February 02, 2005



sent from the internet by Charles Straw. It has passed through many hands since sent by Straw. The photo was accompanied by the following:

Marine 1st Sergeant Brad Kasal (in the middle). I work with his older brother in Iraq (a former 82nd Airborne paratrooper who is a hero in his own right). This photo is from the most recent major offensive in Fallujah. Sgt. Kasal sacrificed his own safety to save a room full of fellow Marines. He ended up taking several AK rounds in the leg. Most of his lower leg was blown away but you can't tell it from this pic. He t! ook rounds in the back which his armor saved him from. He took one round through his butt which passed through both cheeks leaving 4 holes in him. And he also took the brunt of a grenade blast. He jumped on top of a younger Marine to cover him from the fire. He killed the terrorist who did most of the damage to him and his men, and despite a massive loss of blood he never stopped fighting. Notice that he's still holding his pistol. He has been put in for the Medal of Honor for his actions on that day. He already has several Purple Hearts for previous battles throughout his career and he has turned some down so that he could stay with his unit. While in the hospital he has met President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and several other celebrities. He said that President Bush came in by himself and had a very long, sincere, and friendly visit with him.

Where do we get such exceptional people? I've never met you Sgt. Kasal, but I damn sure admire you.

Posted by GM Roper at February 2, 2005 12:00 PM | TrackBack

Sorry, what you are saying is not true. At least the way he got shot and the reason why.

Enemy troops were in a building shooting down at the troops. They even got a couple of marines injured.

A small squad was dispatched to take over the building after an airstrike failed to take it out. The squad got udner heavy sniper fire from the same building, and were stuck. A few hours later a M1A2 came that fired a couple of rounds in the building when the sergeant decided to go in ON HIS OWN to end all of it once and for all, he even ordered his fellow troops to stay out.

He was greeted with small arms fire rounds, incl. AK-47, and NO, parts of his legs were not shot off, they were shot through. One 7.62 mm went right through the upper leg and another 9mm partially hit his lower torso.
He killed all the enemies (6 troops) on his own. After it was over he called in his buddies that carried him out.

He was shot already six times before that day, in the previous wars (Gulf War 1 and Afghanistan) and he decided to keep going. He was always lucky and now he is back in active duty, his wounds are healed.

And he is not hero, you told the story wrong. If I was his commanding officer I would have put him in military court. This is not a everybody for his own army. Nor is it a Ninja-Commando Kung Fu video game. He crossed the line the second he told his buddies to stay out of there, to take out the enemies on his own and he was lucky again that time.

Imagine he would have gotten killed in that selfish foolish act. That would leave other less experienced troops under his command in trouble, not to mention the shock in morale to see one of the most experienced soldiers of the whole damn army over there go down.

If he wants to continue to do that (stuff) he will soon be killed. He should rather apply for Special Forces and work as a sharpshooter or scout if he wants to go on his own, because such experienced people as him are sure welcomed there.

But he was made a hero in the soldier of fortune magazine. Now all of the grunts think they can do the same (stuff), in fact they will, and most of them will get their brains blown off.

I just hate it when grunts try to be Killer Commandos, they put other soldiers in danger.

Posted by John at January 15, 2006 07:52 AM

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