March 11, 2007

Truth Surfaces from Chappaquiddick

I feel so badly. I was once mislead to believe that Ted Kennedy killed a young woman in 1969 by driving his car with her off of a bridge and let her drown, while he saved himself and took time to create a cover-up story. Well, now, someone who fits the profile of the Reality Based Community, has shared the real story of Chappaquiddick--as told by an eye-witness! There's a lesson here.

My Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick Story
(abridged with emphasis added)

...I guess it's time to tell the version I heard, supposedly from a horse's mouth, of what really happened there almost 37 years ago.


First a recap. Ted Kennedy's car went off a bridge and into a pond after a party for Bobby Kennedy's campaign staff on Chappaquiddick Island near Martha's Vineyard. A passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne (Ko-peck-nee) was subsequently found drowned in the car.

Kennedy claimed he dove repeatedly into the dark water but couldn't find her. Then, disoriented and hurt, he gave up. On it's face, a routine if terrible tragedy. But Kennedy and his handlers inexplicably waited 9 hours before reporting the accident.

...I met a woman who was, to say the least, in the thick of things at Chappaquiddick. She told me her story -- one that makes the most sense of the 9-hour lag in reporting the accident, the most critical and damning factor in the whole mess.

It comes down to this. The party was filled with young girls star struck by the older power brokers with whom they were atypically socializing. Mary Jo in particular had a crush on Ted Kennedy. Everybody was drinking heavily.

At some point in the evening, feeling more than a little under the weather, Mary Jo wandered outside, saw Kennedy's car and crawled into the back seat to sleep it off.

At some later point, Kennedy and the woman who told me this story got in his car and headed for a more private party a deux. They were both, shall we say, plastered.

After the car went off the bridge, Kennedy's primary goal was to get his female companion the hell out of the picture. His wife was at home, after all, and pregnant to boot.

Here's the punch line: they didn't know Mary Jo was in the car.

Which provides the most locigal (sic) explanation for Kennedy's seemingly evil callousness in not trying to save her. And the troubling time lag as aides scrambled for damage control, not realizing that something far worse than casual infidelity would hit the fan.

...There are dozens of theories, reams of material, reports, hypotheses and even websites on what really happened at Chappaquiddick.

I didn't make this one up. I wasn't there. So I don't claim this is the Emmes. I'm just reporting the story I was told.

posted by Sally Swift on 01/19/2006 at 2:49 PM

Poor Teddy. Don't laugh. This is serious.

I guess this is a lesson to not jump to rash conclusions about crimes of Democrats and that we should not question the reality based community. Or, maybe the lesson is that the Left can lie to itself and actually believe it--like when they say that they deal in reality.

Posted by Woody M. at March 11, 2007 11:40 AM | TrackBack

Seems plausible, but unlikely.

Posted by Assistant Village Idiot at March 11, 2007 02:50 PM

Oh, it's probably real. I wonder why Kennedy didn't think to mention it. It's a lot better than his cover story.

Posted by Woody at March 11, 2007 03:17 PM

Mary Jo wandered outside, saw Kennedy's car and crawled into the back seat to sleep it off.

I find the story not credible but reasonable sounding which is what stories like this usually sound like. Of all the places she could sleep it off, why someone's car? And who's the woman who supposedly told the story? Since they didn't perform an autopsy on Mary Jo, we'll never know her blood alcohol level.

I think people just speculate about different scenarios and the ones that sound good get thrown out there as the truth.

Sally ain't too swift.

Posted by DADvocate at March 11, 2007 04:45 PM

There was a second driver who came from the grassy knoll.

Posted by Woody at March 11, 2007 05:37 PM

Well, now, someone who fits the profile of the Reality Based Community

This is about like saying David Duke fits the profile of a moderate Republican.

Posted by e. nonee moose at March 11, 2007 07:50 PM

I don't know, Moose. If you click on Ms. Swift's name, it will take you to her bio, which is somewhat impressive and credible. If I were from the left, I wouldn't be ashamed to have her represent me. Her writings are definitely left-wing, though. Since she didn't specifically identify herself as part of the reality based community, I decided that she fit it so I helped her wiith that identification.

On the other hand, David Duke is an entirely different matter and certainly not a moderate, plus the Republican Party has disassociated itself from Duke. Duke is more out of the mold of George Wallace and Bull Conner--both Democrats.

Posted by Woody at March 11, 2007 08:00 PM

I've not studied Chappaquiddick in detail, so I don't know if this story contradicts the demonstrated facts or not.

If Sally's friend narrator is telling the truth, it does make sense that she would not have come forward then as the Kennedys would have crushed her in a "he said - she said" shootout (since she didn't have the equivalent of Monica's dress as incontrovertible evidence). Whether she got rewarded for keeping silent we don't know.

However, since she didn't come forward at the time, she is now an inherently unreliable narrator, which means there will never be any way to verify her story.

However, one puzzling question she would have to explain is that if they didn't know Mary Jo was in the car at the time of the accident, how would she know how Mary Jo ended up being in the car in the first place.

And in any case, cover-up was still the highest priority in Teddy's mind.

Posted by civil truth at March 12, 2007 12:27 AM

I can't believe any of you think that this story could possibly be real.

Posted by Woody at March 13, 2007 07:17 AM

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