July 19, 2006

Can This Be Confirmed?

From YNET News comes this tidbit:

The IDF has found that Hizbullah is preventing civilians from leaving villages in southern Lebanon. Roadblocks have been set up outside some of the villages to prevent residents from leaving, while in other villages Hizbullah is preventing UN representatives from entering, who are trying to help residents leave. In two villages, exchanges of fire between residents and Hizbullah have broken out. (Hanan Greenberg)

Does anyone know if this can be confirmed? If so, Hizb'Allah is even worse than even I thought, and that is saying something. What would the arabic be for the name "Party of the Devil?"

A tip 'O The GM Derby to ¡No Pasárn!

Posted by GM Roper at July 19, 2006 06:38 AM | TrackBack

G.M., the Hizbullah launches missile attacks from residential area forcing Israel to bomb those sites as a counter-measure. Then, Israel gets criticized for killing civilians. Israel cannot give special consideration to the civilians in Lebannon, whose skirts the Hizbullah hides behind, while ignoring the attacks on its own civilians.

I'm confident that there will be proof about the Hizbullah preventing citizens from leaving. Such actions are entirely consistent with their disregard for innocent life. They think that killing the people of Israel is good and that the propaganda value of accusing Israel of killing the people of Lebanon is good--even if the Hizbullah is responsible for it.


Posted by Woody at July 19, 2006 06:56 AM

My first reponses is: well, Duh.

How many "terrorists" have been killed so far? All the "news reports" I read indicate only civilians have been killed. Have you seen any dead body with terrorist uniforms on? Then I guess they're civilians.

Posted by Ogre at July 19, 2006 07:10 AM

GM, Charles Krauthammer has an excellent column today (Townhall.com).

This is a great opportunity for everyone to rid the world of Hezballah (note all the different spellings of Arab names/words).

Israel, acting in its' own defense, can do a great service for Lebanon, Europe, the USA, the World. These truly evil and awful people must be crushed.

Their demise will the result of believing their own awful rantings.

Posted by tad at July 19, 2006 08:53 AM

check out this link....from pajamasmedia.com.....
This seventeen year old is blogging from a bunker in


Posted by Bonnie Spolin at July 19, 2006 10:09 AM


That would be "Hizbulshaitan" (pro. hizb- uhl-shy-tan)
Which pretty much sums them up.

Or maybe we could just say:
"Yunafiquun alkhanazeer wa-l keelab"

but that wouldn't be very nice, would it?

Posted by Katje at July 19, 2006 09:30 PM

Oooh soo embarrassing (tells you how very rusty I am - and that I really need to get back to work!)

I think that should be: "Yuniquun alkhanazeer wa-lkeelab"

but I'm open to corrections...

Posted by Katje at July 19, 2006 09:32 PM

Before getting even, get smart:

Robert Kaplan reviews Insurgents, Terrorists, and Militias here:

"Forget Karl von Clausewitz's dictum that war is a last resort and circumscribed by the methodical actions and requirements of a state and its army. Forget Hugo Grotius's notion that war should be circumscribed by a law of nations. As the authors remind us, paraphrasing the anthropologist Harry Turney-High: "Tribal and clan chieftains did not employ war as a cold-blooded and calculated policy instrument. . . . Rather, it was fought for a host of social-psychological purposes and desires, which included . . . honor, glory, revenge, vengeance, and vendetta." With such motives, torture and beheadings become part of the normal ritual of war...."

Posted by Jeremayakovka at July 20, 2006 12:33 AM

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