July 30, 2007

Radical Islam Working with the Left

After the fall of the Soviet Union, leaders of American communist groups found a new base in environmentalism from which to attack capitalism. Well, now the "environmental cause" has found new supporters in militant Islam. Who knew that the two groups would have something in common?

A post by Jennifer Marohasy, brings the connection to our attention. Besides being a nice person and extremely qualified on enviromental issues, she has shown a special interest in the plight of Richard Ness, who was charged and jailed in the environmental/legal struggle associated with these radical groups, and he is still fighting on appeal after winning the initial trial.

Militant Islamic Group Joins Environmental Campaign

Abu Bakar Bashir, the well known spiritual leader of militant Islamic group, Jemaah Islamiya, has now joined forces with Indonesia's largest environmental organisation, WALHI, to protest against US-based mining corporation Newmont.

...It is perhaps not surprising that militant environmental and Islamic organisations are joining forces, they both believe that issues of poverty and corruption are a consequence of capitalism and the exploitation of people and natural resources by large multinational corporations....

Here is even more about the "environmental" group and backer of Democrats, Friends of the Earth, joining forces with the militant Islamic group, Jemaah Islamiya. The two are also fighting to disband the intelligence force that has been successful in arresting key people in the Bali bombing and with links to Al-Qaeda. This information is provided by the son of the accused man in this post: Strange Bedfellows

Even more shockingly (note sarcasm), the arrest and law suit against Richard Ness resulted because of an article by The New York Times, which boasted that they forced the government to take action against this man and the company. Now, they are being sued by him over their false and exaggerated story. Who would have guessed that the NY Times would publish something that is false?

Communists, enviromentalists, Islamic terrorists, The New York Times, and Democrats all in one happy cluster, working together to help each other's causes. We may be even leaving some others out. What does this tell you? Does it even surprise you?

Posted by Woody M. at July 30, 2007 07:00 PM | TrackBack

Richard Ness is not my father. I am not related in any way to the Ness family. Could you please correct the above post.

- - -

From Woody:

Sorry, Jen. I'm not sure why I had that impression from the past. The entry is corrected.

Posted by Jennifer Marohasy at July 30, 2007 07:28 PM

Communists, enviromentalists, Islamic terrorists, The New York Times, and Democrats all in one happy cluster

Conspiracy theories like this are why I can't take you guys seriously.

Posted by e. nonee moose at July 31, 2007 07:56 AM

Moose, give me some credit for being able to link all the names together into one sentence.

Posted by Woody at July 31, 2007 08:29 AM

There are certainly enormous differences and even mutually exclusive goals among those groups, moose. I grant that Woody have oversold it with the idea of helping out each other's causes, plural. But the single cause of blaming freedom, especially market freedom, for the world's ills does unite them, as is evidenced above.

You find it amazing that a conservative could tie them all together like that. I find it amazing that there is actual evidence to do so. You would think that the patriotic Americans among the enviro/NYT/Dem triad would be at pains to maintain enormous distance from the others.

It's certainly as good a tie as the "America helped the Taliban 30 years ago; we sold Saddam weapons 25 years ago" mantra.

Posted by Assistant Village Idiot at August 1, 2007 09:03 PM

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