June 04, 2007

You Won't Find This on Other Blogs

Sometimes I want to post something unique...something that isn't being covered by everyone else. After giving it some thought, I think that I've come up with such a subject. Get ready for fun!

Do you remember all the neat demonstrations in your science and physics classes? I especially enjoyed the film clips, because it gave me time to sleep. The black and white films of Dr. Baxter was one of my favorites. In case you slept through them, too, and really feel guilty that you graduated without really understanding the subject, then here is your exciting second chance!

1. Fundamental physics as seen via quantum mechanics:
Little Things That Jiggle: Richard Feynman and Atomic Physics

2. Physics taught through clamation:
Newton's Laws of Motion

3. Einstein's Space/Time:
Two Postulates -- Special Relativity (1 of 5)

And, in case you want a classic reminder of earlier physics clips, here's a great one.

4. Famous experiment involving laminar flow:
Fluid Mechanics: Low Reynolds Numbers Flows (Requires RealPlayer)

Did you watch them all? Good! I told you that this would be unique. Now, let's see if G.M. wonders why in the world this is posted on this site. It should make for an interesting discussion in his science interest--psychology. That'll keep him busy for a few hours.

Tomorrow, if you like, we might study astronomy.

Keep looking up! Now, back to your regular blogging.

Posted by Woody M. at June 4, 2007 08:30 PM | TrackBack

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