August 21, 2007

Could 2008 Be 1968 for the Democrats?

Have the Democrats failed to learn from history (they always do) to the degree that they will allow their 2008 Democratic convention and the presidential election to disintegrate into 1968 all over again? Will Denver be like Chicago with the radicals and anti-war protestors dominating and tearing the convention apart? It could be, if the following is a sample of what's to come.


Daily Kos: Pelosi's Stand Blocking Impeachment
in the House is Killing the Democratic Party

It's not just the Constitution that's suffering because of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's nutty and unprincipled "impeachment-off-the-table" position blocking any effort to impeach President Bush or Vice President Cheney for their many crimes and abuses of power.

...WE are the ones that put that Democrats back in power in Congress. We've been there for you, but you have let us down by not holding the current administration responsible for their crimes.

...Whether it is by turning to third party candidates, or just sitting out the next election, these angry and frustrated Democrats are showing that they've been betrayed one too many times by the Democratic Party. ....

Democratic Underground: Clinton to VFW:
"Surge" working in some areas (Comments)

NEW WAR ??? What is she ...Bushes sister? OMG I am not voting for her! - It's obvious that she plans to continue the illegal Iraq war. Well she voted for the war so I guess it makes sense that she thinks she could do a better job of mass murder. Maybe she can get her daughter to enlist and go help kill a few babies and mothers along with all our other baby killers.

Hillary is a hawk and this only confirms it - She has supported Bush in the Iraq War all the way and what will haunt her is clips of her advocating the war.

Baby killers? Well, the Democrats made deals for the support of those crazies who still say such things. If the wackos believe that they are the power behind the party, and it sure seems that way given the way that the Democratic candidates kowtow to them, then the Kossacks and Dem Unders will be out in force at the Democratic convention demanding that the candidates do what the protestors demand--or else. I like the "or else" option for them the best. Maybe Karl Rove isn't really stupid, as they say.

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