January 22, 2007

Say No More!

A tip 'O The GM Derby to Big Dog

Posted by gmroper at January 22, 2007 07:40 AM | TrackBack

The point is well taken as far as it goes.

Unfortunately, the next two steps in both plans appear remarkably similar:

-continue ineffective border security

-resulting in terrorist attack(s) on U.S. targets

And after that, the next step will depend on who's survived to formulate the next step

Posted by civil truth at January 22, 2007 04:04 PM

I think a reality check is in order re: the Bush plan...

Posted by jim hitchcock at January 22, 2007 06:58 PM

Of course Bush's plan makes sense. Send in more troops to protect the cronies who helped him steal yet another election. Then rebuild an economy that only benefits Haliburton and the other government contractors who Bush gave the contracts to. (No open market bids were ever made on said contracts.) Then Haliburton et. al. shares power and wealth with Junior and the House of Saud. Makes perfect sense why we are wasting the lives of our soldiers.


Bring our soldiers home. Let this Civil War run its course. Let the House of Saud use their own armies to stabilize the region (because then they would have a vested cause in bringing peace to the region instead of trying to corner the market on oil). Then in 2008 when we haven't been attacked by middle eastern terrorists because we have completely pulled out of the middle east the Dems take credit for it all. I like it!!!

(Yes it is an oversimplization of a complex problem, but it is way to convenient that the only country that has been doing well with Bush in office is Saudi Arabia.)

Posted by psyberwolfe at January 23, 2007 06:33 PM

psyberwolfe, that just has too much conspiracy theory underlying it. Get a grip, man.

Posted by Assistant Village Idiot at January 23, 2007 08:04 PM

AVI, understand that the Iraq situation, (we win, or we lose,) will not result in a "freedom loving people". The arab people do not understand freedom. They depend on the mullahs to tell them what to do, when to do it and how it should be done.
The only arabs that understand freedom, or profess that they do, are the one that emigrated to the US, and seem to be integrated. But untill I hear them (moslems) condem the internecine warfare, I don't really believe they are "freedom loving". I believe they are trojan horses.

Posted by James S Melbert at January 25, 2007 07:23 PM

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