February 02, 2005

New Feature: Blogs I've Recently Discovered

It occured to me this morning as I woke up at "O-Dark:Thirty" and signed on to the internet, that there are an awful lot of new blogs out there. Some well known already, some not so well known, but worthy of being well known IMHO. So, starting this week, I'll be posting a bit of information on a blog I've discovered in a special block in the column to your right. I hope this will accomplish a couple of things. One, is introduce new or newly discovered (though they may be up and running for a while but I didn't know about them) and two, if you keep coming here to see what's new, It'll increase my traffic also. (That's your real motive isn't it? - Ed.) No, it's not, well, maybe a little.

At any rate, our first and so far ONLY entry is a terrific blog by (Drum Roll if you Please Maestro.....) VietPundit.

I first saw this young fellow's nom de blog in a comment in Marc Coopers blog (one of the four or five GREAT blogs IMHO). Then I got an e-mailed comment from this blog (after I shamefacedly let everyone know about my new blog URL in Marc's blog (hmmm, do you owe him advertising revenue - Ed. - - No, but when he next comes to South Texas where I live, I'll buy him a libation). But, I digress. VietPundit sent me a comment on this blog and invited me to take a look at his new blog and I did. Wow, worth a look everyone. VietPundit is to the right of center politically and has a terrific "intro" to his (and that is a generic his - don't go PC on me you lefty readers of this blog) life and reasons for being here in this country. It is obviously heartfelt and well worth a read , so, go there - NOW, but be sure and come back.

Posted by GM Roper at February 2, 2005 04:45 AM | TrackBack

Thanks so much, George, for the wonderful plug! :-)

Posted by VietPundit at February 2, 2005 06:25 AM

George, Why, oh why, do you get up so very early? A glutton for punishment, perhaps? Sheez, maybe you need professional help.

Hey, put down that tire-iron. I was just kidding.

Posted by tad at February 2, 2005 10:18 AM

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