July 13, 2006

Democrats New "Champagne and No Shame Campaign"

We could sub-title this post "Democrats Show Disgusting Hypocrisy - Part 10,482." Do you remember when the Democrats and the left became vitriolic in condemning President Bush's campaign ads which used three seconds of footage from the destroyed World Trade Center in a defining moment of his leadership? They said that it was exploitive and insensitive--in their more polite moments. Well, now the Democrats are using footage of the caskets of American soldiers killed in combat for their ads, but no outrage there, of course! No insensitivity or exploitation either, I guess.

Here are mild examples of the left's earlier feigned "outrage" of Bush's ad: Salon with "Has Bush no shame," over to The Nation with "Exploiting 9/11, Badly," at Working for Change with "Bush exploiting 9/11", and a brief recap of them with comments from Little Green Footballs. The Democrats had similar attacks that can be found from a search but have become inaccessible.

Now, you can view this new Democratic campaign ad showing rows of the soldiers coffins, courtesy of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. No hypocrisy here, huh?

At least President Bush cared about the 9-11 victims and has defended America so that we have not had another such attack at this point, with no help from the left. This is unlike the Democrats who break out the champagne every time another milestone is reached by the deaths of American soldiers, whom they never really supported.

Let's wait for the outrage from Salon, The Nation, the mass media, and wacko leftists sites. I'm afraid that there will be a strong silence from them regarding this and the Democrats.

Bush showed respect for the 9-11 victims. The Democrats do not respect our military, but they can use its and our dead soldiers to try to get votes.

I guess that the Democrat's new ad and movement could be titled "The Champagne and No Shame Campaign." How disgusting for them.

Posted by Woody M. at July 13, 2006 08:30 AM | TrackBack

Good pick up Woody... On the other hand, there is absolutely no shame in the Democratic Party, I'm surprised you look for any.

Posted by GM at July 13, 2006 12:10 PM

And, since this likely will not play well with the voters, we might add "No Gain."

Posted by Woody at July 13, 2006 02:07 PM

Woody, may I ask your age? In general your blogs are the output of a juvenile mind. This one in particular fills the old Shakespearian saying, "methinks he doth protest too much."
Wind down the shrillnes, it will make you deaf.

Posted by James S Melbert at July 19, 2006 03:28 PM

James, so it's come to even you making ad hominem attacks. Does that make you an emotional age lower than those who feel sincere indignation over the Democrats using images of our dead soldiers, whom they disdain, simply for political gain?

My protest was more deserving of respect than the shrill, insincere howls from the left when Bush showed the WTC in his re-election message. How "old" were those folks who protested Bush for that reason? Did you ask then? Apparently, the outrage was everywhere, as the Democrats backed down and pulled the ad. http://www.blogsforbush.com/mt/archives/007488.html

I'm 25 going on 50. How old are you? Old enough to remember when Democrats could be trusted? Nah. No one is that old.

Posted by Woody at July 19, 2006 04:24 PM

OK Woody, I forgot for a moment that young folk know best.
I am old enough to remember other Republican administration, and the results that came from them. I mean Calvin Coolidge(altho I was pretty young then), and Herbert Hoover.
I did vote for Dwight D for President, and he was arguably the best president we have had in the years since old Calvin, but I allow as how the "sainted Ronnie: was pretty good.
The reason I rate them good, is that they didn't do much as president, but to enjoy the perks of office. Bill Clinton was also of that persuasion.
Presidents that do nothing, tend to let the American economic engine chug away and bring the fruits of prosperity to all. That's all, like in low income folk also.
Fortunately, I am 84 years old. I can look forward to missing the catastrophic events that are just down the road. Courtesy of extreme conservative actions.

Posted by James S Melbert at July 23, 2006 03:04 PM

James, you're putting Ike ahead of FDR? Well, I can see that if your criteria is not stirring the pot. I agree that the President (and government) that governs least, governs best.

I had no idea of your age. Congratulations for making that far. Hopefully, you will live much longer to see that conservative actions delayed the Democrats making our country completely socialist. My age is enough that I remember Eisenhower as President.

BTW, Pres. Bush is not a Republican conservative. Bill Buckley has a recent article on this, and most Republicans would agree with that conclusion. It's just that he was a better choice than his opponents.

Posted by Woody at July 24, 2006 08:25 AM

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