September 26, 2006

Clinton: It Depends Upon What the Definition of "The Truth" Is

The Democrats are trying to claim some kind of victory with former President Clinton's eruption on his FOX interview, but Dick Morris, who worked for the Clinton's and knows the score, disassembles Clinton and his claims.

The real Clinton emerges
By Dick Morris, 09/26/06

From behind the benign façade and the tranquilizing smile, the real Bill Clinton emerged Sunday during Chris Wallace’s interview on Fox News Channel. There he was on live television, the man those who have worked for him have come to know – the angry, sarcastic, snarling, self-righteous, bombastic bully, roused to a fever pitch. The truer the accusation, the greater the feigned indignation. Clinton jabbed his finger in Wallace’s face, poking his knee, and invading the commentator’s space.

But beyond noting the ex-president’s non-presidential style, it is important to answer his distortions and misrepresentations. His self-justifications constitute a mangling of the truth which only someone who once quibbled about what the “definition of ‘is’ is” could perform.

Read the balance of the article to see how various Clinton claims on fighting terror come apart once truth is defined by standards other than his; i.e., the honest truth.

Once again, we're seeing a former Democratic President working hard and after-the-fact to resurrect his legacy years later, ala Jimmy Carter. Do they think that we can't read history? Maybe some can't, but their failures are being exposed. And, it's too bad that the media cares more about protecting the reputations of these men than in exposing their failures to protect Americans.

Posted by Woody M. at September 26, 2006 07:10 PM | TrackBack

Few people know Clinton like Dick Morris. Morris' book, Because He Could, exposes much about Clinton without getting in the gutter and relying on vitriolic attacks like some authors do in their "tell all" books. He's clear, concise and very even keeled in his descriptions of events and issues. He doesn't hate Clinton nor does he want to see him destroyed. He's more interested in setting the record straight and letting the chips fall where they may.

Posted by Oyster at September 27, 2006 03:59 AM

The election...and re-election of Clinton is proof positive that very many of the citizenry do not really know what's going on. "Bumper Sticker" politics layered with half-truths and liberal pap that sounds "nice" is an Rx for disaster.

We'll never get perfect leaders, but the Commander-in Chief of the United States of America really, really ought be better at protecting its citizens than either Carter or Clinton did.

Posted by Tad at September 27, 2006 04:05 PM

Goes to show how the Democrats never had a real goal against those who wish to destroy America, and they still don't.

Posted by Michael at September 28, 2006 10:42 AM

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