January 30, 2007

From The Front in Afghanistan

A very good friend, talented writer of a blog and regular columnist for SFGate, Cinnamon Stillwell receives updates from a serviceman in Afghanistan. He has graciously agreed that his dispatches can be sent out but asks, for obvious reasons regarding the "enemy" that his name be changed. My comments are below!

1/27/07: Ladies and Gents, security report follows; as you can see, we have our regular report dissemination back. Couple of insights, starting to warm up here already so snow will soon melt and we will be back to fun and games again. However, there is a definitive difference going into the campaign season as opposed to last, no NATO/ISAF newbie transition.

There is a strong force assembling, unlike last year, and the combat multipliers such as Harriers and F-16s are in place. We may possibly get additional combat aircraft platforms. This is a critical year here and on 31 Jan we will get a new NATO/ISAF Commander, General Dan K McNeil. Gen McNeil was Asst Div Cdr at 2ID Korea, has Commanded the 82d Airborne Div and XVIIIth Airborne Corps. It is just a matter of our being proactive and executing a very sound operational plan, and yes, disrupting his actions cross border.

Just so you know, the Afghan official assassinated in Kabul was same Governor of Bamyan Province under the Taliban who oversaw the destruction of the Buddhist statues. Any great loss? Not in my book.

Much is changing in regards for the ANP training, perhaps we can see an overall improvement.

Lastly, will someone please tell our leftist peace lovers, opportunist Republican leaders, and Hollywood heroes that under islamic sharia law, they are no movies, art, music, freedom of speech or religion, no democratic political process, heck there is nothing but being subjugated to the rule of mullahs/clerics/ imams (and they think Christians are bad). They will be told to pray five times a day and women such as Boxer, Pelosi, and even Rosie would not be allowed out of the home.

Now, we are just trying to give some people a chance and opportunity to have protests and rights like them in the future. So let us do our job over here and maybe one day Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Jane Fonda, and others can have a protest seminar in Baghdad and make action movies with Matt Damon shot on location in Uruzgan province of Afghanistan.

Tell them we are not abandoning people like we did in Vietnam resulting in how many millions being slaughtered. Tell the Congress if they cut funding these young Men and Women Warriors, and not the disgruntled ones, they will never forgive them.[emphasis added]

Regards from Sunny Kandahar
Someone Serving In Afghanistan

1/21/07: Ladies and Gents, security report follows; there is a rumor that the fuel tankers that caught on fire here in staging area resulted from arson. Arson by the Pakistani drivers who wanted to get new trucks.

If you read in some papers Taliban propaganda states that they are going to open up their own schools this year. They can say that all they desire, aint gonna happen. They certainly made a positive impact on the Afghan educational system by burning some 180 schools this past year. Now, that is what I call a religion of peace.

Not much else to report...which is kinda a good thing!

Someone Serving In Afghanistan

I wonder if the Republicrats (that oh-so-unhealthy blend of Liberal/Stupid Republicans and Liberal/Even Stupider Democrats) see the Irony of saying so many nice things about the quality of LT. Gen. Petraeus' leadership, ability to make strategy and all the other encomiums they heaped on him only to decry the strategy he has authored. Make no mistake boys and girls, passing this stupid resolution about the surge is just going to make the jihadists delighted. Why, they might even order extra coffee with their 72 golden raisins and anyone that doesn't think so is either addled, cannot think their way out of a wet paper sack or see only a way to take a whack at Bush and Company.

Posted by gmroper at January 30, 2007 07:29 AM | TrackBack

Hubby just got back from that area 2 weeks ago, and I'm getting a whole new outlook on the stuff going on over there.

Posted by Jo at January 31, 2007 05:16 AM

Very simple. They don't believe in the danger. It's far away, and it's not people they know. Bush is closer, and they find the danger of not being in power more fearful to contemplate.

Posted by Assistant Village Idiot at January 31, 2007 07:28 PM

People talk about the comparing Vietnam to the new war.
We never planted our feet in Hanoi.
We planted our feet in Baghdad. Now we've planted Saddam.

Posted by janette at February 4, 2007 09:05 PM

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