August 23, 2005

Chuck Hagel Redux

I was taken to task by a commenter regarding my use of "idiot," "idotarian," and "RINO." (See first comment here.) The commenter rightly noted that the Senator is a Vietnam vet who was decorated, has some purple hearts and a distinguished career before coming to the senate. My commenter is correct. But that doesn't give the good Senator a pass when he goes overboard and says something really stupid. Another example of the good Senator's fatuous remarks:

We should start figuring out how we get out of there [Iraq]," Hagel said on "This Week" on ABC. "But with this understanding, we cannot leave a vacuum that further destabilizes the Middle East. I think our involvement there has destabilized the Middle East. And the longer we stay there, I think the further destabilization will occur."
OK, let us analyze this bit of "punditry".
  • But with this understanding, we cannot leave a vacuum that further destabilizes the Middle East." - - - OK, if I understand Hagel correctly, if we leave precipitously, we create a vacuum [of power] that will lead to the middle east being destabilized, OK, I'll buy that!
  • I think our involvement there has destabilized the Middle East. - - By this statement, I understand that the Good Senator is saying that by going to the middle east, in particular Iraq, we have destabilized the middle east. Are you following this?
  • And the longer we stay there, I think the further destabilization will occur." - - got it, if we stay we will destabilize the middle east!
  • "So, beloved students," as my philosophy professor used to say, "let us review what we have discussed." By going in we destabilized, by leaving we destabilize, by staying we destabilize. Well, that sums it up, the middle east is doomed to destabilization.

    Please note, I am neither a Democrat or a Republican, though I tend to vote republican most of the time, I will always vote for a conservative Democrat over a wild-assed liberal Republican any day of the week. I am a conservative, but with a mind of my own and I tend to associate with like thinkers but we don't think alike, nor should we. I say this because I don't want to be accused of mindlessly bashing Senator Hagel, of name calling, of ad hominem attacks (ad hom·i·nem - adj: Appealing to personal considerations rather than to logic or reason) I am attacking Chuck Hagel's ability to think clearly and to enunciate what he means. His attacks on VP Dick Chenney, on our efforts in the war in Iraq and the global war on terrorists have the effect of encouraging those we are fighting, increasing their belief that if they just hang on long enough, the American people will demand a pullout and leave them the field.

    My commenter made this statement:

    Given his history, he probably has a pretty good idea of the "consequences" our troops face in combat."

    I agree whole heartedly. Chuck Hagel spilled his blood on the battlefields of Vietnam. He felt the ferocity of the enemy in that war, he felt firsthand the effects of an encouraged North Vietnam who hung on despite many defeats becacuse they believed then, correctly, that if they did, political pressure would force the US out. And that is what happened. I would expect that Chuck Hagel does have a pretty good idea of the consequences our troops are facing, and his actions and words have increased, in some measure, their risk.

    Of this I am certain.

    Chuck Hagel is no doubt a good man, but in this controversy, one of his making, he is an idiot expressing idiotarian ideas. I guess however I should apologize for calling him a RINO. That is for registered Republicans to decide.

    UPDATE: Those of you doubting my claim from my earlier post here and this post that the Left is claiming Chuck Hegel as their own, need to read this from the Washington Post. Nuff said!!!

    Posted by GM Roper at August 23, 2005 08:04 PM | TrackBack

    Ah, but you do not understand the left! When they hold up a celebrity, you CANNOT question them.

    Just a Cindy Sheehan cannot be questioned or doubted, simply because her son (A VOLUNTEER) died, you cannot question Hagel because he's a veteran, Kerry because he's a veteran (he's a Senator, you know), nor McCain (he was a POW, you know).

    Nothing you say can counter that. That's how the left works, period.

    Posted by Ogre at August 23, 2005 08:36 PM

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