August 05, 2007

Left Says U.S. Soldiers Routinely Murder Officers

Many people on the Left have convinced themselves that Pat Tillman was not killed by friendly fire but murdered as part of an American military conspiracy. (See Leftist Conspiracy Theory.) In checking back at a site that furthers this idea, a commenter calling himself "Hans Auff" shares his wisdom based upon his service in Viet Nam.

If you fought in Viet Nam and/or know something about the military, perhaps you can analyze "Hans Auff's" remarks and tell us if he is just putting together urban legends or recounting his personal mis-deeds or is closer to plain nuts.

They did it in Viet Nam, too.

Okay, let's all pull out our old tunics. I served in the Army, late Vietnam. After all the flag waving and talk of fighting the commies over there so we wouldn't have to fight them over here had, as the same assinine invocation has currently, became a joke. Just as it is.

Well unless human beings in uniform and under combat stress has suddenly and radically changed then I would point out that the majority of US Army officers killed in Vietnam were killed by their own freaking troops in their own units. Not by the Vietcong, and not by friendly fire. (What a nice name). Friendly fire in Nam meant a US made handgrenade rolled into your tent at 2am without the pin.

But, all that old war stuff aside. I'm sure some real old timer from Korea has a different story to tell. Fact is, it was routine to take prisoners in Nam up 3,000 feet in a copter for interrogation. Ten at a time. Blindfolded, hands bound. You don't spill your guts out the door Charlie went. The tenth guy usually told you whatever you wanted to know. Yeah, war sucks. Killing gets to be a habit. And shooting first and asking questions later also gets to be a habit. Especially when poorly trained officers attempt to chicken$#!+ their way through command.

But, the facts remain that the military and government apparatus is refusing to release documents which @$$wipe has declared executive priviledge. Now, the twenty questions start here. EXECUTIVE PRIVILEDGE? What are you freaking kidding. The usual classified for National Intelligence might have worked nicely, they ain't even that smart. Which is another point. This is not the brainiac gang you have in charge here. Without a doubt douchbag and his administration would ^#[% up a two car funeral in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Fact remains that this kid Tillman was hit in the head with three rounds so close as to make it impossible to match the "various and numerious", stories that his fellow soldiers and so-called superiors put out, re-edited, changed, re-edited, and lied about. A senior officer was so off his freaking rocker and arrogant that he even justified his incompetancy by declaring the Tillman's unGodly atheists. We will reframe from detailing where the good Ginreal should stick his cross.

Fact remains that the story the fellow soldier tells (which version is this), about how Tillman dies sounds fishy at best. Including the part about Tillman badmouthing him with some knock on God (that fits nicely into the good Ginreals dillusion even).

Unknown fact, but would be good to know. One responder (does that make us first responders), one posted comment said they were M16A1 rounds. Now, I admit I don't know precisly how to identify a spent round as coming from an A1 or an A3, but there is a fact here that A1's have not been used since Nam. Back in my day. When our army was busy waxing it's officers. Perhaps they are so much more professional now. Like saving aircraft fuel by sexually abusing prisoners during interrogation instead of shoving them out the door at 3,000 feet. Okay, they've improved that much. Basically however, given the dollars ridingon the line here, given the lies, deceipt, cover-up, arrogance, dilussional Christian fundementalist fanatic leaders (if no one else, at least the main culprit the army picked to take the rap), given the fact that no one, including the army knows $#!+- about the paid mercs, given the CIA officers now retired who have spoken out on the conflict between the CIA and Rumskulls army in Afganistan making it sound like something just short of actual gunfire at each other, and given s--- for brains and his side kick black heart have $#!+canned the constitution... Then yeah, I'd say there's more than half a chance that Tillman was hit, and not by so called friendly fire.

He doesn't sound like my friends who fought in Viet Nam, but he does sound typical of the bitter anti-American Left. Such honor.

Posted by Woody M. at August 5, 2007 07:10 PM | TrackBack

"Majority" seems like such an enormous amount of evidence to hide that I cannot find it credible.

Posted by Assistant Village Idiot at August 5, 2007 07:20 PM

The Sept. 11, 2006 issue of Sports Illustrated ran an excellent story on Pat Tillman's death. There was no supposition of conspiracy, etc. in it.

The soldiers firing on Tillman had no idea he was in the area. They thought his group was on a different road. Tillman put himself in a precarious position while trying to help his fellow soldiers.

The soldier(s) that shot him thought he was the enemy. I can only imagine, but in battle shooting first and asking questions second is probably the rule. There's a reason they say war is hell. It is.

The Pentagon made a grave error in not fully disclosing the circumstances of Tillman's death. They couldn't face the truth of what happened.

The America-hating left can't face the truth of what did happen. They always want it to be worse for America. They (Wonkette) dream of Supreme Court justices dying on the street and Republican presidents being assassinated before being sworn in and that our soldiers kill each other to show how evil we really are.

Posted by DADvocate at August 5, 2007 08:24 PM

The pinhead du jour, another alleged Vietnam Vet....uh, what unit, specifically? Name of CO? Name of First Sergeant? MOS? Times in-country? Where attended Basic and AIT? I have scores of questions to which he ought be asked to validate his, well, validity.

OK, say he actually served in an infantry unit. Was he personally privy to all his officers being shot by the troops in his unit? Did he personally witness prisoners taken up to 3,000 ft and told to talk our pushed out? If so, did he report it? If not, why not? So, was he involved in murders, and such? Sounds to me like he might be part of a conspiracy, eh? Maybe, Army CID ought investigate him as the is not statue of limitations for murder....last time I looked in the UCMJ.

I am a RVN vet also. I served in an infantry unit and would submit to any and all questions. We never shot any of our officers. We never took prisoners to 3,000 ft and made them talk or get thrown out.

I HAVE heard those stories. I heard the story about The Black Syph. I even had a Marine I hadn't seen in months come up to me amazed that I was alive because he was told by someone else that he'd seen me get killed.

Were there war crimes in RVN? Yes. There are in every war. Were there crimes against fellow military folks...both similar rank and enlisted against officer? Yes. I submit, however, based my personal observation and pretty extensive reading that lots of stories that come out of wars are baloney.

I have heard all sorts of fake stories.

Gee, if you'd like we can re-visit that consumate hero, John Kerry who (largely) self-awarded a Silver Star Medal, a Bronze Star Medal w/V and THREE Purple Heart about four months in-country. Odd, how the crewmen on his boat received significantly less awards for heroism and less wounds. Whattaguy.

For more on this, see STOLEN VALOR by B.G Burkett and Glenna Whitley.

Posted by tad at August 5, 2007 09:18 PM

I'd attempt to correct the spelling and grammatical errors in my comments, but they're too many.

My "winner" is "statue" vice "statute". Gad, I need to slow down...AND, proof-read.

Trivia Department: The Marines at Phu Bai Airport circa early 1967 had an NCO Club (it was less than a shack and could hold maybe 20 people). I was never inside, but saw it from the Highway 1....going North. It was called: The Hue Out Inn.

Posted by Tad at August 6, 2007 09:48 AM

Tad, don't worry about spelling. We can usually tell what you mean, and it's important to not disrupt the creative thought flow. However, I had to read "The Hue Out Inn" twice to get it. Pretty funny.

Posted by Woody at August 6, 2007 10:24 AM

Many people on the Left are totally delusional moonbats...

Posted by TexasFred at August 6, 2007 06:13 PM

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