July 05, 2007

Free Government Hair Care [Updated]

Will we get free government haircuts and styling if John Edwards is elected President? Given the importance that he places on his hair and his desire to identify with the common man, this is something that he can promise everyone, regardless of income. However, you must use the government supplied stylist and may have to wait three months for your appointment.

John Edwards $1,250 haricut
Hair Stylist Behind Pricey 'Dos Details Long Relationship

For four decades, Joseph Torrenueva has cut the hair of Hollywood celebrities, from Marlon Brando to Bob Barker, so when a friend told him in 2003 that a presidential candidate needed grooming advice, he agreed to help.

The Beverly Hills hairstylist, a Democrat, said he hit it off with then-Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina at a meeting in Los Angeles that brought several fashion experts together to advise the candidate on his appearance. Since then, Torrenueva has cut Edwards's hair at least 16 times.

There was one cut for $300 in mid-July in Los Angeles, shortly before the Democratic National Convention, the one for $1,250 in August in Atlanta, another in Washington in early October before a debate with Vice President Cheney, and the last was in Ohio shortly before the election.

What I did was, there was too much hair on top, always falling down, and it made him look too youthful. I took the top down and balanced everything out. He couldn't see it. But then we went into the bathroom. He looked in the mirror and said, 'I love this,' and that was it."

I'm not going to say that Ann Coulter was right to refer to John Edwards like she did, but....well, does Edwards' relationship with his stylist and his preoccupation with his looks seem a little odd?

Oh, I guess it's okay if he flaunts it because, as many men know, "hair today, gone tomorrow."


John Edwards - Magazine fashion cover boy, as reported by NewsBusters, on Men's Vogue, which described their cover boy thusly:

The hair, up close, is peppered with tiny strands of blond. Chestnut brown and so finely trimmed, mellifluous, smooth, and feathery, it could almost be a weave, the Platonic ideal as imagined by the Hair Club for Men. Along with the piercing blue eyes, slashing V-shaped smile, and a shimmering burgundy shirt tucked into stonewashed Levi's resting low on the hips, the hair completes the man: John Edwards, a populist Adonis, a golden god of a Southern Democrat.

Newsbusters had the right comment: Ooooh, sassy!

Adonis? Golden god of a Southern Democrat? Might I add, "Make me throw up."

Update: Blogfriend Fausta has more on Prettyboy Edwards

Posted by Woody M. at July 5, 2007 01:30 PM | TrackBack

This should just make your day...


Posted by e. nonee moose at July 5, 2007 12:41 PM

Well, even if there are consequences, I think she was right.

Posted by Jeremayakovka at July 5, 2007 12:45 PM

Moose, I think that kids of politicians should be off limits. I thought it was disgraceful the way the Democrats kept trying to bring up Dick Cheney's daughter and how anti-war people clamoured that the Bush twins should be in Iraq.

Posted by Woody at July 5, 2007 12:53 PM

Moose, you think that would make our day because you have bought in to the lefts "meme" of what conservatives are like. I think anyone capitolizing on the mistakes of children of politicians is crass and useless in the long run. I agree with the Woodster 100%.

Posted by GM Roper at July 5, 2007 02:04 PM

We feel this way because "it's for the children."

Posted by Woody at July 5, 2007 02:25 PM

Wonder if Ann will be willing to take the high road with you on Gore's kid. Will be interesting to see.

Posted by e. nonee moose at July 5, 2007 02:30 PM

Coulter can toss it back to the Democrats as well as they thow it to the Republicans. I try to do what's right. She can make people regret messing with her.

Posted by Woody at July 5, 2007 04:43 PM

I'm finally managing to visit old friend on the Web. I've missed you guys.

As far as John Edwards, the American people can clearly see what he says versus what he does. The contradiction between the two grows day by day. If enough of us decide to buy his snake oil, unfortunately we're all going to suffer the consequences as a nation.

About the only thing complimentary I can about John Edwards is that Hillary is worse.

Posted by civil truth at July 5, 2007 05:40 PM

Prediction for tonight:

Brad Penny gets his league leading eleventh win, allowing only one run to the slumbering Braves...

Posted by jim hitchcock at July 5, 2007 06:02 PM


Hope it's on TBS...Tuesdays game was GREAT!

Posted by jim hitchcock at July 5, 2007 06:04 PM

Those west coast games kill me. They're not over until 1:00 AM in Atlanta. I'm predicting that I'm asleep before the fifth inning and Braves win! Braves win! Braves win!

On Edwards and the choices offered by the Democrats, will that party ever realize that it rarely puts up candidates with whom normal Americans can identify? Gore, Kerry, HR Clinton, Edwards, O'Bama, etc., etc.

Welcome back, civil truth! We missed your wisdom and sanity.

Update: Braves 8, Dodgers 6

Posted by Woody at July 5, 2007 06:42 PM

Politician's kids: I think everyday folks apply similar standards no matter the party, though all of us tend to root for our own. I get irked when people with a lot of voice apply uneven standards, doubly so when their professional ethics dictates even treatment.

As to the haircuts, we bald guys have ambivalent feelings: at one level our resentment is greater; but we also wonder if jealousy plays a part.

If it were just a stupid guy-hobby, like spending $1200 for a baseball card, some folks would cut him more slack. It is the close association with vanity that sticks in people's craw, I suspect.

Posted by Assistant Village Idiot at July 5, 2007 08:47 PM

Moose, wouldn't you know that the liberal media used the problems of Gore's son to attack the kids of Republicans?

In Wake of Gore Son Arrest, 'Today' Highlights Foibles of GOP Kids, Praises Chelsea

The saga of Al Gore III is just the latest example of politicians being embarrassed by their children, something that seems to be part of the political landscape. President Bush's twin daughters gained notoriety with citations for underage drinking. (More)

Posted by Woody at July 6, 2007 07:45 AM

Am I a bad person for thinking John Edwards is a "girlie man" for being so preoccupied with his hair?

Sheesh! My girlfriend waits for our trips back to NY to get her haircut, but it only costs like $50....John Edwards is making my girl look like a haircut spendthrift.

Posted by QuickRob at July 6, 2007 08:10 AM

Remember how some people want to say that Bill Clinton was the "first black president?" Anyway - If Edwards had a dogs chance to win anything - NOT - he could be the "first woman president!"

Posted by chrys at July 7, 2007 10:58 AM

Remember the second verse of Dire Straights' song "Money for Nothing"?:

"The little faggot with the earring and the make-up
Yeah buddy, that's his own hair.
That little faggot's got his own jet airplane.
That little faggot, he's a millionaire."

Besides being potentially applicable to Boy George, or Dennis Rodman, I'm now seeing a third person it could apply to...

Posted by Robert at July 9, 2007 01:27 PM

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