January 21, 2007

Global Warming Cause Robs Families

To fund global warming programs, money and resources are kept from other, perhaps more worthy, needs. Money for any program cannot be created from nothing. People have to work for it. That earned money can be used to provide for their families or invested in education, medical research, and protection from terrorists.

Those segments of our economy have known benefits. I and others believe that global warming claims fall short. People who are sincere about global warming threats must produce substantive proof and believable cost/benefit studies on it before the entire country accepts that issue a higher priority than families.

A scientist fighting malaria in Africa has similar problems with the anthropogenic global warming alarmists, who misrepesent facts in his field and soak up money which could save millions of lives from that disease. Here is a link to his article along with selections from it, but please go read the entire article:

Dangers of disinformation, by Paul Reiter

Fallacies infect every debate about the environment and affect policy, taxpayers' money and victims' lives.

Scientists ask questions, formulate hypotheses, design experiments, look at the evidence, modify the hypotheses and probe further. Then activists, news media and politics take over.

Look at climate change: The public hears again and again that there is scientific consensus, that it's happening now and that we are on the brink of disaster. This is nonsense. Now, every politician of every stripe must embrace the "climate consensus" or be branded a callous skeptic.

I am a specialist in diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. So, let's talk malaria. For 12 years, my colleagues and I have protested against the unsubstantiated claims that climate change is causing the disease to spread. We have failed miserably.

The weather is largely out of our control, but malaria is not. While billions are spent on climate change prevention and by advocacy groups, malaria remains rampant, killing millions, making life a misery for hundreds of millions....

Pseudoscience will damage your health and your wealth just as surely as malaria.

Do global warming activists think that billions of dollars mysteriously appear for their research and political activities? It comes in large part from fathers and mothers who worked for it. If an activist says that you should pay more to the global warming cause "for our grandchildren," tell him that "your children" need education, health care, and security today, and doesn't he care about them?

Posted by Woody M. at January 21, 2007 07:30 PM | TrackBack

There is an extra dirty little secret buried in there. While many people will children and flocks of grandchildren are environmentalists by sentiment, the activists are largely a childless bunch. Both PETA and environmental groups find that once activists have children, they might contribute money but they are far less likely to volunteer. Nor do they come back when the little tykes get to school.

I admit I have this by hearsay from an environmental activist speaking to me a few years ago at work. He did not realise the conclusions I would draw from his comments.

So it's not "our" children they are worried about, but some vaguer legacy, of making the world look like they want it to before they go. It is not ignoble in sentiment, but occupies nothing near the high ground they think it does.

Posted by Assistant Village Idiot at January 21, 2007 08:00 PM

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