September 18, 2007

Chesty, Come Down and Slap Down This Miscreant!

From this:

To This:

To This:

Accusation on Brit TV ---> Murtha Hypes the incident calling it "Cold Blooded Murder" --->Marines acquitted or charges dropped and Murtha hasn't got the guts to apologize. May the Shade of Chesty Puller haunt Murtha for the rest of his misbegotten life.

I can see it now:

"Murtha, you little piss-ant, front and center NOW!"

"Who the hell is calling me like that? I'll have you know I'm a United States Congressman!"

"I don't care what you THINK you are NOW you slimy bilge rat, you were once a Marine and when General Chesty Puller, That's me piss-ant, calls you come running, do you hear me?"

"You can't be Chesty Puller, he's dead."

"I may be dead, but I'm still a hell-uv-a-Marine you slimy glob of snot, now get your ass over here and by all that is holy I mean now. DO YOU HEAR ME MARINE?

"Oh My Gosh (wets pants) YES SIR"

"Now listen to me you worthless excuse for one of MY Marines, you owe an apology to those Marines from Haditha and if you were a REAL MARINE I wouldn't have to tell you that."

"But Sir, I am a Real Marine, I've even got these Medals to Prove it."

Listen you pimple on a syphletic hooker's arse, I know Marines that earned more medals for REAL in one action than you earned in a lifetime of service, do you get me Marine?"

"But Sir!"

"Don't 'but Sir' me son, I know it and you know it and you know there are even questions about how you got those medals. So listen and listen good, you had a chance to apologize to those Marines who are doing their duty in Iraq and you blew it. You need to think real hard about what you need to do. And listen to this too son, I had an interview with this old soldier GM Roper of GM's Corner...that's a blog son, you do know what a blog is don't you? Never mind answering, just listen. In that interview I said some things about you having served, and that I honored you for that, but you know what, he asked if I would have you back in My Marine Corps and do you know what I said?"

"Ulp, no Sir, what did you say Sir?"

"I said 'We wouldn't have that fat assed sorry blivet in the United States Military if it was the last battle, last war and he was the last person available,' that's what I said. Do you have a problem with that Marine?"

Uhhhh, (hanging head in shame) No Sir!"

"Good, then maybe there is some hope for you yet. But I doubt it. You are one hell of a sorry excuse for a Marine son, and If I were still alive, I'd kick your ass for the way you have treated my Marine Corps. Now, get out of my sight you misbegotten cheese eating surrender monkey and be very careful, cause I just might come back and haunt your miserable ass for the rest of your natural life."

A tip O' The GM Derby to Kat for "SQUIRM, John Murtha, you anti-military, libelous B*ST*RD!"

Posted by GM Roper at September 18, 2007 09:10 PM

BWAHAHA OK GMann you just outdid yourself with this. It's great, and I haven't stopped cracking in over 10 minutes.

Ulp...yes SIR, you DID outdo yourself here.

I love it!!

Posted by Raven at September 18, 2007 08:37 PM

I'm glad to hear at least one of the Marines is suing the bastard.

Posted by Ogre at September 19, 2007 04:54 AM

That was too funny. I can see Murtha with wet pants trying to find an elevator...

Posted by Big Dog at September 19, 2007 05:49 AM

GM this is outstanding.

Defend the Defenders is helping with the suits.
Murtha is a bytch, not a Marine.....

Good Night Chesty whereever you are....

Posted by Michael at September 19, 2007 06:01 AM


Outstanding sir! Well done, indeed! I remember the prayer we had to say every night before we turned in at PI: "God bless mommy, God bless daddy, and God bless Chesty Puller, where ever he is."

Semper Fi!

Posted by Mattski at September 19, 2007 09:07 AM

I love this so much, this has to be the best post at any blog in the entire world at any time.

Thank you


hugs for you GM

Posted by Wild Thing at September 19, 2007 03:09 PM

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