August 20, 2007

Connecting The Dots

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the incomparable Larwyn. Larwyn is an amazing lady that scours the internet and sends a select few of us updates on who is writing what, what about and what she thinks about it. She is a resource that all too often refuses to take credit for anything she does. Well, I for one (and all of her many, many fans I'm sure) really appreciate this Lady and all that she does. But, I digress, she sent me the following email with the links imbedded. She has connected the dots for all of us to see the evil that is islamofascism and the utter insanity of so very many; and now that the dots are connected, I wonder if any on the left will have the fortitude to see and call a spade a spade.

From Larwyn:

Dr Sanity would like to call what Islam preaches daily to their masses, the hatred and fear of the West A SERIOUS CASE OF WESTOPHOBIA I would be happy if we would finally call it something to counter "Islamophobia", if Infidelophobia or Kaffirophobia won't do, Westophobia is fine with me, with this one disclaimer.

Westophobia can't really be used to only label Islamists, it encompasses every sect and ideology who hates Western civilization. The LEFTISTS suffer from Westophobia and Condi's getting a case of it, trying to talk the vibrant capitalistic democracy of Israel into an appeasement of the thugs of Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and therefore, also Iran.

What other than Westophobia can explain the gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair by the left over THE JOSE PADILLA CONVICTION?
"For Le Monde Al Jazeera on the Seine , Jose Padilla's guilty verdict symbolizes the excesses of America's war on terror."
Had certain parties in our State Dept and Media not suffered from Westophobia, the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq would have been handled quite differently with some real "excessess" of America's power. Too worried about the Arab Street , who hate us anyway, Powell & Armitage allowed Turkey to deny us our assault route down from the North. Turkey, who the ADL does not wish to offend by calling the genocide of the Armenians, genocide TARSY FIRED? FIRE FOXMAN! NO MORE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE DENIAL . Of course, 80% of ADL members probably vote for Dems, which proves their self hate. Has to be self-hate when a people make decisions to fight a war with Rules of Engagement that give all the benefits to the enemy. ROE's which kill their own.

So the big question now, will Westophobia, this self hate, influence G. W. Bush to become LBJ in planning the bombing of Iran? That's what SANE is asking, that's what Pierre is asking. The Same-Old Same-Old or Iraq-Iran and the Vietnam Redux That's what this cadre of "where do we find such men" are probably wondering, as they deal with the many, who should long ago have felt our full wrath. Those responsible for Defeating the enemy at Donkey Island near Ramadi .

And what is an even greater proof of the rampant Westophobia than The Bestialization of Intelligence /nihilism in action... Lost Posterity. As we build monuments to our enemies More Flight 93 Memorial Lunacy, some get it Burnett Sr: "Withhold my son's name from 9/11 Islamic Memorial" and "She Called", and some wish to hurry our destruction by any means Global Warming Litigation Planned By Blue States even tho the climate alarmists were wrong before: Newsweek '75: Scientific Consensus on Global Cooling. They would burden us with taxes for Socialized Medicine the Hillary Way and even Soviet Sanitarium Redux

Be thankful that we still are blessed with those who strive and work to improve the whole world, while parasites wait for this new gift The carbon nanotube extravaganza.

Oh, we will share it with the world, it is our way.

They will laugh as they manipulate that tiny paper battery charged with the blood of a hostage to power up the trigger in the planted bomb.

She'll Call again and again until we cure ourselves or our Westophobia and call her out, unequivocally, asking no quarter and giving none.

No wonder we're confused and some think Hurricane DEAN is God's Wrath against Bush and lastly, a needed

An Icon for Our Age
"Great fleas have little fleas
Upon their backs to bite 'em.
And little fleas have lesser fleas,
And so ad infinitum"
-- DeMorgan, (1915)

And Larwyn, thanks!

Posted by GM Roper at August 20, 2007 05:21 AM | TrackBack

A lot of very interesting reading there. Spent most of my morning reading from Gaghdad Bob's thought provoking piece to "carbon nano-tubes".

Lots to think about.

Posted by Oyster at August 21, 2007 09:29 AM

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