May 19, 2006

Time For Some Drastic Changes

Almost anyone who reads this blog knows how I feel about the Islamo-Fascists. I despise them and all they stand for. Whether it be because of the highly publicized beheadings, their treatment of gays and women, their constant ranting against Israel and the West in general. Islamo-Fascists are the bottom of the barrel. So, I propose some changes.

The changes I propose are pretty drastic and anyone who knows me and or has read this blog may be shocked. They may say "Wait, this can't be GM. He isn't this radical, not this right wing."

And you would be wrong. I've been pushed too far and I won't go into the why's and hows.

I propose the following constitutional amendments.

1. The first amendment be altered to outlaw the Islamic faith as practiced by Wahhabists.

2. That a new amendment be ratified so that any Wahhabi Muslim be required to wear a RED cartoon of Muhammad on their Clothing over their hearts, that they not be allowed to serve in any governmental office of any kind, that they not be allowed to be licensed in any profession and that they not be allowed to attend any Mosque.

3. That camps be set up in the desert in any of the following states: Arizona, Texas, Utah, Nevada or California to house any Wahhabi Muslim that is caught without their badge or who breaks any law what-so-ever, including traffic and littering laws.

4. That a constitutional amendment be ratified to deport to any other Muslim country each person in the camp in no more than 5 years following a hearing on their crimes.

OK, the entire part of this essay above this sentence is total bull. I do not believe in any of the above, I do not advocate any of the above, I do not support any of the above.

But the news is reporting that there is a country that supports much the same kind of restrictions for religious minorities and that country is Iran.

AhMADinejad, the psychotic President of Iran reportedly urged the passage of these new restrictions, reminiscent of Nazi Germany, after the laws had languashed in the Iranian Parliment for two years.

Public outcry however has been slight, with a few exceptions. Google "Iran and religious Minorities and you fail to find mention of this in the first 30 or so entries. I didn't search further, but even changing the search terms didn't produce any recognizable results. The only "link" that I could find was this one. Oh, I know, the lefties here may say "WHAT? Newsmax? That Right Wing Rag?" I would not necessarily disagree with you, but what if it is right?

Jews must wear yellow patches, Christians red and other religious minorities blue. This from a country where the mad president denies the Holocaust, but promises to start one by wiping out Israel. This from a country that despite world opprobrium is still working on obtaining nuclear weapons, this from a country so backward they hang gays and rape victims and other disturbed people. This from a country that "declared war" on the United States by occupying it's soverign territory in the waining years of the Carter administration.

World, you better wake up, there is trouble brewing and you are collectively sitting on your duff.

Linked at Woman Honor Thyself

Update: According to the Debka File, the descriminatory wording MAY NOT BE in the final bill:

The outcry was sparked when Iranian exiles in Toronto reported to the Canadian National Post that Tehran had passed a law ordering Jews to wear the Yellow Star, Christians a red ribbon, and Zoroastrians a blue article of clothing.

Haroun Yeshaya, until recently head of Iran’s Jewish Committee, denied knowledge of such a clause.

However, the law has not been finally enacted, and speakers in the majlis debate proposed that non-Muslim minorities be made to wear distinctive clothes, yellow being the preferred color for Jews.

Posted by GM Roper at May 19, 2006 07:53 PM | TrackBack

"World, you better wake up, there is trouble brewing and you are collectively sitting on your duff."

Nope ... not gonna happen. The French finally woke up, but its too late. They've been overrun and haven't done anything to excise the cancer. The Dutch, and the Danes are in the same boat. And we're no better off. 9/11 happened and everyone and their grandmother casually walked into this country - terrorists included. One would have thought that 9/11 would have caused an extreme tightening of national security, but all it triggered was the strip searching of 85 year old ladies trying to get on an airplane. Quite frankly, we now deserve whatever we get. We've essentially been begging for it. Keep your powder dry.

Posted by Vulgorilla at May 19, 2006 09:11 PM

Unfortunately, I am not surprised by this.
Expect more genocide to break out any day in Iran.
They will probably shut down the internet there, also.
Iran has never been a safe place to be, bt it will get alot worse.
Donald Rumsfeld recently said he has no idea how close Iran is to developing nukes.
All the intelligence estimates are just guesses.

Posted by Ben USN (Ret) at May 20, 2006 12:22 AM

Excellent read GM!...Hoping the IDF takes care of the ahem.."problem"..before it IS too late for all of us!

Posted by Angel at May 22, 2006 06:57 AM

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