June 17, 2006

What's Wrong With the Headline?

Check the complete headline from an editorial in today's LA Times, which discusses the fraudulent uses of FEMA debit cards for Katrina victims. See anything in the headline that might bother normal people?

A hurricane of fraud?

FEMA did mismanage Katrina relief, but it's wrong to blame victims for spending irresponsibly.

If you cannot spot anything strange, here's another hint, which is the last sentence in the editorial: But obsessing about the spending habits of refugees comes perilously close to blaming the victim.

I guess we owe apologies to the people who misused these emergency funds for titillating videos, expensive champagne, lavish vacations, and diamonds. We certainly don't want to blame these "victims." It's our fault for not stopping them. Yeah, that's it. If I get caught for speeding I'll tell the judge that it wasn't my fault because no one stopped me in time. Think it will work?!

It must be nice to be a liberal and always trying to blame someone else for your misdeeds and problems that you bring on yourself.

Via NewsBusters

Posted by Woody M. at June 17, 2006 05:00 PM | TrackBack

The Devil made them do it. No, wait, it was all the Twinkies they ate. Uh, could have been using more dope than usual...on the other hand, like, Man, like everyone else is doing it.

Right. It wasn't that they for a moment thought about morals, where the money was actually coming from, or just flat doing the right thing, nope.

See, folks, people like this are either dumber than a stump (i.e. they do not understand that the Social Contract is what binds us together like a team and makes us safe and successful) or they are apologists for those that are dumber than stumps...but, wait (again), the latter are just like the former: Dumber than Stumps.

Am I really, really tired of paying for people that make really bad choices again and again and again? How about those that have the morals of an organ gringer's monkey? Worse, still those that are amoral. These are ones that would make a rattlesnake seem overflowing with compassion.

I am getting madder and madder as the clock ticks. You bet.

Posted by tad at June 17, 2006 05:50 PM

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