September 16, 2005

Will $200 Billion for N.O. Cover Slave Reparations? Ask the Brotherhood. Who?

Sometimes another person can say something that I can't because they have better standing or authority to address an issue. That is the case with slave reparations, which were proposed after the War Between the States and are still on the agenda for many. A blogger who is black and conservative addresses the issue of reparations and suggests that those who demand them can thank Hurricane Katrina, which will direct over a now estimated $200 billion for residents in a town that is over two-thirds black. He can say it--and has. You can imagine the comments if I said the same things.

Another connected point is that many people assume that blacks have to be liberal and Democrat or must be water boys for the Republicans. The author of the subject doesn't fit those descriptions and is part of a group of black, conservative bloggers called The Conservative Brotherhood, which describes itself as follows:

The Conservative Brotherhood is a group of African American writers whose politics are on the right hand side of the political spectrum. Expanding the dialog beyond traditional boundaries, they seek to contribute to a greater understanding of African Americans and America itself through advocacy and commentary.

It's refreshing to read the points of view that this group provides, and I admire their determination to say what they believe rather than say what is expected simply because of their race.

Back to the first point, that of reparations and the hurricane, Michael D. Cobb Bowen expresses his views as follows:

Say Thank You, Dammit

Now is the time for all good Reparationists to thank God for Katrina and thank George W. Bush for 60 Billion dollars.

Over at Booker Rising, an interesting angle cropped up on the matter of Reparations and Republicans. But my angle is this: Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana are basically the heart of Dixie. Anybody and everybody knows that most of the blackfolks who live there represent those too unfortunate to migrate. I'll state it plainly. If you didn't get out in the Civil War and you didn't get out after the failure of Reconstruction, and you didn't get out during the Great Migration of the 1920s and you didn't get out in the Civil Rights Movement and you are still stuck in the South and poor and black...DAMN!

Now let's say you didn't get out in Katrina either. Symbolically, is there anyone more oppressed and downtrodden and left behind than poor blackfolks who have, since Slavery, missed five generational opportunities to leave Dixie? I mean, DAMN!

Now I'm going to jump on the rhetorical bandwagon of one of my idiot commenters for a moment to make a point:

70 percent of New Orleans is African American. ...These are the people who are going to reap the benefits of SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS OF FEDERAL AID, FREE!. Those blackfolks from New Orleans typify the beneficiaries of those dollars that America just can't seem to give away fast enough. Unless Osama bin Laden drops a nuke on Harlem there is never going to be another opportunity for poor black people to get free Federal Aid on this scale for 100 years. THIS is Reparations.

...Anyway, this is what I'm thinking. Reparations is now. As they used to say around the way, if you're slow, you blow. You better recognize. And say thank you to your president, the Compassionate Conservative who cares about 60 Billion dollars worth.

The entire post can be found here at Cobb's site. While you are there, you might want to check out some of Cobb's other entries and cartoons, or those by some other members of the brotherhood.

By being their own persons, and smart, these bloggers can help enhance communication not only between races, but for something perhaps harder--understandings and changes within the black culture.

Posted by GM Roper at September 16, 2005 05:10 PM | TrackBack

You can imagine the comments if I said the same things.

Cobb is a goober, too.

Posted by Michael B at September 18, 2005 08:00 AM

For those who don't recognize Michael B., he is a commenter from a liberal site where I used to post, until I quit visiting there due to their use of personal attacks in lieu of facts and analysis and their lack of respect for opposing opinions. That pattern of "debate" by the left is something that has been discussed on this site before and has been expererienced by many on the right who tried to honestly engage the left, only to find that the left's debate style evolves to name calling and figurative shouting until you leave. Now, suprisingly (maybe not) after a couple of weeks, Michael B. has followed me over here to press on that style on our site, where such tactics violate our rules for commenting. Okay, that's sufficient for introductions.

Michael B., when I signed off the site that I mentioned above, I didn't go back to see if anyone commented on my leaving because the comments from many liberals, especially those from you, didn't rise to the level of intelligent discussion, used personal attacks (that I suspect that you consider "cute,") and didn't warrant my concern because of their failure to show intelligent debate.

Over here, you see that we welcome and respect all views, but we don't accept "cute" personal attacks or disrespect for views and ideas. If you can follow our rules for commenting, then you are welcome to stay. If you can't, then you might feel more comfortable sticking within the safe confines of liberal sites.

If you have a comment about Cobb's view, other than that he is also a goober, which you called me in the past, then share it. Otherwise, stick to reading rather than commenting. You still might learn something.

Posted by Woody at September 18, 2005 08:53 AM

As Owner of the Site, I fully concur with Woody and strongly endorse his stand.

Posted by GM Roper at September 18, 2005 09:34 AM

You guys are sooooo sensitive...

Posted by Michael B at September 19, 2005 06:05 AM

Michael B., I think that if you look at it objectively, you will find that it is the left that is overly sensitive about many things and always demanding apologies. I simply choose not to waste my time with immature and counter-productive comments, as I have explained to you before.

It isn't a matter of being offended, because your calling me the names that you have shows ignorance not on my part; and, after multiple attempts to engage the left on their sites in reasonable discourse, I have run out of patience. We like to have fun, but you've come in so late in the game with the same "humor" we've heard before that, by itself and with nothing of substance, it is tiresome.

Posted by Woody at September 19, 2005 08:04 AM

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