April 01, 2006

This Child - This Beautiful, Battered Child

There is another War on Terrorism, the war against the treatment of women and children in Afghanistan, Iran, and much of the middle east. Treatment that is condoned, maybe even incouraged by the so called Religion of Peace.

Let me introduce Gulsoma, now 12 years old. She was "married" at age 5 and the story of her life so far would break the heart of all but the least human of us. Gulsoma is a beautiful child, with a warm engaging smile, a winsome healthy look about her. But the smile hides scars beyond belief. At the bottom of this essay, you can find out what I mean. You can find her whole story here in a story by Kevin Sites. Read the whole thing.

Some of the scars are from beatings, some are from her being forced to be a table top where her "family" cut their food on her bare back. Nice people these.

Part of my growing disdain for the left, the feminists, the progressives is an increasing anger that they do not understand that their promotion of "Women's Rights" seems to end where the islamofascists begin. Why is that, where does this hypocracy come from. Why aren't they shouting from the rooftops about this?

I'll have a lot more respect for them if they do, until then, no respect at all.

Cross posted at my new blog home.

Posted by GM Roper at April 1, 2006 09:01 PM | TrackBack

The lack of interest the feminists have shown is dispicable!
You hear them speak loud and ofen abot pro-abortion rights.
They are outraged by anybody who suggests that men and women might think diffrently.
The silence concerning most Muslims treatment of women and girls is deafening, and sickening.

Posted by Ben USN (Ret) at April 1, 2006 10:54 PM

This kind of thing is what has turned me into a blogging fool. The children--what is done to them is so low that I can't find the words.

I'm done with trying not to offend. My gloves are off. The one image which really did it for me was of a beheaded Indonesian schoolgirl. She was walking to school in her Catholic school's uniform and was murdered; the savage then pranced around with her head as his trophy. God!

I saw that image a few weeks ago and have been fuming ever since.

The feminists sit silently on the sideline. I'm done with them too.

Posted by Always On Watch at April 2, 2006 10:46 AM

Let me recommend that readers also go to the new site ( http://gmroper.mu.nu/ ), where this is cross-posted, to see comments from other readers. (This would also be a good time to add the new site to your "favorites" list.)

Posted by Woody at April 2, 2006 12:30 PM

This is one of the most heartbreaking posts I have ever read. How can one little child survive such hateful treatment. I pray the rest of her life will be so wonderful that it will blot out her painful past.
Dear Lord God, it is unbelievable that any human being would abuse a child so.

Posted by Mountain Mama at April 2, 2006 10:22 PM

Our American feminists could care less about any depravities inflicted upon their fellow females in other parts of the world -- they are heartless scum whose only interests lie in their domestic political agendas.

The fact that they wholeheartedly support Muslim terrorism, fundamental Islam and, by extension, the bizarre mistreatment of women who are unfortunate enough to "belong" to the same freaks who are a part of it bespeaks their blatant hypocrisy.

Posted by Seth at April 4, 2006 06:35 AM

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