April 21, 2007


Alaa from The Mesopotamian (via Instapundit):

However, between the extreme course of total withdrawal and the present detailed involvement with daily operations; there is a middle way that few are talking about. Complete abandon and retreat by the Americans would indeed constitute defeat and a victory for the enemy, and would turn the tables completely and ignite a larger conflagration in the region. On the other hand the level of involvement of American and other allied foreign troops with detailed street to street policing, house searches etc. etc. should not continue indefinitely. . . . What must be realized is that as long as the U.S. is strategically present, the enemy has no hope of achieving any of his objectives. This enemy knows this only too well; and his prime objective is to bring about this withdrawal and retreat by all means. He pins his hopes on the internal situation in the U.S., and this is his most potent weapon. Therefore most of his actions and attacks are basically publicity stunts aimed primarily at the MSM and American and western public opinion." [emphasis added]
And given Harry Reid's stupidity (his we've lost the war in Iraq comment) and falling for the "publicity stunts", I'd have to agree with Alaa. I wonder why the left can't see this? More stupidity or just a will to disbelieve or perhaps even Bush Derangement Syndrome taken to psychotic levels? Or, maybe a combination of all three?

Posted by GM Roper at April 21, 2007 01:01 PM | TrackBack

"Therefore most of his actions and attacks are basically publicity stunts aimed primarily at the MSM and American and western public opinion."

And so ?

You know by my past efforts that I am hardly a 'defeatist' or a dupe of the perfidious media, but I think the Iraq Campaign is ,-- well there is no polite way to dance around this-- LOST.

And not because of these 'propaganda attacks'(and they are frankly a lot more than just 'propaganda'. They also serve a long-range 'strategic' purpose.) It is lost because we don't make ANYONE really pay for 'supporting' them,and Al-Queda makes everyone who opposes them pay completely for opposition. We are fighting a 'civilized' war and we are going to lose it. You cannot fight a 'civilized' war and expect to win and I defy anyone to point out a historical exception to this rule. The 'definitions' of 'civilized may alter over time but not the results of fighting in a 'civilized' manner.

Bill Roggio says it better than I and he actually has been on the ground there so he KNOWS, but I feel exactly as he does with the exception that I think that some form of 'collective' punishment is the only way to defeat the monsters in Iraq and elsewhere. Support for them must be eroded by whatever means required, and if you can't or WON"T do that then losing is not just an option. It soon becomes the ONLY option. For the ONLY superpower to need 4 months to ramp up an assault on a known cess-pool and terrorist hangout is at least 2 MONTHS too long. Especially given the historical contexts in play,and the recognition that the Baghdad Plan would shift the terrorist planning centers elsewhere. The 'delay' goes way past discouraging and borders on the 'concerning' to be utterly candid. Is this the performance level you should expect for a defense related expenditure of 419 BILLION DOLLARS ? If it is then erhaps you could get the same results for a few hundred BILLION less in the future.

I have included a link below to Bill's commentary. It ain't pretty, but it reads as completely true. All we are now doing is validating the Shia death-squads the main Iraqi objection to which is their faulty 'target' selection, and moronic all-round guidance. Not good. Not good at all.

A Bird's-Eye View Of The Unfolding Disaster.

Posted by dougf at April 21, 2007 08:04 PM

Never will a war be won again, any time in history, and, maybe there will never be anyone convicted of treason - all in the name of Politically Correct - the current "supervisor" of our Freedoms!

Posted by chrys at April 22, 2007 06:57 PM

Another 'WTF' Moment From Fantasy Land (AKA the Mid-East).

Can't Anyone Here Play This Game ? ---Casey Stengel.

Evidently Not. Build a wall to seal in the OBVIOUS culprits on the one hand, then have Mr. Ineffective wander off to Cairo to call for its removal. Merits or otherwise of the wall itself, this is just ridiculous. No wonder EVERYONE is fed-up. Not only are the troops supposed to win a brutal war against a BARBARIC enemy, they are evidently supposed to cater blindly to knee-jerk Arab delusions at exactly the same time. Are not these things supposed to be co-ordinated among all the parties beforehand ?

Wonderful. Just Wonderful.

Posted by dougf at April 22, 2007 07:29 PM

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