October 27, 2005

Racism - Plain and Simple

Blogs come in all shapes, sizes, colors. All philosophies are represented, and in some blogs, no philosophy is postulated being blogs about food, cars, cats, dogs, birds, planets, UFO's etc., etc.

GM's Corner is, if you haven't guessed already, primarily a political blog, one with a decided conservative point of view. I do fairly well in terms of hits/visits, comments. Much better than some blogs, not nearly as successful (or as prolific) as other blogs. I calls 'em as I sees 'em, and so does my blogging partner Woody!

My beloved uncle disagrees with me about lot's of things, my beloved aunt agrees with me. My daughter mostly agrees with me. Most of my readers agree with me, some don't, and I cherish most of their views, contrarian or not, anyway.

However, I think that everyone will agree that the photo below this paragraph is totally and unequivically racist and shameful and obnoxious and tacky and unbelievable in that someone would actually put it up on the internet. The photograph is a doctored photo of Michael Steele, Lt. Governor of Maryland who recently announced his candidacy for the United States Senate as a Republican. The author of this "photo" calls himself a progressive and say's he "fights back" (presumably against conservatives). Well, this ain't fighting, this is racism plain and simple in the worst traditions of the old south, of the Klan and of a day gone, but not forgotten and for damn sure not mourned.

Here is the photo---you be the judge.


Posted by GM Roper at October 27, 2005 06:01 AM | TrackBack

Hmmm, I don't see the problem here.

Are not all non-Democratic, black, politicians, merely Uncle Toms or Jememiahs ? I thought that was understood to be almost axiomatic.

If you don't want to be subject to what some overly sensitive types might say is vile,juvenile, racism , then why would you declare yourself to be a Republican, of all things ?

Inquiring minds really do want to know.

Posted by dougf at October 27, 2005 11:26 AM

Why do people have to be so outright hateful in their views of others? I jumped over and read the guys 'views'. If this guy isn't a conservative - then I take it he's a Democrat? And, I thought they were beyond racism - the 'uncle Tom' bit. Do I detect a little jealousy there that Steele has made a name for himself in Maryland? And, looks like his own boss' people are going to abandon him before the race even gets started. But, it would be nice to see this guy win, since they are so adamant that he doesn't have a chance.

The photo is truly a work of a nut, and the start of a 'war' we don't want to fight again - very bad taste!

Posted by Barb at October 27, 2005 08:01 PM

The left, for all their blather about championing the cause of minorities, whatever that is, exactly, never cease to exhibit their own racism in the process. They need to keep racial hatred alive to keep the minority votes coming in.

And dougf, your comment is a typical lefty comment. No reasoning, just the usual spewing of hatred for your country as it was intended to be by those that founded it. Good luck to you.

Posted by Seth at October 28, 2005 02:10 AM


GM just sent me an email explaining that you are a right thinking American who was being facetious, so you have my profound apologies re yourself and your comment, per my own comment that immediately preceeded this one.



Posted by Seth at October 28, 2005 07:09 AM

GM just sent me an email explaining that you are a right thinking American who was being facetious, so you have my profound apologies re yourself and your comment, per my own comment that immediately preceeded this one.--Seth

No apologies required. Were I to have been someone who actually posted that sincerely I would have deserved all you said and more.

GM 'debates' progressives; I simply mock and deride them. As Edna said in The Incredibles , --- "Too much talk,darling; talk is USELESS".

Take care and you might want to consult a medical authority on that case of 'sheepishness'. Sounds uncomfortable.

Posted by dougf at October 28, 2005 08:49 AM

"But ah wuz only helpin' the little critter ovah the fence..."

Posted by Seth at October 28, 2005 11:40 PM

Those that resort to this sort of ad hominem attack do clearly and unequivocally demonstrate the inferiority of their argument. This person who claims to "fight back" makes no better an argument than to photoshop a picture. And, yes, I read the post that accompanied it - yawn.

Mr. Steele has little to worry about from the likes of this fellow. He may have other problems, but this guy isn't one of them.

Posted by too many steves at October 29, 2005 09:37 AM

Six more months...and all minorities will figure out who's really on their side...Mr. Steele types, or Congressman Byrd types.
Don't encourage the left to hide it any longer.;-)

Posted by M. Sheldon at October 29, 2005 03:00 PM

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