hope that no one tries to use it.

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Violate PC Speech - Go to Jail

Want to know how bad penalties have gotten for violating politically correct speech codes? Consider this matter involving a fourteen year old female student in the U.K.

From "Blue Star Chronicles"....
British Student Arrested for Being Politically Incorrect

A 14-year-old British girl was arrested for racism when she asked to work on a project with English speaking students. It seems she was to work on this project with 'Asian' students (that's PC code for muslim) and only one of the group spoke English. The group was supposed to discuss the project.

She went to speak to her teacher ...."I said 'I'm not being funny, but can I change groups because I can't understand them?' But she (the teacher) started shouting and screaming, saying 'It's racist, you're going to get done by the police'."

More details can be found in the "Daily Mail" article titled "Schoolgirl arrested for refusing to study with non-English pupils," which adds this:

Codie said she went outside to calm down where another teacher found her and, after speaking to her class teacher, put her in isolation for the rest of the day.

A complaint was made to a police officer based full-time at the school, and more than a week after the incident on September 26 she was taken to Swinton police station and placed under arrest.

"They told me to take my laces out of my shoes and remove my jewellery, and I had my fingerprints and photograph taken," said Codie. "It was awful."

After questioning on suspicion of committing a section five racial public order offence, her mother Nicola says she was placed in a bare cell for three-and-a-half hours then released without charge.

How typical of the Left--punish everyone who doen't conform to their demands, and how typical of schools to allow themselves to be their tool for enforcement. Political correct speech is nothing but a weapon of the Left to stop debate from the Right, and it never applies to the Left--but, you knew that. However, the Left considers every foul word to be acceptable and even applauded when flaunted in public or used to describe President Bush.

Maybe the Left is a bunch of pansy retards.

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Helping the West to Understand Arabs

Stephen Browne, a teacher and a writer and politically a Libertarian, authors a site titled "Rants and Raves". He worked for one year in Saudi Arabia, which changed his preconceptions of Arabs and led him to new observations about them. He provided these in his post appropriately titled "Observations on Arabs."

His views can be debated, but they offer a point to begin considering how we should interact with people from the Mideast and to help us minimize mistakes in our dealings with them. Stephen Browne's points are enumerated below, but his site provides expanded explanations after each one, which is worth reading. He begins with this qualifier:

So, with the caveat that one of the first things I learned was that the term Arab covers a lot of territory, here are some observations and some tentative conclusions about Arabs, more specifically about Arabs from the oil states about why we have misunderstood each other to the point that we are fighting a war with some of them and are (ticking) off the rest of them. I suspect that many of these also apply to Iranian Islamists, but I have never been there and note that Iranians are not Arabs and have a different cultural history.

Observations on Arabs.

01. They don't think the same way we do.
02. When you meet them in just the right circumstances, they are a very likable people.
03. Their values are fundamentally different from ours, their self-esteem is derived from a different source.
04. Not only can they not build the infrastructure of a modern society, they can't maintain it either.
05. They do not think of obligations as running both ways.
06. In warfare, we think they are sneaky cowards, they think we are hypocrites.
07. In rhetoric, they don't mean to be taken seriously and they don't understand when we do.
08. They don't place the same value on an abstract conception of Truth as we do, they routinely believe things of breathtaking absurdity.
09. They do not have the same notion of cause and effect as we do.
10. We take for granted that we are a dominant civilization still on the way up. They are acutely aware that they are a civilization on the skids.
11. We think that everybody has a right to their own point of view, they think that that idea is not only self-evidently absurd, but evil.
12. Our civilization is destroying theirs. We cannot share a world in peace. They understand this; we have yet to learn it.

Interesting. Does understanding offer hope? Well, here's something else that he wrote in his introduction, which is consistent with point twelve:

I came back with the gloomy opinion that over the long run we are going to have to hammer these people hard to get them to quit messing with Western Civilization.

Well, that sobers one up pretty quickly. Unfortunately, I had come to a similar, but unresearched, impression myself. I hope we're wrong.

Maybe, to help the Arabs, we can put together a list of "Observations About Westerners"...unless, that's one of the things that we're supposed to avoid. My first point would be "Westerners don't like people from the Mideast messing with them." I'm not sure that they would care or see a threat.

Is Browne's list on target? Is there any hope for understanding and peace between the Western world and the Mideast?

Found at J-Walk Blog

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October 13, 2006

Air America Radio - Air Today, Gone Tomorrow

We knew that this was coming, despite denials. Air America has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to allow the network to reorganize its finances without creditor pressure. It shows liabilities of $20 million against assets of only $4 million. Didn't anyone notice the bleeding taking place?

Among the creditors wanting to be paid is Al Franken, who is owed $360,750. (Ohhhh, too bad.) Other creditors include limousine firms, for (yep, you guessed it) their limousine liberals. No surprise there.

The new CEO of Air America, Scott Elberg, had this to say:

"Nobody likes filing for bankruptcy. However, this move will enable us to concentrate on informing and entertaining our audience during the coming months."

Informing and entertaining their audience...? Isn't what they should have been doing to avoid bankruptcy? Maybe they were just a little, just a little mind you, too liberal. However, I'm confident that they arrogantly see themselves as being right and that the masses of listeners who tune them out are just stupid.

Maybe most people know that if you applied the principles espoused by Air America to our government, our country could be bankrupt just like them--after we taxed "the rich" out of existence, of course.

Perhaps if they fired Al Franken and hired Rush Limbaugh, who knows how to turn a buck, they could make a go of it. That must drive them crazy.

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Nobel Peace Prize Misses Opportunity

Yesterday Cindy Sheehan announced that she was a finalist for the Nobel Peace Prize, but today we get the sad news that she did not win. I wanted her to win just to show how ridiculous the Nobel Prize Committee had gotten, as if making a previous award to Jimmy Carter wasn't enough proof. Anyway, just having her as a finalist says enough.

Usually, people get extra consideration for the prize if they show a disdain for America and especially the Bush administration. I was sure that Cindy Sheehan was a lock and that this was a great opportunity for the Nobel Prize Committee to stick their collective thumbs in the eye of President Bush.

Oh, the guy who did win, a Bangladeshi professor named Mohammed Yunus, developed a loan program titled "Microcredit" for poor people who can offer no collateral or other financial security. Sign me up! Maybe they'll give Ms. Sheehan one despite her high paying job to stalk the President.

Here's what U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said of the loan program:

"Microfinance is not charity. It is a way to extend the same rights and services to low-income households that are available to everyone else."

Look at that again. Kofi Annan said that unsecured loans are a right. Try telling that to my bank, which only gives loans to people who can prove that they don't need them. I demand my rights!

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October 11, 2006

Wide Awakes Radio

Thursday's show at 9:00PM Central time on WAR will feature as our special guest William Kerr, AKA Wild Bill of Passionate America

Wild Bill scooped the world with the ID of the underage young man with whom Mark Foley had a lengthy IM and email exchange. The scoop has caused Bill lots of problems, including threats and intimidation.

We will be talking about the scoop and other political issues as the election heats up. Join us by clicking on the microphone logo at the top right of the page and if you want to call in live, the number is 1-888-407-1776.

You can also get the program via the microphone logo at http://wideawakesradio.com

Tune in tomorrow night, it ought to be a blast!

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Quick Call The ASPCA

The Scene: Almost a typical American home.
The Time: Today, about dinner time.

"Hey Mom?"

"Yes dear?"

"I spilled an awful lot of my ritalin in the cat's water dish, but I got most of them out."

"I'm sure kitty will be fine dear, why, she's in the living room now listening to music."

**Child walks into the living room**

"Uhhhh, hey Mom?"


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October 10, 2006

QUIET!!!! The Cats Are Listening To Their Favorite Music.

Woody sent me an e-mail sending me to Physics Geek, a fellow MUNUVIAN blogger. (and the answer to the question that you are all thinking in YES, that which cannot be legitimately assigned to Bush can be assigned to Woody... see Woodster, told you I'd get even!) I almost fell out of my chair... how Physics Geek managed to get my cat (well, there is a resemblance) to listen to Hip Hop is just, well, just embarrassing. I mean, after all, it is either Beethoven or nothing.


Go see the rest of the cats and their musical selection. (Don' forget to click on the link just below the banner so that you can scroll down for all 5 parts). Rock on!!!

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It's All Bush's Fault - Again!

Does anything more REALLY need to be said?

A tip 'O The GM Derby to Baron Bodissey at the Gates of Vienna


From Drudge Report, here is a clip of Secretary of State Madeline Albright's toast with Kim Jong Il, to show you "the rest of the story" from the picture above. This is actually an ad that the GOP has refused to run.

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CNN on No. Korean Nuke - Still "Clinton News Network"

I woke up very early Monday morning and saw breaking news on CNN that North Korea had conducted a test of a nuclear bomb (for which the success is currently under review by the officials in the booth.) Of course, the repercussions are huge, which will develop over the next few weeks. What I want to focus on is the manner in which CNN covered this news. Simply put, according to CNN, President Bush and Vice President Cheney were overwhelming to blame for the test--not China, not Russia, not the U.N., and certainly not even Kim Jong Il.

While the finger pointing at Republicans by CNN was not surprising, what was surprising is how over the top they went and how much time they spent both to attack the current administration and to make special efforts to praise former President Clinton's handling of the nuclear issue with North Korea. President Bush was the story--not the atomic test. It was as if the commentators were either using or making Democratic talking points. It's almost as if they knew that this was a campagin period.

Now, however, let's set the record straight on North Korea's nuclear capability with this article from Y2K.

U.S. Aid Helps N. Korea Build Nukes, Congress Told
By Lawrence Morahan, CNS Staff Writer, April 17, 2000

North Korea's nuclear production capacity will increase from a dozen nuclear bombs a year to 65 a year by 2010, thanks in large part to American taxpayer money, two renowned U.S. nuclear scientists told congressional leaders last week.

North Korea observers have long suspected the communist dictatorship is using Western humanitarian aid to starving North Koreans to feed Kim Jong Il's million-man army.

But an aid policy initiated by the Clinton administration in the mid-1990s to finance two light water nuclear reactors in North Korea puts the isolated communist country on the fast track in the manufacture of nuclear weapons, William R. Graham and Victor Gilinsky told members of the House Policy Committee.

North Korea's missile proliferation has accelerated dramatically since the Clinton-Gore administration began giving aid to the regime in 1994.

You might ask why I was even watching CNN. Well, it was the only network giving this issue continuous coverage at the time, for all too obvious of reasons. Later in the day, I sent a comment to CNN explaining that their extreme left-wing editorializing, suitable for Ted Turner but not me, finally drove me to switch over to FOX News. To CNN and the left, the defense of Bill Clinton and the attacks against President Bush are well worth all the lost viewers.

You may read the rest of the article by clicking on "Continue reading...," and from this article you may possibly determine if any other administration might, just might, have some culpability for North Korea's roguish nuclear activity. I think it has already been established that CNN is not going to present this information to its remaining viewers.

Continue reading "CNN on No. Korean Nuke - Still "Clinton News Network""
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October 09, 2006

Election Projection

Blogging Caesar has his new projection up, and it's a doozy! He's projecting Dems taking control of the Senate. Harry Reid as Majority Leader... oh, the horrors!!! (here is where I'm really hoping my friend Scott is oh-so-very-wrong!!!)

Projected Tally

This week: 49 GOP, 49 DEM, 2 IND - DEM +5, GOP -6, IND +1
Last week: 52 GOP, 46 DEM, 2 IND - DEM +2, GOP -3, IND +1

This week: 220 GOP, 215 DEM, 0 IND - DEM +13, GOP -12, IND -1
Last week: 221 GOP, 214 DEM, 0 IND - DEM +12, GOP -11, IND -1

This week: 24 GOP, 26 DEM - DEM +4, GOP -4
Last week: 22 GOP, 28 DEM - DEM +6, GOP -6

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October 07, 2006

Westboro Baptist Church: Non Islamic Islamofascists?

In Iran they HATE GAYS and hang them from cranes. In Iraq under Saddam Hussein they threw them from buildings. In Saudi Arabia gays are beheaded or stoned to death. In fact, one of the most virulent anti-homosexual people in the world are the islamofascists who rule in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

You are probably thinking why am I including Saudi Arabia in with other islamofascists. It is simple; because Saudi Arabia supports and spreads the Wahabi sect of Islam. I totally discount their so called alliance with the west as they actively work to bring down their allies.

But, I digress. Islamofascists do not support human rights, and they use their perverted thinking to support the murder of homosexuals. Oddly enough, in this they have their own supporters in this country, CAIR for one. C.A.I.R. who immediately objects to anyone saying anything negative about Islamic culture, even if it is true (especially when it's true...ed.). Another group actively supporting the anti-homosexual agenda of the islamofascists is, counter-intuitively, a supposedly Christian church, the Westboro Baptist Church headed by one Fred Phelps, a vile creature who was once disbarred for badgering a witness and calling her a "slut" apparently because as a court reporter, she didn't get him a transcrapt soon enough, he sued her for 22K or some largish amount. As it turned out, the lack of transcripts had no effect on the trial he needed them for. Not a nice man this Mr. Phelps.

His daughter was recently on Fox news defending her schtick!

Shirley Phelps-Roper (and no, I'm NOT related to this poor excuse for a Christian) comes off as a harridan who is in perfect alignment with the islamofascists. In fact, their history is one supporting fascists such as Saddam Hussein:

In 2003, before the fall of Saddam Hussein during the Iraq War, Phelps wrote Hussein a letter praising his regime for being, in his opinion, "the only Muslim state that allows the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to be freely and openly preached on the streets."[30] Furthermore, he stated that he would like to send a delegation to Baghdad to "preach the Gospel" for one week. Hussein granted permission, and a group of WBC congregants traveled to Iraq to protest against the U.S. The parishioners stood on the streets of Baghdad and heavily patronized Baghdad establishments holding signs condemning Bill and Hillary Clinton and anal sex.
As well as supporting Fidel Castro:
Phelps has repeatedly championed Fidel Castro for Castro's stance against homosexuality; in 1998 Harper's magazine published a letter Phelps sent to Castro in which he praised Castro and lambasted the U.S. In 2004, when a pro-homosexual Cuban refugee announced plans to travel to Cuba, Phelps sent another letter to Castro "warning" him of the man's plans and requesting travel visas for a group of WBC congregants so that they could follow the refugee around Havana with signs bearing anti-U.S. and anti-homosexual slogans. Castro also ignored that appeal."

It is quite odd to hear "Our Lord Jesus Christ" coming from those mouths. I've always been taught that Christ was love. I've always been taught that all of us are God's children. It is obvious that an non-Islamic fascist such as Phelps and his followers could grow up in this great land and not learn that lesson.

Hey Mr. Phelps (I've known Reverands, They have been my friends and my relatives and you sir are no Reverand!), my late brother in law was gay, and he was more of a man than you could ever hope to be.

A tip 'O The GM Derby to Msunderestimated.

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Global Warming (Yes, Again) Offers New Threat

Global Warming is causing all sorts of havoc across our globe, but the one bad affect that global warming activists don't want to discuss is its threat to freedoms of speech and debate. Al Gore didn't warn us about that. Two articles point out the sides and concern by addressing: (1) What defines a global warming skeptic or denier and (2) Should we arrest them for crimes against humanity when they express skepticism (no kidding)? First, let's see what defines the skeptics.

Why do people become "sceptics" or "contrarians"?
Why do people become climate change deniers?

by Richard D. North

It is deeply pejorative to call someone a "climate change denier". This is because it is a phrase designedly reminiscent of the idea of Holocaust Denial – the label applied by nearly everyone to those misguided or wicked people who believe, or claim to believe, the Nazis did not annihilate Jews, and others, in any very great numbers. There is a relatively small group of climate scientists who disbelieve very much of the global warming (GW) hypothesis. Unpick that a bit and one finds that there are many varieties of climate change denial. ...Some people labelled as "deniers", aren't.

...There are many more specialists who are well short of complete denial, but who are nonetheless sceptical that it will matter very much if mankind continues to emit increased amounts of greenhouse gas. Such people are inclined to believe that it will be cheaper and easier to respond to whatever climate change throws at us, rather than attempt to stop it in its tracks.

I don't know that there are that many deniers of the Earth heating, but there are more skeptics over global warming claims and proposed solutions than the "consensus' would like to admit. I'm in the skeptic group. Well, what should be done about these deniers and even skeptics? Here's what some on the left want to do with their right to speech.

Global warming: the chilling effect on free speech
Brendan O'Neill

...One Australian columnist has proposed outlawing ‘climate change denial.' (She wrote:) "David Irving is under arrest in Austria for Holocaust denial. ...Perhaps there is a case for making climate change denial an offence. It is a crime against humanity, after all. (1) Others have suggested that climate change deniers should be put on trial in the future, Nuremberg-style, and made to account for their attempts to cover up the ‘global warming…Holocaust’ (2)."

Whatever the truth about our warming planet, it is clear there is a tidal wave of intolerance in the debate about climate change which is eroding free speech and melting rational debate. There has been no decree from on high or piece of legislation outlawing climate change denial.... Because in recent months it has been turned into a taboo, chased out of polite society by a wink and a nod, letters of complaint, newspaper articles continually comparing climate change denial to Holocaust denial. An attitude of ‘You can’t say that!’ now surrounds debates about climate change, which in many ways is more powerful and pernicious than an outright ban.

...It is not only environmentalist activists and green-leaning writers who are seeking to silence climate change deniers/sceptics/critics/whatever you prefer. Last month the Royal Society – Britain’s premier scientific academy founded in 1660, whose members have included some of the greatest scientists – wrote a letter to ExxonMobil demanding that the oil giant cut off its funding to groups that have ‘misrepresented the science of climate change by outright denial of the evidence’.

...Effectively, campaigners and officials are using scientific facts – over which there is still disagreement – to shut down what ought to be a political debate about what humans need and want. This is the worst of it. Whatever side you take in the climate change clash of facts, this undermining of debate should be a cause of concern.

Chilling. What are they afraid of? And, doesn't this particular debate get to the heart of other political debates that the left wants to control? But, rather than just utilizing social control through "political correctness," such as that pointed out in the recent post by G.M., many want to exercise legal control and to criminalize what we consider free speech.

So, what's a more serious threat: (a) Questioning global warming claims or (b) limiting and/or criminalizing speech of those who do? The Left has a lot of explaining to do.

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Diversity and Political Correctness Run Amok!

Dangerously Subversive Dad has a post noting the ultimate in Diversity and Political Correctness.

It seems that a policeman in England, who happens to be a muslim, has been excused from having to guard the Israeli Embassy on "moral grounds,"

PC Alexander Omar Basha told chiefs he was unable to carry out duties at the London embassy — a top terror target — due to moral grounds after Israeli bombings in Lebanon.
DSD is obviously upset about this, but also upset by a Tory, specifically one Richard Barnes:
Richard Barnes, a Tory member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, accused senior officers of lacking tact. He said: ‘I think it was crass management in the first place. They should have recognised there could have been a problem and not suggested this officer be posted at this embassy."

"The Met keep banging on about diversity, but this case shows they have learned very little at all."

Officer Barnes, this is not about "diversity" this is about "Political Correctness" and it is monumentally stupid. As DSD notes:
The Tory Party has purely and simply endorsed racism here. The idea that any public servant is free to make moral judgments and then decide to exclude their service from those they deem unfit, immoral or evil for that service is a truly disgusting and pernicious one."

"I got mugged last week, and my mum last year. So I'm not serving you in this Post Office cos you're black and so were the muggers."

"So what if someone ripped off your veil and spat in your eye? I may be a copper but I dont like Muslims, I was on a tube train on 7/7."

"No, I'm not letting you through the ticket barrier - you're obviously a Sikh judging by that turban, and Sikhs killed the Prime Minister back in India, the bastards. As a good Hindu I reserve the right not to let you on the train."

"No way son, I know this is a youth club for everyone but well, you have to understand that as a Jew I feel you bear some responsibility for what is happening to the Palestinians. So you're not getting in."

DSD is right on the money, but the original jerk in this little drama, Alexander Omar Basha is not only wrong, he is so far off the mark as to be ludicrous. Which of course, brings me to a "moral" argument from the other side of the coin:

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October 06, 2006

Global Warming Surprise Link

Using the logic of explaining cause and effect by tracking randomly selected trends, we finally are beginning to get a handle on global warming causes. First, G.M. linked pirates to global warming (with good comments by Civil Truth). Now, we have the more likely cause from Guns & Butter.

"Ninety-eight percent of global warming can be attributed solely to the existence of Al Gore," said Massachusetts Institute of Technology climatologist Dhananjay Wilson. Global temperatures really began to take off in 1948 -- the year Al Gore was born."

It could be that Al Gore is blaming other causes on global warming to deflect blame from himself.

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Ephebophilia In Congress

Begin Rant.JPG

Ephebophilia is the diagnosis for people like Mark Foley (Ex R. Fl), not pedophilia. A pedophile is someone with a sexual attraction for pre-pubescent children, whereas an ephebophile is someone with a sexual attraction for pubescent adolescents, i.e., those who have some degree of sexual maturation. "Why does this matter Roper," I can hear some of you asking. Well, it seems to me that if I'm going to rant, at least I can be accurate about what I'm ranting about.

Mark Foley has certainly made a name for himself, and probably not one he wanted to make unless one accepts the pseudo-Freudian concept that he must have wanted to get caught. Perhaps he did, he is now claiming that he has a drinking problem and that he has lived with the "shame" of having been molested when he was 13 up through the age of 15 by a priest. Well, that really is just an excuse, he lacked power in his early teens and it is difficult for an adolescent to resist the "power" of an older adult who may be very, very skilled at making it seem "fun" to have a little "romp." But, that is where it should have ended, his own victimization does not excuse his victimizing others and he is the predator here, the guilty party, the bad guy. No doubt, while he was busy seducing young male pages he didn't see himself as such, but that is the case whether or not Foley likes it.

I'm not surprised at the episode, nor am I surprised that it was a Republican that perpetrated the "dirty deed." I've been a counselor for to long and have dealt with too many pedophiles and ephebophiles over a 35 year career, with too many substance abusers etc. It can be said, and probably has been said that if you have 100 pedophiles (or ephebophiles, or alcoholics, or substance abusers, or pederasts, or _______ [you can fill in the blank here] you will probably have 300 "reasons" why they are the way they are.

But I digress, let us get to the meat of the issue. Many on the left are having mental orgasims regarding the Foley brouhaha! In fact, it has all but replaced the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the NIE, and the "tax breaks for the rich" as election day topics. As Roger L. Simon says:

Meanwhile, does anyone think it is ironic that so-called progressives who excoriated eavesdropping on terrorists are feasting on the publication of supposedly confidential email and IMs? You can forget about privacy. It no longer exists, if it ever did.”
Too, those very same Democrats who expressed astonishment and dismay at censuring Gerry Studds who, turned his back on the reading of the censure and was re-elected time and again despite having actual sex (vice internet sex) with a page. Following which
[...] at a press conference with the former page standing beside him, the two stated that what had happened between them was nobody's business but their own."
But of course, Studds was a Democrat and so while it may have been newsworthy, it wasn't worth a feeding-frenzy such as found with Mark Foley's behavior [Author's Note: A Google search of Gerry Studds yields some 133,000 cites whereas a Google search of Mark Foley yields some 20,500,000 cites; and this "scandal" is only a few days old]

In a previous post Sex, Lies and E-Mails I noted the "dispicable" predatory behavior of Mark Foley and was taken to task by a commenter "Why did I know that you could never acknowledge a bad actor in the Republican parth, without justifying it by bringing up Clinton? You know what? Clinton lusted after a FEMALE!" (full disclosure, the commenter is my beloved, charming, witty but oh-so-very liberal Uncle who I both admire and cherish and will note that he and I agree on many things, politics not, however, being one of them). It seems that Clinton's predatory behavior is still a sorespot with the left. It doesn't seem to matter that he used his power over an underling (fully agreeable to the relationship though she was) only that he lusted after a (shudder) FEMALE! As though that makes it right. Of course, my point that the Democrats are having a joyful time with this scandal while at the same time don't want any mention of Studds or Clinton, because after all, this is a Republican scandal, not a Democrat one. It doesn't seem to bother the left or their adherents that the majority of the right are excoriating Foley. When I noted that the commenter may be homophobic, he rightly responded with a quote from Bernard Chapin

In America today, a powerful case can, and will, be made that heterosexuals all too readily defer to homosexuals regarding claims of oppression or that we suffer some kind of psychological malady due to our refusal to celebrate them to the full extent they desire. Most “straights” seem to silently accept the validity of bogus concepts like “homophobia” which maintains that many of us harbor hate for those who happen to be physically attracted to members of the same sex. I hold that the concept of homophobia is fallacious, and that, in fact, the opposite of homophobia, “heterophobia” is a more pressing concern." [see Jimmy, that is one of the areas you and I agree on]

Of course, drudge is reporting that the whole thing may be an ABC misrepresentation of the facts, and that wouldn't surprise me at all. The Foley "scandal" is beginning to sound like another Democrat attempt at dirty politics (not that the Republicans - damn them all) haven't been capable of the same kind of thing.

Again, I digress, the whole point of this exercise is to condem congress-critters who take advantage of their positions to exercise their power over the rest of us. It doesn't matter whether they are Democrat or Republican, it only matters that power unchecked is power tending towards tyranny, and that is the problem.

Democrats this time, who next?

end rant.JPG

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October 05, 2006

Make Your Own Caption - The Religious Left?

Jesus Dems.bmp


Caption Here


I'm sure that you can come up with some caption for the picture above. It's an easy assignment.

The group responsible for the sign, Grassroots Dems, had this post on its purpose: Jesus Cares, which states: “The whole thing behind it is to counteract the Christian right and their so-called monopoly on religion.” and to the Christian right "...your Jesus is pro-rich, pro-war, and only pro-American, and your monologue is over." Does that sound Christian to you? And, what's wrong with being pro-American?

Also, you may want to check out another post from this "progressive" organization titled The Left Hand of God. Here's part of the discussion.

GRSD Progressive Book Club discussed The Left Hand of God by Michael Lerner on Thursday, June 8. Rabbi Lerner touched upon fundamental basic sense a lack of spiritual direction and fulfillment in America. He contends that this sense of lack that lead us to reach out to one another is being used and abused by the political right to undermine basic principles that spurred the growth of our country.

The group discussed how the right hand of God, that of fear, is used to promote detrimental military, environmental, and economic policies. Lerner believes that instead we need to turn to the left hand of God which fosters hope – a hope that by embracing the spiritual aspects of our shared humanity. It is also his assertion that Democrats/Progressives cannot ignore the spiritual needs of Americans if they want to guide the country to a return of the American promise for all citizens.

It's the right which uses fear to promote environmental policies? As Mr. Subliminal would say, global warming. Military policies? deaths in Iraq Economic ones? government health care Run that by again. Actually, the book might make for an interesting discussion, but it would surely be one of politics rather than religion, as the Left has a hard time separating politics from anything.

Ironically, the post preceding that one on God is titled Petition Drive to Refer South Dakota Abortion Ban . It encourages people to sign a petition to make abortions legal again in the state through a popular vote overriding the legislature. It's rare that you find any one from the left wanting a popular vote rather than an activist judge to decide things.

In a skillful twisting of words, that same post refers you to a group calling itself South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families, which, unbelievably from the name, is a pro-abortion group. I have never considered a family as healthy when a member of it has been murdered. Part of the family is dead. And, I have never considered that those who promote abortion to have the blessings of God, despite His left hand that the "progressives" claim for hope above. No hypocrisy here, huh?

Anyway, Democrats claim to care for the poor, just like Jesus. Maybe they will heal the blind, too, so that people can see through them.

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October 03, 2006

Sex, Lies and E-Mails

I've waited to post on the Foley scandle to see if anyone would pick up on the scandle behind the scandle. If, as it seems fairly clear, that there is a difference between the IM's and the E-mails, at least in terms of graphicness, then shouldn't there be some outrage directed at the person or persons who held back info on the Instant Messages until election time? Didn't they allow a dispicable behavior to continue in order to score political points?

While what Foley did was indeed dispicable, he isn't the only one here. I for one am glad he is gone, and would like to see others following.

The Republicans on the Hill seem to have trouble dealing with the sexual predation of Foley, just as the Democrats had in dealing with the sexual predation of Clinton.

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October 02, 2006

Election Projection!

Blogging Caesar has a new projection up. This week he notes that Pearlmutter (D) is up by 17% over his Republican opponent (Rick O'Donnell). Could this be a trend? Add to this Foley's problems and with the donk's "growing list of gains" may in fact end up with Speaker Pelosi.

What a race this is going to be.

Senate This week: 52 GOP, 46 DEM, 2 IND - DEM +2, GOP -3, IND +1
Same count as last week

This week: 221 GOP, 214 DEM, 0 IND - DEM +12, GOP -11, IND -1
Last week: 222 GOP, 213 DEM, 0 IND - DEM +11, GOP -10, IND -1

This week: 22 GOP, 28 DEM - DEM +6, GOP -6
Same count as last week

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October 01, 2006

Dollar Sense on Global Warming: PWC Report

I've often complained that the financial costs to solve "solve" gobal warming cannot be justified based upon a reasonable return on investment and will probably result in a negative return. Of course, my belief is as subjective as is the information and claims from the other side, because adequate and reliable data does not appear available. However, now a report from PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) titled "The World in 2050: Implications of global growth for carbon emissions and climate change policy" addresses the financial costs and benefits, but not in the direction that I expected, which makes me not only a skeptic of global warming but a skeptic of reports on global warming economics. From a PWC firm summary:

The rapid economic growth of emerging countries such as China and India — together with continued more moderate growth in today’s advanced economies — could have serious long-term consequences for global energy consumption and carbon emissions.

...The author...is John Hawksworth, head of macroeconomics at PricewaterhouseCoopers’ UK firm. He says: "As they increase in relative size to overtake the current G7 countries (US, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Italy and Canada), the emerging ‘E7’ economies (China, India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey) will increasingly provide the motor for global growth and could account for almost half of global carbon emissions by 2050 according to our model. But this begs the question: Can the world sustain such rapid growth without serious adverse effects on its climate? Our new report provides one possible answer to how this might be achieved".

This report takes a lot more time than I have to analyze in depth, so this is my quick, and I mean really quick, take on it. You'll have to click on the link below to discover this wisdom.

Continue reading "Dollar Sense on Global Warming: PWC Report"
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