August 22, 2006

Good News! Conservatives Outbreed Liberals

The Fertility Gap

Liberals have a big baby problem: They're not having enough of them, they haven't for a long time, and their pool of potential new voters is suffering as a result. ...Given that about 80% of people with an identifiable party preference grow up to vote the same way as their parents, this gap translates into lots more little Republicans than little Democrats to vote in future elections.

How does one liberal columnist explain this?

"Maybe the scales are tipping to the neoconservative, homogenous right in our culture simply because they tend not to give much of a damn for the ramifications of wanton breeding and environmental destruction and pious sanctimony, whereas those on the left actually seem to give a whit for the health of the planet and the dire effects of overpopulation."

In other words, liberals don't have children "for the children!"

Well, we now know that liberals may be spending too much time sc---ing around with our lives rather than spending time just sc---ing around. (Is it okay to say that, G.M.?)

Posted by Woody M. at August 22, 2006 06:30 PM | TrackBack

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Posted by Mark A. York at August 22, 2006 06:05 PM

Love the title ... great post. Keep it up libs :)

Posted by Jo at August 22, 2006 06:55 PM

Just blogged on this myself, without the liberal's ridiculous analysis. In general, liberals don't value children as much conservatives. Otherwise, the liberals wouldn't believe that abortion, the morning after pill, etc. were as important as they make it out to be.

Of course, as you say, it's for the children. Or is it to be able to afford lattes?

Posted by DADvocate at August 22, 2006 09:20 PM

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Posted by Mark A. York at August 22, 2006 09:43 PM


Some words of wisdom from one of my favorite authors, C.S. Lewis (Introduction to The Screwtape Letters):

...But the really pernicious image is Goethe's Mephistopheles. It is Faust, not he, who really exhibits the ruthless, sleepless unsmiling concentration upon self which is the mark of Hell.

...For humor involves a sense of proportion and a power of seeing yourself from the outside. Whatever else we may attribute to beings who sinned through pride, we not attribute this.... We must picture Hell as a state where everyone is perpetually concerned about his own dignity and advancement, where everyone has a grievance, and where everyone lives the deadly serious passions of envy, self-importance, and resentment....

Posted by civil truth at August 22, 2006 10:34 PM

Boy, what a great quote from CS Lewis. Hits the nail right on the head. I would be surprised if any of the warped personalities I've seen posting on left wing blogs could get past a first date, much less procreation.

Posted by MarkC at August 22, 2006 11:32 PM

Be careful of Mark York. Got into a spat with him a couple years ago on another blog. I described his miserable career as an author in the way it deserved, and he threatened a lawsuit.

Posted by Rhod at August 23, 2006 04:57 AM

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Posted by Mark A. York at August 23, 2006 05:41 AM

GM, Great post and quote.
It comeds down to Liberals are aborting themselves...
Makes you think about the Pro Abortion crowd.

Posted by Michael at August 23, 2006 07:14 AM

The Liberals require Abortion-On-Demand as one of their tenants. This, in effect, murders future Democrats in the womb and during birth (partial birth abortion). Isn't it wonderful how natural selection works? Of course, to nullify the effects of all of the murdered millions of potential Democrats, they are now trying to replace the aborted infant Democrats with illegal alien votes from south of the border. It's enough to make one vomit.

Posted by Vulgorilla at August 23, 2006 11:13 AM

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Posted by van at August 23, 2006 06:00 PM

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Posted by My at August 23, 2006 09:20 PM

James Taranto has been referring to this as "The Roe Effect" for quite some time. He figures that since most children grow up with the same political leanings as their parents and the left advocates abortion over having children, the Dems are killing off their future voter base.

To judge from recent years' election results, I would say this is spot on.

The "overpopulation" argument on the part of liberals indicates either total ignorance or an actual willingness to employ a lie in order to bring about an end to America as we know it: While Americans have millions of abortions, many using the flimsy excuse of preventing "over-population", 3rd World immigrants here in the U.S. have large families as a matter of course. Add to that the left's largely successful PC and multiculturalism campaigns, then just imagine what the U.S., assuming the name hasn't been changed to something more PC by then, will be about three generations from now.

Posted by Seth at August 24, 2006 06:28 AM

MarkC, all quotes by CSLewis are great - well, nearly all, anyway.

Overpopulation? How 70's. Someone should read the new numbers...

Posted by Assistant Village Idiot at August 24, 2006 07:46 PM

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