June 12, 2007

These Changing Times

The Youtube video below is by one Albert Gore. Remember him, once Vice President of these here United States? Ole Albert was giving a speech in 1992 running for election (he won too!) and he was running against Pappy Bush, you remember him doncha? He was George's Pap., President number 41 and he had beat Saddam sumpin bad back in the gulf war O' 91.

Well, I'm digressen' agin, Ole Albert, his speechifying is just sumpin to beholt of why he actually sounds pret near edukated, least wise, fer as I kin tell. Any who, ole Albert he taking Pappy Bush to the woodshed for not going all the way and taking out Saddam, ne'er mind that he weren't allowed ta cause of that there wha-cha-ma-call-it Yewnited Natshuns.. or sumpin like that.

Any ways, now ole Albert is all agin the war that he wanted and spent 8 years sayin we needed it. Damned if I kin figger out these here college edukated folk.

Ya'll be good now, ya hear?

H/T toBig Dog

Posted by GM Roper at June 12, 2007 02:11 PM | TrackBack

I made it through the first 25 seconds and couldn't take any more. But, I didn't have to go any further to understand something that I already knew. Al Gore is a liar and a hypocrite and says what is politically expedient. Now, please don't post a video of Hillary Clinton doing something similar. I just couldn't make it that far listening to her.

Posted by Woody at June 13, 2007 05:41 AM

AHA! Gotcha!! Now I know how and why you Conservatives are so adept in all your arguments.
I have just read Schopenhauer, Especially his treatise on the art of controversy. Your use of his third proposition is really good.
Woody, you are a master in that application.

Posted by James S Melbert at June 14, 2007 09:28 AM

Never heard of him or it. The talent must come naturally.

This is going to take some research, but is this the reference that you mean?

3. “Ignore your opponent’s proposition, which was intended to refer to some particular thing. Rather, understand it in some quite different sense, and then refute it. Attack something different than what was asserted.”

More here.

I'm innocent. I merely help people to expand their thinking and to consider conclusions and consequences that are not obvious. It's simply logic combined with analysis.

Why were you studying this, James? Were you looking to apply some of those tricks against us? There are thirty-seven more of them that you can use. Now, you're going to force me to do some work.

Posted by Woody at June 14, 2007 11:43 AM

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