May 12, 2007

Biting The Hand And Being Careful What You Ask For That Feeds You Cause You Just Might Get It

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long protested its innocence of fostering terrorism through the teachings of its Wahabbist schools. This, despite the vast majority of the 9/11 hijackers and Osama bin Whosis being Saudi's. In fact, it would seem that the Saudi's are truly two faced; wanting peace and saying the same with one, and decrying the west, christians, jews and saying kill them all with the other. Now, the terrorists are biting at the Saudi's and they will indeed be sorry for what they asked, because it looks like they are getting it. From Strategy Page:

Some details of terrorist operations in Saudi Arabia have been getting out, in the wake of the recent round up of 172 terrorist suspects, and the seizure of weapons, explosives and plans. There were seven different terrorist cells involved in those arrests. One of the cells had a safe house in Syria, where meetings with terrorist groups in Iraq were conducted. The Saudis are not happy with the links between terrorists inside Saudi Arabia, and Iraqi Sunni Arabs. The Saudis have told the Iraqi Sunni Arabs that the Sunni Arab nations in the regions will not bail them out, and that they must make peace with the Shia Arab majority. Many Sunni Arabs, throughout the region, do not agree with this. But they are a small minority. Most Sunni Arabs are appalled at the body count the Sunni Arab terrorists have created in Iraq. While most of the dead are Shia Arabs, a growing number are Sunni Arabs, killed either by the suicide bombers, or by Shia Arab death squads looking for revenge. While most Sunni Arabs would like to see Sunni Arabs running Iraq, there was revulsion at Saddam Husseins methods, and even greater distaste for the subsequent mayhem by his followers.
I have no sympathy for the Saudi King, the Saudi Princes and all their dreck, their Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (The Religious Police), none what-so-ever, although I do feel for a majority of the Saudi peoples.

H/T: Instapundit

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