August 06, 2007

Gone Fishing

Hey everyone, I'm turning the blog over to Woodster while my beloved and I take a tour of beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas and the Hill country on a little mini-vacation. God speed to you all and I'll be back posting soon.


Old Town


The Museum in Fredericksburg


Texas Horned Mice - We Grow Them Big

And while you are at it, go on over to see the Carnival of the Insanities... Dr. Sanity has outdone herself.

Posted by GM Roper at August 6, 2007 09:48 PM | TrackBack


There will be an exam when you return. BTW, do tell us the name of the main street in Fredericksburg.

Hint to all: Had GM had more DM, he might have gone to King of Prussia, PA.

Posted by tad at August 7, 2007 07:45 AM

I've been to Fredericksburg once, some 20 years ago. It's a little Germantown kind of place, right? Tasted my first German potato salad there and loved it. Had supper with a local family and the grandfather (who was blind) ate nothing but raw vegetables and sausage. And the water was hard... the family we stayed with had this big water softener contraption from Sears. We only got to stay for one night, we were on our way to Arizona to visit relatives.

Posted by e. nonee moose at August 7, 2007 07:58 AM

those are some pretty good sized mice, but have you seen the ratz here in arkansas?!?

Posted by nanc at August 8, 2007 09:16 AM

If those are your local mice, I worry about what will happen if you catch some minnows with your fishing gear. You'll probably be a lot safer to stick your toes in the water and swap fish stories...

Posted by civil truth at August 9, 2007 01:39 AM

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