March 11, 2007

Evacuate Iraq - Now, why didn't Bushco Think of That?

Received from a very good friend "larwyn" just today. I told her to blog, but she won't, she just sends exciting emails ...

Subject: 60 Minutes wants to evacuate Iraq - It's just like taking the refugees from Viet Nam!

Without the my Sunday shot of Brit Hume as panelist - FNC is covering each burning bush in Orange County. Now I get the facination, it's the O.C. and a thumbnail of the fire while broadcasting Fox News Sunday, just wouldn't do. But I've digressed

According to 60 Minutes (and Ted Kennedy), we should open our doors to any Iraqi who wants to flee "the terrible mess we have made in Iraq". Per their presentation, lives are in danger because they "helped American soldiers". Lets extrapolate that - any Iraqi who joined the police force, the Iraqi army, worked for any contractor or any coalition force, could be considered to have their "lives in danger" from the "insurgents". Let's throw in all the Shia targeted by the Sunnis. And all the Sunnis targeted by the Shia. And all the terrorists in Iraq are certainly in a position of having their "lives in danger".

Have I missed anyone? Anyone who has any plans to ever go to the market may be considered to also have their "lives in danger".

Actually, this could be an evil plan by Darth Cheney. When no one is left in Iraq - Halliburton will unfurl their flag and claim salvage rights to Iraq.

Posted by GM Roper at March 11, 2007 09:29 PM | TrackBack

What a great idea!

Not only should we bring any Iraqia to the U.S. that want to come, but allow any other persons from other nations in our hemisphere, or any where else, to come into our country at will.

Oh, we're already doing that.

Posted by DADvocate at March 12, 2007 05:02 AM

Where do I sign up to petition for salvage rights to Iraq, as I want that oil too ya know? Another idea, why not a trade? We could send our liberals there, as they seem to think that w/o us it would be paradise, we then pull our troops out, and take any Iraqi who supports the U.S. and put them where the liberals were before we sent them to Iraq. We then just leave enough carriers to ensure nothing leaves that country that can harm the U.S., the libs have their "paradise", and by default, so do we!

Posted by Smokey at March 12, 2007 10:14 AM


1. Open the doors to all. It's the "moral" and "right" thing to do. 'Sides, they'll all vote Democrat.

2. The Dems will win. They will then increase the taxes to pay for the welfare state (actually, boys and girls, I think they may be doing it just to win votes...though that is buried deep in their minds).

3. Since socialism doesn't really work, over time, all those new immigrants will get really upset about the increasing bite out of their hard earned money.

See where this is going?

4. Since vast numbers will come to live in the United States....very many countries will empty out. Those can be taken over by the greedy, imperialistic Republicans, who will actually start businesses, pump oil (answering to stock holders instead of nobody [read Pemex and Chavez in Venezuela], start tony tourist sites and garner a fortune.

OK, all this is silly, but how really silly are the things we are doing now?

Some of my favorites:

Charging out of state fees to students attending public colleges and universities from a state nearby, yet allowing illegal immigrants the cheaper fee?

Requiring public documents to be in other languages. By the way, since German, the various Scandanavian languages, Polish, Italian, Greek, Russian, Armenian (too only mention a few) are present in our country, just why are they not included?

Since we seem to be less and less "judgemental" and "standards" are not "inclusive" and harm "self-esteem", can I not just do what ever I want and get pass?

Posted by tad at March 12, 2007 10:20 AM

//When no one is left in Iraq - Halliburton will unfurl their flag and claim salvage rights to Iraq.//

Either that, or the Kurds will migrate south and run the damned thing the way it should be run.

Posted by LASunsett at March 13, 2007 07:43 AM

Smokey is thinking along the same line as I was. We take all the Iraqis who want to come here and integrate into our culture. On the return flights, the liberals and other malcontents can move to Iraq and form their people's republic to live together in peace and harmony in the midst of the Ummah, who surely will understand that they're on their side.

More likely, the fortunate among their neighbors will get to enjoy some of their 70 virgins on earth ahead of time...

Posted by civil truth at March 13, 2007 01:26 PM

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