May 14, 2007

From Turkey with Love(?)

Christine writing at Vigilant Freedom had an interesting email:

We have suggested to several bloggers that any threats should be made public as soon as possible, in order to expose the danger.Therefore, here is the email I received in entirety (asterisks added for family viewers…)

i m going to f*** your mumy how u dare to attack on islam and muslims.. write your adderess..ungratefull bitches you… there are hundred thousand Nihad Awad.. you r swearin us ..provaketing us…and you want to go to hell..ok we will do it worry..
The sender’s email address is given as “metin kondel []”. The email address shows up here, with Metin Kondel as a commenter: And also here, again a comment with the email address:

Interesting indeed. Do you suspect that this is a jihadist, a follower of Muhammad, or a delusional, sick jerk with more than a touch of misogyny? Perhaps all three!

H/T to Always On Watch

Posted by GM Roper at May 14, 2007 06:53 AM | TrackBack

"i m going to f*** your mumy"

It's simple: the guy has a mummy fetish. The Egyptian Antiquities department should be warned. And soon!

Posted by Oyster at May 14, 2007 08:30 AM

Just another ragheaded muzzie moonbat, much like all the other ragheaded muzzie moonbats, but we won't do a damn thing to stop them, that wouldn't be politically correct and you know, it might make our enemies hate us if we started killing them off wholesale...

God forbid we should incur Muslim hatred...

Posted by TexasFred at May 14, 2007 12:25 PM

Dear GM: I am jealous! I have been writing screeds against the enemies of America, civilization and mankind for 4 years, and I have yet to get a threatening e-mail. What do I have to do?

True, I get e-mail from guys and dolls who hate me---really, really hate me---but these tend to be either hyper-intellectualized and arrogant put-downs or poorly written and childish name-calling. Alas, I reckon I have yet to become threatening enough!

But I will continue the struggle!

Posted by Mike Austin at May 15, 2007 01:36 AM

Obviously, the sender was merely offering to introduce Christine to the practice of Islam, Religion of Peace.

Posted by Seth at May 15, 2007 09:39 PM

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