March 21, 2006

Death To The Bacterial Revisionists And Their Fellow Travellers!

BACTERIAL MOTIVATIONS AND MULTICELLULAR RELATIVITY is the title of a new post by Dr. Sanity. I gotta tell you, I laughed so hard I hurt my ribs and when you've had part of your lung removed, that ain't any fun at all. Although to be honest, it was really a minor pain and the laughter was well worth it. Dr. Sanity refers to the "always enigmatic" Gagdad Bob's post at One Cosmos. To better understand Gagdad Bob's pov, here is a sample, but go read the whole thing:

The ideals of abstract thinkers are utopian and unworkable because they forget all about embodied human existence--about reality. It is no coincidence that the great totalitarian movements of the past century--communism, nazism, and now Islamism--were and are the products of intellectuals. On the other hand, Christianity takes seriously the idea that we are unavoidably embodied and imperfectible. As a matter of fact, Judeo-Christian metaphysics solves the otherwise insoluble philosophical stalemate between idealists and materialists, because a logoistic reality means that the Word is made flesh: that the ideal is located in the real, not in some abstract, utopian beyond. The world is neither ethereal nor earthly: it is earthereal.

Abstract ideas are designed to understand and describe reality. But intellectuals turn this around and begin using their abstractions to judge reality. And if reality falls short, they don't abandon their ideals but jettison reality

The post excerpted above is priceless. But then Dr. Sanity has an incredible epiphany and a deeper understanding and appreciation of political correctness and multicultural, multicellular relativism. and takes off for the wild blue yonder. I'll give you a taste but then click on the "taste and read her whole post. Now, where did I put that anti-biotic?

Dr. Sanity:

Homo sapiens' multicellular delusions of superiority are completely unjustified due to the uniquely destructive and bad behavior displayed by most of the members of animalia chordata mammalia primata homo sapiens -- particularly those who reside in the United States, the home of the least sapien.

What makes us think that our pathetic little animalia kingdom--and in particular the imperialistic chordata phylum-- is better than the EU-bacteria or archaebacteria kingdom? Do bacteria have wars? Do they kill each other? NO! They live quiet lives, of peaceful and communal, self-sacrificing propagation. Their eight phyla are as deserving of life as homo sapiens; in fact they are more deserving and their right to exist predates ours by many millennia, thus their rights supercede any "rights" presumed by the animal kingdom.

Posted by GM Roper at March 21, 2006 09:46 PM | TrackBack

GM, I don't know how to tell you this, but last night on Oregon Public Broadcasting (and I assume much if not all of the rest of PBS) there was a show about a nun who studies cheese, and who was earnestly proclaiming the need to preserve the bacterial and fungi diversity of France in particular and the world in general. She said fungi and bacterial diversity should be called and considered the patrimony of a country...

Posted by Kathryn Judson at March 23, 2006 03:19 PM

I'm waiting for PETA to save fleas and mosquitos.

Posted by Woody at March 23, 2006 04:59 PM

Some people have far too much time on their hands.

Posted by Oyster at March 24, 2006 11:29 AM

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