January 13, 2006

Hey Chucky Baby, Who Do You Think You're Foolin'?

This morning, Senator Charles (Chuck) Schumer (Dimocrat, New York) had the audacity to say something to the effect that no one had "made their mind up yet" on how they were going to vote in the Judiciary Committee on the Alito Nomination.

After listening to the questions from Kennedy, Biden, Leahy, Durbin, Schumer et al, I can only ask one question: "Hey Chucky, how stupid do you think the American people are?"

Prediction: The Judiciary Committee will vote straight down party lines on Alito's nomination. Any bets?

Posted by GM Roper at January 13, 2006 07:40 AM | TrackBack

I seem to distinctly remember Schumer READING a PREPARED statement saying he could NOT approve Alito...

I may have been dreaming, I mean, an esteemed Senator wouldn't lie, would he??

Posted by TexasFred at January 13, 2006 06:06 PM

I don't know Fred, I heard the snippit on the radio late last night, which is why I didn't give the full quote. But I can't IMAGINE that Charles Schumer would tell a LIE... especially after he was almost indicted in the early 80's for using state funds in his run for congress. I am SURE he learned his lesson. Doncha think? ;-)

Posted by GM Roper at January 13, 2006 08:53 PM

The Democrats may have some crossovers. Some of them are up for re-election in Red States. Big rounds of applause from PFAW and MoveOn might actually hurt them.

Not that political considerations would affect their vote or anything...

Heck, that last one was a little unfair. We've got a lot of our guys who aren't above that sort of calculation.

Posted by Assistant Village Idiot at January 13, 2006 10:52 PM

They think we are idiots - in my humble opinion - they count on it. That's why they are so shocked when the 'silent majority' prevails in elections. They don't understand where it's coming from. We are obviously being misled, seeing as we are just sheep.

I think there will be a few dems cross over. I think the public display in the hearing was so grossly arrogant, mean-spirited, nasty and obviously insincere that even some of the dems want to distance themselves from it. Especially those with constituencies that want more moderate representation.

Just my opinion.

Posted by beth at January 14, 2006 03:32 AM

Schumer and his ilk presume to speak for everyone - or think that, at minimum, everyone should agree with them.

I put the vote FOR Alito's confirmation at 62 - 38. Oh, and the PATS will win tonight 24 - 21 (he writes hopefully while knocking on wooden desk).

Posted by too many steves at January 14, 2006 06:42 AM

From your mouth to God's ears, on both predictions, tms.

Posted by Assistant Village Idiot at January 14, 2006 09:13 AM

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