February 01, 2007

Brief Politico-Therapies: A Quick Tour of the Psych-Bloggers

This will be a new feature for GM's Corner, and full credit and praise goes to my very good friend Dr. Sanity. I've known Pat Santy, M.D., since I started blogging. She has given me lots of support, friendship and kindnesses un-looked for so very many times. I recently emailed her asking her permission to do this kind of post and she not only graciously agreed, but also said she'd link it. How much more gracious can you get than that?

This series will be short descriptions and quotes chosen by me of the Psychbloggers, an exclusive bunch of psychotherapists of various kinds, all interested in as much as the pathology of politics as we are in helping others. The list of psychbloggers includes well, me of course, but I'm probably fairly low on the totem pole of this august group of folk but the true heavy-weights are, in no particular order: Dr. Helen, Dr. Sanity of course, Shrinkwrapped, neo-neocon, Assistant Village Idiot (a regular commenter on this blog and one heck of a nice guy), One Cosmos (Gagdad Bob) titular head of the PUNdocracy, Sigmund, Carl and Alfred three shrinks in one, Psych Pundit, and bringing up the tail gunner position the inimitable Not Really A Cowboy

Each week, at around this time, or perhaps on the weekend (which ever is easier for me of course) I'll be sending you bits and pieces of some of the best of the psychbloggers. Love them or hate them, agree with them or not, you will always find them thought provoking and their positions different from other pundits; left or right!

So, our first stop absolutely must be from my heroine Dr. Sanity. Today I've picked "THE MYTHS THAT FUEL THE LEFT'S DENIAL" a wowser of a post that has many on the left frothing at the mouth. Read all of it, but here is a tidbit:

Psychological denial and the avoidance of an unpleasant reality are certainly not confined to one side of the political spectrum or the other. But what I find endlessly fascinating is how the political left has created and fully integrated specific ideological tools that facilitate ongoing psychological denial.

It reminds me of all the paranoid patients I have observed over the years, who effortlessly are able to dismiss or explain away those facts that don't fit in with their carefully constructed conspiracy theories. If you get too assertive in pointing out those uncomfortable facts, you find yourself in no time fully integrated into the theory. For the paranoid, the case is closed and the argument is finished.

Doc Sanity has almost two hundred comments on this one and all of them are well worth the time to read them.

Shrinkwrapped, another of my favorites, has an excellent post on Delegitimizing America:

In a war, there is no such thing as a disproportionate response. The efforts, not coordinated but certainly in parallel, to depict Islamic fascism as a nuisance rather than an existential threat to our way of life, in effect, are attempts to make America's aggressive response to the attacks of 9/11 into an illegitimate response. Only a suicidal person can stand to ignore a murderously hateful enemy simply because the hater doesn't yet have a gun. Only a suicidal nation could stand to ignore a murderously hateful enemy simply because they do not yet have a bomb.

Winging our way over (See Dr. Sanity, I tossed in some aeronautical stuff for you) to One Cosmos wherein Gagdad Bob waxes loquacious about creation in A Cosmos Beyond Our Wildest Dreams and Wackiest Puns:

Frankly, if I could have been less unigmatic I would have been, but the book would have unsold even more copies and shot up the worstseller list with a fatal bullet to the head. As it stands, many people will no doubt pluck it from the shelf, flip through the first few pages, return it next to Shakti Gawain, and back away slowly. But this burdensome overchore to my unsour cosmic suite attempts to undo the whole bitter pointlessness of what fallows, theologically speaking.

Yesterday, a toothless and slack-jawed monocosmatic yokel dropped a steaming prairie pie of a comment to the effect that he didn't appreciate all of Dear Leader's "made up words," apparently bland to the fact that all words are made-up. This mulch is oblivious. One might just as well say, "Duh, I like Thelonious Monk, but what's with all the made-up notes?"

If you like puns, you will LOVE Gagdad Bob. Even if you don't, he'll make you think.

Dr. Helen (Glenn Reynolds much kinder, lovlier and sweeter let alone better half) posts on why Men (and Women) Don't Want Sex

"Never forget: the single most revolting image, the nightmare that haunts women, is that of the happy, grinning, sexually satisfied male. They really hate that and the sooner we adjust our social expectation to that fact, the better." Truer words were never spoken--I think that some women really do feel this way.
I knew that would get your attention, go read it all!

My good and delightful friend AVI at Assistant Village Idiot has a Running Commentary up with lots of interesting links.

Some folks have recently gotten a lot of mileage over complaining that their patriotism is being challenged for dissenting from the president’s views. It is not mere dissent that is unpatriotic – neither dissent nor agreement is patriotic in itself – it is specific dissents that can be termed unpatriotic. Like this one. Don Surber summarizes the Arkin-Washington Post brouhaha. Arkin is unpatriotic. Has been for years.

Neo-neocon taks a swing at Outdated Political Definitions:

I think conservatives tend towards the following: especially interested in individual rights, identity, and especially responsibility over group rights, identity, and responsibility; and in general favoring smaller government over big, including a more laissez faire approach to capitalism (which they also favor over other economic systems). Liberals tend in the opposite direction, and Leftists even more so in the opposite direction--including a liking for socialism, and an increased dislike for the US and the West in general.

That's it, at least for now.

Oh yes--and bigotry, narrowmindedness, rigidity, self-interest, political wrangling, hypocrisy, lies, and inconsistency know no sides--they are equal opportunity characteristics.

Boy, that lady can write. Read it all and ponder where you fit in.

Sigmund Carl and Alfred (the three in one mental fixer upper) posts on Politics, Religion and Dominoes looking at the genesis of freedom and rights and the functioning of communities:

What causes societies and communities to be be founded and succeed, is the abiding focus on the welfare of that society and community, as a whole. It is true that great emphasis in free societies is placed on the individual, but in the end, that focus is really about the place the individual has within society. Every individual is accorded certain rights and privileges and in exchange, certain contributions and obligations are expected. Drivers must be licensed and insurance must be had, for example. Those contributions and obligations to society as whole take precedence, as they must, if functioning societies are to succeed. A free society places those demands on it’s members. Those who do not wish to comply, are free to live in their cherished freedom- in isolation and as hermits.
This is a must read.

Not Really A Cowboy wonders "What If I were Like them:"

I’ve been arguing with anti-gunnies for a few years now. And the one thing that strikes me about these people is they have no fear of being violently attacked. Whether or not this fear is rational is beside the point. The thing is that they are unable to understand why others don’t feel that way. But more importantly they see no need for others to have a means of self defense.
Folks, this is one guy who will definately make you think and/or set you on your ear.

Last, but absolutely far from least Psych Pundit wonders about Social Isolation: A Modern Plague:

Remarkably, 25% of all Americans are now completely alone - without a single person they can confide in. And over half of all Americans report having no close confidants or friends outside their immediate family. The situation today is much worse today than it was when similar data were gathered in 1985 (when, for example, only 10% of Americans were completely alone).

Well, that's my first effort folks, hope you will read all of the above links. Whether you are left or right of center, you will find some amazing writing and thought provoking ideas. Leave a comment on the authors blog if you will, and leave one here and tell me if you liked my effort and want this feature to continue. And if you are wondering about the title of this series, it's a take off on one of the relatively newer approaches in psycho-therapy called Brief Psycho-Therapy.

Posted by GM Roper at February 1, 2007 11:40 PM | TrackBack

Thank you for the kind words.

Even more thanks for the links you have provided. It seems I missed a few 'must reads.'

I'm grateful for the roundup!

Posted by sigmund, carl and alfred at February 2, 2007 09:44 AM

Hi GM,

Thanks for including my blog in your round-up!

Posted by Helen Smith at February 2, 2007 10:13 AM

Thanks for including me and for an excellent round-up. This suggests a new and better way for people to "feed your head."

Posted by ShrinkWrapped at February 2, 2007 11:32 AM

GM this is really great effort not only does it make me think it also has me looking up some of the terminology used.(Educational) Thanks

Posted by Mike at February 2, 2007 02:03 PM


I'd copy this off and require my students (community college) to read and discuss. Why don't I? The have been equipped with 5' (educational/knowledge) poles and this stuff is more than 12' high.

Any suggestions from anyone?

Posted by tad at February 2, 2007 03:06 PM

Excellent GM. I like how this is presented - neat, organized, a little humor and a lot of thought provoking material to go read (when I feel better that is..)

Good idea here....I hope you and the others can make this into a habit!

Posted by Raven at February 2, 2007 04:18 PM

Awesome and impressive...I wanna join I think.. not sure...i used to do more of this type of blogging...(but not to this quality of course!) great job...inspiring..I kid you not...if I didn't have to go pickup the boys from school ..I think I'd like to play!

Posted by Crystal Clear at February 2, 2007 05:51 PM

Neat, I like it. It's a sort of self-created carnival. :)

Posted by Ogre at February 2, 2007 07:08 PM

This is a great idea, GM.

Posted by DRJ at February 3, 2007 04:41 PM

Hi, GM. I read the linked articles and this is a fantastic idea. It lets me hit the high points of some of my favorite psych-bloggers (not psycho-bloggers!), which is especially handy during a busy week. I like your succinct and often humorous synopses with tantalizing excerpts that let me know what to expect. I hope you decide to continue this series.

Posted by DRJ at February 3, 2007 10:21 PM

The one about the lefties claiming we are questioning their patriotism has it wrong.

We are NOT questioning their patriotism.

We are questioning their patriotism AND judgement and character and sense of history and intellectual integrity.

Posted by Mike's America at February 3, 2007 10:23 PM

You'll find occasional psychological postings at

Posted by John Ray at February 5, 2007 07:29 AM

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