January 03, 2007

Cinnamon Stillwell -

Show will be held, unfortunately Cinnamon is under the weather and cannot make it. Stay tuned because it WILL be a night to remember.

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December 28, 2006

Sudden Change

Sorry for the VERY late notice, but GM's Corner is moving to 8:00 PM Central Daylight Time on Wide Awakes Radio...

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December 01, 2006

GM's Corner Is Back On The Air (well, back on the internet at least)

Every once in a while, you meet someone via the blogosphere that just seems to be someone really special. Such a person is Cinnamon Stillwell, a columnist for SFGate and whom I posted on in the post immediately below this one. At any rate, we have emailed back and forth and I asked her if she would be interested in being my guest for GM's Corner on Wide Awakes Radio. And, she consented to do so (see, even people in Califorina can be exceedingly nice - not just my brother and Kender and Rick Calvert (The Real Ugly American) and...

So, be sure and tune in via www.wideawakesradio.com or by clicking my own little mic logo in the upper right hand corner of your favorite blog (love me or hate me, you know I'm your favorite). This promises to be an exciting hour and one that I am looking forward to for sure. Tune in for a great hour of internet radio. That's this coming Thursday night (9:00 PM Central Standard Time) December 7, 2006.

Her post, to which I referred below concerns the increasing incidence of "Mob Rule On Campuses" and shows just how low we as a society have sunk when we tolerate this assault on the First Amendment. A sample:

While academia has its own crimes to atone for, it's the students who have become the bullies as of late. A disturbing number seem to feel that theirs is an inviolate world to which no one of differing opinion need apply. As a result, everything from pie throwing to disrupting speeches to attacks on speakers has become commonplace.

"Conservative speakers have long been the targets of such illiberal treatment. The violent reception given to Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project, an anti-illegal immigration group, at Columbia University in October is a recent example. Gilchrist had been invited to speak by the Columbia University College Republicans, but was prevented from doing so by an unruly mob of students. What could have been mere heckling descended into yelling, screaming, kicking and punching, culminating in the rushing of the stage and Gilchrist being shuttled off by security."

Read the rest and be sure and drop by for an hour of stimulating conversation.

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November 07, 2006

Live Coverage On Election Day

Click on the microphone for live coverage of the elections-nation wide

If you can call in (assuming the lines aren't packed), the number is 1-888-407-1776

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Don't Listen To This Guy... Well, OK, Listen, But Don't Pay Attention To What He Says!

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October 11, 2006

Wide Awakes Radio

Thursday's show at 9:00PM Central time on WAR will feature as our special guest William Kerr, AKA Wild Bill of Passionate America

Wild Bill scooped the world with the ID of the underage young man with whom Mark Foley had a lengthy IM and email exchange. The scoop has caused Bill lots of problems, including threats and intimidation.

We will be talking about the scoop and other political issues as the election heats up. Join us by clicking on the microphone logo at the top right of the page and if you want to call in live, the number is 1-888-407-1776.

You can also get the program via the microphone logo at http://wideawakesradio.com

Tune in tomorrow night, it ought to be a blast!

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August 23, 2006

Special Guest Jeffery Blanco - The Louisiana Conservative

Jeffery Blanco will be my special guest this Thursday Night on GM's Corner on Wide Awakes Radio. Jeffery is the author of The Louisiana Conservative and is well known for his frequent "Sermons" for First Church of Democrats, The Liberal Church: Bringing liberals closer to God since January, 2006 a hilarious satire (well, hilarious to any conservative - probably not to Democrats or Liberals). Jeffery started the series of Sermons as a way to help raise money to help me pay for my chemo-therapy. Talk about selfless, this man is a prince. If you don't tune in, you will miss one of the great talents in the blogosphere. So, 9:00 PM, Central Daylight Time on Wide Awakes Radio. Click on the Microphone Logo and listen in.

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August 17, 2006

Kit Jarrell To Fill In For GM - What A Deal!!!

There are few people that I like more than my good friend Kit Jarrell. Kit has kindly offered to fill in for me tomorrow night at my regular 9:00 PM (Central) timeslot for Wide Awakes Radio. You can catch her blog at Euphoric Reality so Tune In and enjoy your stay. I'll be there as soon as a prior engagement allows me to be there. Kit really is spectacular. We don't see eye to eye on everything, but she comes to her thoughts and politics with passion and with a degree of intelligence that is great to behold. Catch it Thursday night at Wide Awakes Radio, click the link; then click the microphone logo.

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July 13, 2006

GM's Corner Experiences Technical Disaster

What a night tonight was. Shortly after signing on, my computer froze up and I had to re-boot. Then, sound faded on my mic for some unknown reason (perhaps I developed a liberal gremlin on my hard drive 05.gif perhaps I just had too many windows open). At any rate, Rick Calvert, my guest, did a fantastic job with Kender filling in for me as I tried to clear up problems on this end. I will set up a dedicated computer in a spare room so that this will not probably will not happen again. At any rate, for those of you listening, thanks for tuning in and thanks for supporting GM's Corner. Onward and Upward!

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GM's Corner is On the Air Tonight

Catch it on www.wideawakesradio.com click on the microphone logo and have a listen. My special guest tonight is Rick Calvert, proprietor of The Real Ugly American (http://therealuglyamerican.com/) and Rick has a lot to say. So, join us and if you have a question or three for Rick call us a 1-888-407-1776. That is 1-888 Fourth of July, Seventeen Seventy Six... 1-888-407-1776.

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July 09, 2006

Wide Awakes Radio Keeps Technicians Wide Awake

A Wide Awakes Radio update early this morning from Kender describes a technical hold for this morning's startup. I think it has something to do with discovering a crack in the foam--in his beer.

As It Stands, by Kender on 07-09-06 @ 2:38 am MT.

It is 2:38 A.M here on the West Coast at the HQ of W.A.R. as I write this message, and I am beyond dog-snot-tired.

We were going to go live in a little less than an hour from right now, but we’re not. We have a small problem with the computers here, between our encoder and sound. We will have it worked out.

When you see the “Listen Live” Button in the top left side, you will know we are back up. Keep checking back, as we are returning….

Thanks for listening…..errr…well not really listening yet, but thanks because you’re gonna listen……you are gonna listen, right?

Kender and his technicians are real troopers and their work is appreciated. It will be well worth the effort. After the radio gets on the air, we won't have to worry about any cracks except those where leftists have stuck their heads. (I hope G.M. doesn't read that.)

We'll post an update as soon as we're aware that broadcasting has started.

Be sure to tune in this afternoon to listen and participate with G.M. His post yesterday has the Sunday special premier schedule, with G.M.'s time slot between 4:00 and 5:00 CDT, as of now. Have some comments and tough questions for him, unless you're a leftist in which both likely would be just plain stupid.

Get ready!

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July 08, 2006

Wide Awakes Radio Is Back ON THE AIR!

Wide Awakes Radio premiered July 4, 2006, the 230th birthday of the United States of America. It was entirely too successful and we "melted" the server on the first day because there was a far larger response and a far greater number of listeners than even we anticipated. But we also obtained a new dedicated server which is even now being installed as I type this post.

Yours truly will have his opening shot at the liberals, the confused,
Democrats (wait, those are all the same thing aren't they?) TOMORROW at 4PM Central time... that will be 3PM Mountain Time and 2PM Pacific time as well as at 5PM Eastern.

I'm excited... I'm delighted... My first guest will be Rick who writes a great blog at The Real Ugly American. Rick describes himself as a classical liberal who is still a Democrat trying to streighten out his party (good luck with that Rick). He also considers me his blogfather though truth be told, he was blogging a little bit already and sent me an e-mail asking for some tips. I responded being the kinky kind and wonderful person that I am and we soon talked on the phone and I have a great friend out of this deal.

Rick has taken his blog to great heights and will no doubt eclipse his blogfather's efforts in the years to come (don't try too hard Rick, if you do it will only take months... ) but you know what, every "parent" is thrilled when his progeny does exceptionally well and I'm no different. Go Rick Go!

So, be sure and tune in tomorrow by clicking on the Wide Awakes Radio Logo in my upper right side bar or go to http://www.wideawakesradio.com and look for the microphone logo to click on. Either way, it will take you to hours of the most exciting thing to come along on the internet in years (is this where I'm supposed to thank OwlGore?) and it is an opportunity to call in, to listen carefully and to hear what conservative America has to say.

Other shows tomorrow will be (all times listed as Central) Dave and Glen of Total Kaos At 7AM; Rick Moran of Right Wing Nuthouse at 8AM; the Mad Tech of Ravings Of A Mad Tech at 9AM; Brian Bonner, of Uncooperative Radio at 1PM; Ms. Underestimated of, you guessed it, Ms. Underestimated at 2PM; Basil of Basil's Blog at 3PM; Yours truly GM of GM's Corner at 4PM; Cao & TD, Cao of Cao's Blog and TD (Terry Dillard) of The Right Track at 5PM; Matt Hurley who writes Weapons of Mass Discussion is on at 6PM; Ric Ottaiano of Release the Hounds at 7PM; The the Real Teen of Right On The Right at 7:30PM; Stacy Harp of The Right View at 8PM; Wild Bill of Passionate America at 8:30PM; and Kit and Heidi of Euphoric Reality at 9PM. The "empty" time slots won't be empty long, check in with Wide Awakes Radio to get an update.

This is exciting folks, NOTHING like this has been done on the internet and W.A.R is going to set the world on fire. Kender Macgowan, who also writes Kender's Musings, and who is our fearless leader has been working on this concept for over a year and has recruited some top flight talent (not necesssrily me of course... yes it does, quit being modest...ed/) for on the air and in the background. Join me and all the others tomorrow for the big 2nd debut. Thank you, and good night!

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May 30, 2006

Wide Awakes Radio

July 4th will see not only the birthday of this Great Nation, but a new kid on the block. GM will join other members of the Wide Awakes on internet radio. Our show will be on Thursdays from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM on Thursday evenings, Central Time. Join me and hear the best of conservative Radio. Lefties beware, Have Couch, will deride! To see the "teaser" click below.

Wide Awakes Radio ~ GM's Corner: Listen in!

Continue reading "Wide Awakes Radio"
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May 21, 2006

An Announcement And A Contest

GM's Corner was started in November, 2004 with the urging of my "progressive" friend Marc Cooper. Since beginning on blogspot then moving to my own domain at a dot com address and finally a proud member of the Mu.Nu blog family we have changed our design, but never our focus. ON JULY 4TH (OR MAYBE THE 5TH) GM'S CORNER WILL START A NEW AND EXCITING PROGRAM ~ ~ WIDE AWAKES RADIO ON THE INTERNET. The Wide Awakes are a group of conservative bloggers who espouse a variety of beliefs unified by a conservative outlook to politics. You ought to have us on your blog rolls if you are a fellow blogger, or on your favorites if you are a reader and wish to partake of some of the best of conservative internet.

Your own GM, Moi, myself will be hosting a show on Thursday Nights at SIX PM Central Time. More information as it develops!

And now for the Contest. I'm looking for a tag line. The one I've come up with may or may not be the final one, but here it is:

If you can come up with a better one, and I bet you can, I'll have you as a guest on the show. Here is YOUR chance to develop an international reputation for your own political savy. Game? Of course you are, my readers are the smartest on the internet.

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