October 03, 2007

Phony Soldiers? Nah, Phony Patriots

Welcome Instapundit Readers, Thanks Glenn!

Having stubbed their toe on the MoveOn.org's Betray Us adv., and having made fools of themselves with remarks like "willing suspension of disbelief," having uttered decades ago comments saying Americans had "cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan." Having made themselves look like fools by stating that General Petraeus cleared his report with the white house first (in spite of him saying otherwise). Having said our Marines were cold blooded murderers in Haditha, having said they were terrorists terrorizing Iraqi women and children in the dead of night, having blown up the actions of half a dozen jerks at Abu Ghraib into a routine "torturing of prisoners" theater wide. And who can forget Dandy Dick Durban comparing our soldiers to Nazi's? Having shown high dudgeon at the flushing of a Koran down the toilet (what fools these democrats be, to paraphrase Willy Shakespeare) you can't even flush a comic down the toilet) these fools now are trying to weasel out by pointing the finger elsewhere.

The Democrats loudly decried any calling of them "unpatriotic" when no one was saying any such thing (as Willy Shakespeare should have said in a play "Methinks they doth protest too much."). The Democrats have unfailingly claimed that they support the troops, just not what the troops do.

Now, to get the spotlight off of themselves, to make "Much Ado About Nothing" (sorry Willy, you just have too many usable quotes and paraphrases and I'm having too much fun with this to easily let go) they are pointing their fingers at Rush Limbaugh for having used the words "Phony Soldiers" in a conversation with a caller when he was obviously, in the context of the discussion, referring to folks like Jesse Macbeth whom the left IDOLIZED until it was proven he was indeed a phony soldier; referring to folks like Scott Thomas, who happened to be a real soldier, but who reported phony actions which were then published in a national magazine (though of small import) which still hasn't acknowledged that Scott Thomas BEAUCHAMP had a PHONY story to tell.

John Kerry and his "Winter Soldiers" schtick was full of phony soldiers all telling the same sordid though utterly false tales of murder and mayhem. Indeed, there were a few real bad guys (Mi Lai anyone?) but these, as in Abu Ghraib were not only a small minority, but when found out were prosecuted.

So now, having spoken his perception of the truth, the left responds with lies. Wesley Clarke wants him taken off Armed Forces Radio. Well, GENERAL (insert sarcasm) if you want to take a poll and see if the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan agree with you... what do you want to bet that the tally will be 94-6 AGAINST you? If not more-so. Limbaugh is on AFR because the TROOPS ASKED FOR HIM TO BE THERE and he has shown in his own inimatable fashion that he has supported the troops far more than a fired Commander of NATO Forces. I thank you for your service General, but I'll thank you more to keep your leftish ideas to yourself.

41 Senators had the balls to write to the owner of Clear Channel Communications and he had the balls to tell them to go jump in the lake. Good For Him!!!

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Posted by GM Roper at October 3, 2007 11:29 PM

innimabable or inimitable?

Posted by John Ray at October 4, 2007 03:06 AM


(Oh, hello, Professor, BTW).

I beg to disagree with the disclaimer that no one ever called Democrats unpatriotic. *I* have, do, and will continue to do so. I submit that they have been engaged in sedition and unrelenting attacks on the Constituion since sometime in the early 19th Century. Any modern-day politician, who labels himself a Democrat and participates in the party is, on his ascent to office, immediately foresworn, for their very party platforms consist almost entirely of calls for extra-legal attacks on the foundations of this nation.

Yes, they are unpatriotic. They are double-damned and filthy traitors. And I don't care who knows it.

The details of present and recently-past contretemps are almost irrelevant, although most of them still run true to form, even so.


Posted by Mark Alger at October 4, 2007 07:35 AM

I don't think that I, a former officer, would thank Clark for his service. I still maintain he _personally_ tampered with Bomb Damage Assessments and finagled targeting data to deliberately target civilians. If the Serbs hadn't had such a strong desire to rid themselves of Milosovich a lot more would have died. The results of the Serbian bombing campaign, distorted by Clark, contributed to the belief that Shock & Awe could, by itself, bring down Saddam.

Which help create another set of assumptions that we painfully have learned from in our quest to defeat the islamo-fascists.

Posted by Quilly Mammoth at October 4, 2007 08:21 AM

Actually, GMan, I don't think I would have said that "41 senators had the balls..." perhaps, "41 senators had the GALL"? "Chutzpah"?


Great post, and yay for the Instalink!

Luv and huz,
-- Kat

Posted by Kat at October 4, 2007 10:15 AM

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