February 10, 2007

Arkin, Mercenary's and the WaPo

One of the really fun things about being a blogger is the people you meet over the internet. It doesn't matter, well, perhapst to some it does, but it doesn't matter to me what political stripe they are because I just like people, even when I violently disagree with them. And I always learn something and I always think about what I've read.

Another really great thing is being able to join a number of chat groups and other forums where you get to meet many like minded people. Carolyn is one of those. I believe she lives in San Francisco, I know she is passionate about what she believes in, and I know that she totally disdains stuffed shirts and scoundrels. Especially those of the lefty persuasion. Especially those who are by their very nature idiots, malcontents and outright knaves. Such a person is William Arkin who recently published under the Washington Posts's dot com site a really nasty screed (unless of course you agree with Mr. Arkin in which case your intellectual ability may be in question). In effect saying that our troops in Iraq, and indeed perhaps in the military are "mercenary's." Now, I'd tell you what I think about Mr. Arkin, but this is a work friendly blog. So, I'll publish Carolyn's thoughts and let them speak for me as well. Please note, I'm not fond of cussing (though I've been known to turn the air blue on an occassion or two) but I'm going to let Carolyn's word choices stand as written (with only minor editing that is - after all, it IS my blog and I get to decide the level of cussing allowed .) So, without further ado here is Carolyn's take on the whole matter.

So here's WaPo's story about the firestorm over William Arkin's 'early warning' piece that called our soldiers a whole lotta s***, not least of which was 'mercenary'. WaPo's explanation doesn't begin with 'once upon a time' but it's still fantasy they expect us to believe.

First off, Arkin doesn't work for them. 'Cause, you see, even though he writes for WaPo, like everyone at WaPo - and he really hates the military, like everyone at WaPo - and he has his stuff checked by WaPo editors, like everyone at WaPo - that doesn't mean he works FOR WaPo!!!! Get it?

He's different. 'Cause, see, he's got these four tiny little things typed out after the Washington Post title - the 4 things are '.com'. So, like, he's not really working for Washington Post which is a newspaper you can hold in your hands to read the s*** it spits at our soldiers - and Arkin writes his stuff for the net which you can read on the screen to see the s*** it spits at our soldiers. Totally different, you can see that, right? (Can I sell you a bridge in Brooklyn?)

Oh, and by the way, he's like really really sorry you butt heads were dumb enough to take the word 'mercenary' literally. The word means someone who kills for money - and you were stupid enough to think it meant someone who kills for money. I mean, a (nameless) editor at WaPo didn't think it meant that -so what's your problem? Of course, the WaPo now insists the nameless editor's superior - executive editor Jim Brady - would have known what mercenary literally meant and edited it out. But he wasn't editing that day - he was just, you know, calling himself an editor but not really editing. He only started doing that once all hell broke loose over Arkin's hateful piece of s*** hitting the air waves and so many furious responders sending in 'comments' that the damned site crashed.

That must have been when Brady screamed tell everyone this a** doesn't work for us. And so, like, that's what Deborah Howell, the damage control lady, just tried to do. She says the WaPo and WaPo.com are, like, miles apart 'physically' and, like under 'different management'. And, of course, Arkin's got those 4 little things typed after WaPo, so, uhm, he's not one of us.

By the way, Howell still insists Arkin is really qualified. He speaks. Ahuh, that's what she said, right there, he speaks - at 'armed services' war colleges'.

Well, isn't that special? My sister's Peke speaks too - if you give him enough beer.

Folks, in my opinion, Arkin has just revealed the only thing the Washington Post is fit for -toilet paper cleaning up after its writers' s***.

And you can take that literally.


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Posted by GM Roper at February 10, 2007 09:18 PM | TrackBack

Thank you Carolyn and GM. I have been wanting to write to Arkin and to the Post for two weeks but couldn't get myself calmed down enough to write something that would not be so laced with profanity that only the first sentence would get read before he/they deleted the message. I just can not fathom how anyone in this country can hold such a hate for Bush, Conservatives, Republicans, etc. (your choice) that they can come down on a bunch of mostly young people in the military who truly believe they are helping to free people half way round the world. What does it take for someone to act like Arkin? How can he be so sure yet so wrong? Is it hate, is it ego, is it tremendously overdone self image, is it all just an act to make himself more famous? Please if you know the answer, share it with me.

I wish I could see a solution, but it just seems to keep getting worse. The left is so sure and it seems that so very many are nasty and hateful in their asssuredness. I am concerned for this once great nation.

Posted by MLSmith at February 11, 2007 09:40 AM

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