November 13, 2006

Internet Bullies, Internet Trolls; The Same?

I received this in an email today. How sad that it comes to this just because some commenters cannot restrain themselves.

I regret to inform you that my commentary or opinions will not be posted here. I thank you for your hospitality in extending the invitation, but I will refrain from it for one reason. That reason is the ever present use of ad hominem attacks by one individual who consistently disagrees with nearly everyone. I have a profound respect for opinionated people because it depicts one who is not afraid to make decisions based on the facts they have gathered. Right or wrong, they don't sit on the fence constantly arbitrating and are left without a true compass for their own direction. It is those who add personal insult and use degrading adjectives to describe their opponent and anyone else not available to defend themselves that cause me to move on to more civil territory.

I've been wrong many times in my life, but I refuse to be constantly insulted and watch others be insulted day after day. And I realize that I don't have a constitutional right to be free from insult, but I don't have to paint a target on myself either for those who like to take pot shots so indiscriminately.

One could use the old flies/honey analogy as a manner in which to sway other's opinions and it is a good approach to take. Or just simple dispassionate logic. However, in saying this, I am not implying that I wish to be coddled nor am I afraid of having my views challenged. Only that I demand my opponent display civility and respect when stating their case or I'll move on to a place where insult is not part and parcel of debate. I will not respond to a never ending barrage of mockery. It's quite simple - this is not debate. This is bullying and rigid, unbending cynicism and I refuse to stoop to such a level or even ignore it.

And that is what my letter is about. I'm not writing this to challenge the validity of any of his arguments, but to denounce an individual who thinks his behavior is acceptable due to an over-inflated opinion of his own intellect over others. This person, in using sneering insult as part of his argument, has revealed nothing about his opponents more than his own character flaws. He is guilty of everything he accuses others of.

I have watched others attempt to hold debate here with honest composed commentary on your blog only to be characterized *at best* as "trying to be honest" because he seems to think that allowing any challenge to his views to stand is unacceptable. Regardless of the civility used by those who oppose, the level of censure by this person only decreases slightly, but remains ceaseless. Perhaps his perception of others' lacking intelligence grants him license to be abusive. It does not. And I see today that his vocabulary of four letter words has reached a crescendo coupled with his threat to not come back. Pardon me for this, but I hope the door hits him squarely and firmly. Perhaps he can start a blog called "GMWatch" to assuage his overwhelming and uncontrollable indignance.

You know of whom I speak (although I could be speaking about any number of people we have all run across on the Internet) and I have tried to approach him with my grievances only to garner more insult, mockery and belittlement merely proving my point. I think I speak for most people in saying that if one's argument is so strong then there is no need, nay, it is repugnant, to be so vindictive and insulting.

I've enjoyed past discussions on your blog even with people with which I have disagreed because they kept the discussion in the arena of the actual issue and I've sometimes had to adjust my own thoughts due to a compelling argument. But as long as your site is frequented by one who likes to use crass swipes at everyone, I'll merely move on.

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September 22, 2005

Support This Blog

Today we had a shutdown. GM's Corner did something I never thought would happen, but we exceeded our total bandwidth for the month and for a while, no one could access the site. Woody called me and told me that he had tried to log on, but was unsuccessful because of bandwidth problems.

So, I'm asking all of our loyal readers and commenters to make a small donation of less than $5.00 per month or whatever you can afford so that we can continue to bring this site to you. If everyone chips in a dollar per month. We can continue to grow, if not.... well.

I'm not out to make money at blogging (although I'm sure there are those who do) but I don't want to go broke blogging either. It takes less than $20.00 per month to keep the site open and less than $30.00 per month for maximum bandwidth. Won't you help? Any month donations exceed the cost of hosting, I will remove the button from the sidebar until the first of the following month.

Thanks from from both of us at GM's Corner.

Info Theory

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June 08, 2005

Commenters React to Posting Rules - Bush Blamed

The following is an unauthorized entry placed here before G.M. had a chance to stop it. It concerns everyone and must be read to stop a terrible travesty on the internet. Continue to the comment:

Today readers and commenters were confused about new registration rules for posting at "The Corner." This comes on the heels of other recent guidelines regarding the use of inappropriate language.

When Woody signed on today, his first lucid thought was, "Huh?" After working forty-five minutes and trying eleven unavailable user names, he finally waded through the registration rules and became an official commenter. Despite his immense pride at achieving this recognition, Woody realized that it was easier for an illegal immigrant to get registered as a voter in California than it was to make a stupid comment at The Corner.

Calls and emails to G.M. Roper were made, but Mr. Roper was unavailable and the emails went unreturned. Questions abound about his disappearance. However, we can say, with seventy per cent certainty!, that he is not at the Neverland Ranch.

All of today's discussions involve the new rules, but none of the discussions were posted as people struggled with the registration process. The general feelings were that the commenters expect and deserve answers! What is the spam business, anyway--the so-called reason for the change? Maybe people like to read male potency ads and Nigerian banking offers. Maybe some need them.

Commenter reactions include those of Jim Hitchcock. Jim thought this must be some vast right wing conspiracy to silence liberals, who have a harder time following simple instructions. He wrote, "Democrats have a hard enough time voting with those chads and all. How, does G.M. expect us to follow these complicated rules? I think it's harassment and disenfranchises the less fortunate. We need a government program to resolve this."

On the other hand, too many steves was unaffected as he registered before it was required. too many steves said, "I had a better attitude about registering as a commenter than I did registering my guns. By my registering early, I could get three of my comments in way before tad or that other steve could even get their first one authorized. I ruled the discussions!"

In response, steve said, "it was hard enough dealing with the shift key without having to think up a name to register. however, i was able to come up with at least twenty obscure links about this subject, which I will share as soon as I figure out how to post them. i'm sure that george bush is to blame for this apparent attack on working americans. i can hardly wait to get back on to tell tad and g.m. that they are wrong on everything. did i tell you that john kerry was a war hero?"

The simple response from reg was, "%$#$&%(%(^*)_)*)&#@ you, Roper!"

Cao, Tom Grey-Liberty Dad, Mustang, BronxPundit, and others too numerous to mention were forming a committee to study the problem and determine if they could share one name to cut down on the red tape. Mustang said, "I served in the Marines and as a public school teacher. I know about forms and registration. But, this is too much. Next thing you know, G.M. will want us to register in triplicate!"

In the meantime, if someone has any technical solutions to the spam problem raised by G.M., then please get in touch with him. It is for a better America--and my sanity, too. Of course, you will have to complete the registration process first, if you can. Thank you.

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January 10, 2005

Rules For Commenting

My main inspiration for these rules is a very wise lady Romeo Cat who writes at Cathouse Chat and who said I could borrow and revise these rules. She says that she got them from La Shawn Barber, so if you see anything particularly well worded and brilliant, it's hers or hers. If it's funny, I claim it. ;-)

By commenting on this blog, you are agreeing to abide by these public rules of conduct for GM's Corner. If you break these rules, you are subject to a) editing, b) ridicule, and/or c) banning, according to my mood at the time and according to the eggregiousness of your stupidity.

Big Rule # ONE (Number 1 for those from the California School System): I own this blog. It is mine, not yours. Therefore, I rule here with an iron fist. If you wish to comment, you will follow the rules to the letter. As La Shawn says, "this is my weblog and I pay for the hosting. The First Amendment protects my right to speak on this site, not yours. The amendment prohibits government from infringing on my right of free expression. On this blog, your expression is a privilege. On your own blog, your expression is a right. Learn the distinction."

Big Rule # TWO: There will be no swearing, invective (look it up), or ad hominem attacks of a juvenile nature (see below for what I mean by "juvenile nature") in the comments here, either directed at me or at another commenter. Any links included in your comments that break this rule (e.g. www. "f*thesouth" dot com) will be removed or edited. Of course, racist, sexist (of any sexual persuasion), or hateful comments are included in Rule Two. If you break this rule, you will be banned, and your comment will be revised or deleted. If you want to be removed from my ban list, you may e-mail me a personal and sincere apology. I will post it publicly (probably in the original comment thread) and remove your ban.

Big Rule # THREE: All opposing opinions are welcome, as long as they are in conformity to Rules One and Two. If you really want to try to persuade me to your point of view, use well-reasoned arguments supported by documentation from places other than the Democratic Underground and other places infested by Barking Moonbats on Speed(TM). Please remember that I am like most people: coaxing me works far better than beating me over the head - I don't like being beaten over the head, I once had a boss trying to do just that. I told him off, and it cost me a job, but I was looking for a job when I got that one.

Big Rule # FOUR: Here's where I demonstrate that I can be a benevolent despot. If I break Rule Two, above, and someone politely reminds me of it, I will post an apology. I will not make excuses, or try to avoid the fact that I was wrong. This rule applies only to the comments, and not to posts. My posts are effectively my journal, and I may rant and rave a bit in them. If there is a glaring violation of Rule Two in my posts, I will consider revising and apologizing, if given a rational reason to do so.

Now, "ad hominem of a juvenile nature:" I define this behavior as attacks on the level of using words like (and here I will break Rule Two) "bitch, cunt, bastard, asshole, nigger, spic, wop, kike, homo", and slurs of this genre. This is not, of course, an exhaustive list. These types of attacks are subject to immediate banning. I do not tolerate this type of thing AT ALL.

However, if the ad hominem is particularly inventive and "clean," and/or makes me laugh, I will probably allow it to stand. I will also, since I use similar terms ("Barking Moonbats" comes to mind...), allow things like "Repug" and so on, as they are in fairly common circulation and are relatively amusing.

Finally, I reserve the right to interpret any of these rules to mean whatever I choose, and may at any point revise, retract, or remove them at my whim. If you don't like it, then get your own blog and make your own rules.

That is all. On to the fray.....

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