December 22, 2005

Bush Still President: The Left Cancels Christmas

The left has clamored all year for the removal of President Bush, Karl Rove, V.P. Dick Cheney, and Sec. Donald Rumsfeld. They regularly speculate about the latest and greatest crime by each leader that will surely result in his firing or impeachment. Blogs and editorial pages are full of letters and comments with hopeful claims of misdeeds and demands for removal. But, so far, the batting average of the left is worse than an American League pitcher. All these men whom the left hates are still in power. It must be frustrating to believe yourself so good and so right and never score a run. Here's more of the futility and deceipt of the hopeful left to dispose of President Bush:

"Impeachment' Talk, Pro and Con, Appears in Media at Last" -- By E&P Staff

Newsweek online noted a “chorus” of impeachment chat, and its Washington reporter, Howard FIneman, declared that Bush opponents are “calling him Nixon 2.0 and have already hauled forth no less an authority than John Dean to testify to the president’s dictatorial perfidy.

Is this a "vast left-wing conspiracy?" The left continually tries to link Bush with Nixon. John Dean? Is he still alive? Maybe Bush should counter with G. Gordon Liddy. The linkage could be worse. They could compare Bush to the worst president of our era--Jimmy Carter. The article continues:

Todd Gillman wrote in the Dallas Morning News: "Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., suggested that Mr. Bush's actions could justify impeachment.”

Ooooh... Now, there's a credible source for you! Is he next going to quote Rep. Cynthia al-McKinney, D-Ga.? More.

A smattering of polls (some commissioned by partisan groups) has found considerable, if minority, support for impeachment. But Frank Newport, the director of the Gallup Poll, ...noted that he had been besieged with emails calling for such a survey, but felt it was an "organized" action. ...(Chief Washington Post pollster Richard) Morin complained that he and other pollsters have been the "target of a campaign organized by a Democratic Web site demanding that we ask a question about impeaching Bush in our polls."

As usual, a small radical minority try to falsely pass themselves as being in greater numbers and mainstream.

Now, to shed some light on the "admitted impeachable offense" by the President, in which he authorized wiretaps wiithout court warrants...

"Warrantless' searches not unprecedented" By Charles Hurt, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

Previous administrations, as well as the court that oversees national security cases, agreed with President Bush's position that a president legally may authorize searches without warrants in pursuit of foreign intelligence.

"The Department of Justice believes -- and the case law supports -- that the president has inherent authority to conduct warrantless physical searches for foreign intelligence purposes and that the president may, as he has done, delegate this authority to the attorney general," Clinton Deputy Attorney General Jamie S. Gorelick said in 1994 testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

In 1994, President Clinton expanded the use of warrantless searches to entirely domestic situations with no foreign intelligence value whatsoever. In a radio address promoting a crime-fighting bill, Mr. Clinton discussed a new policy to conduct warrantless searches in highly violent public housing projects.

In 1978...Attorney General Griffin B. Bell testified before a federal judge about warrantless searches he and President Carter had authorized against two men suspected of spying on behalf of the Vietnam government.

Oh, well. At least the left has kept us entertained with their attacks, and their time-consuming efforts have kept them from even thinking about new ideas and winning elections.

Posted by Woody at December 22, 2005 09:50 AM | TrackBack


I was surfing around the other day, and I think there was long ago a decision that the government could open international mail, under its power to regulate *and inspect* what crosses the national border.

Unfortunately didn't write down the reference (hey, I AM on vacation in Kona, Hawaii)

Posted by John Moore at December 22, 2005 02:55 PM

John, isn't it great that you can communicate with us over the internet all the way from Hawaii thanks to Al Gore? Have a great vacation and a Merry Christmas.

Posted by Woody at December 22, 2005 08:59 PM

This should fizzle out PDQ as a "frontline issue", although it will prove to live on in the annals of moonbatdom. The NYT provoked the usual mindless uproar on the left, they all smell blood over there and actually think they've finally "got" Bush, and after it's all been proven bogus as any kind of legal issue(except possibly that someone leaked national security secrets to the NYT and the NYT irresponsibly printed them, but that probably won't go anywhere), it will remain alive among the lesser wingnuts, who will perpetuate it regardless of what is legal and true.

Another seed planted by the MSM, to be repeated often enough by their following that it will eventually be accepted as truth, that Bush may even now be spying on us using his personal Gestapo, yaddayaddayadda...

Posted by Seth at December 22, 2005 11:38 PM

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Posted by Woody at December 25, 2005 04:20 PM

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