May 31, 2006

Al Gore Admits Global Warming Lie [UPDATED x2]

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the left practices situational ethics. Their causes are so noble (to them), that any means to achieve success is okay--lying especially. Al Gore gave further support to this claim when he said the folowing:

Nobody is interested in solutions if they don't think there's a problem. Given that starting point, I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous (global warming) is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are, and how hopeful it is that we are going to solve this crisis.

He's serial...I mean serious.

Via Maggie's Farm and Free Republic--both with good comments

UPDATE: From comments left at "Free Republic" (with thanks for the borrowing extended to ancient geezer)

"What we've got to do in energy conservation is try to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, to have approached global warming as if it is real means energy conservation, so we will be doing the right thing anyway in terms of economic policy and environmental policy."
-- Timothy Wirth, former U.S. Senator (D-Colorado)

"On the one hand, as scientists we are ethically bound to the scientific method, in effect promising to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but - which means that we must include all the doubts, the caveats, the ifs, ands, and buts. On the other hand, we are not just scientists but human beings as well. And like most people we'd like to see the world a better place, which in this context translates into our working to reduce the risk of potentially disastrous climatic change. To do that we need to get some broadbased support, to capture the public's imagination. That, of course, entails getting loads of media coverage. So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have. This 'double ethical bind' we frequently find ourselves in cannot be solved by any formula. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest. I hope that means being both." (Steven Schneider, Quoted in Discover, pp. 45-48, Oct. 1989; see also (Dixy Lee Ray in 'Trashing the Planet', 1990) and (American Physical Society, APS News August/September 1996).

"Scientists who want to attract attention to themselves, who want to attract great funding to themselves, have to (find a) way to scare the public . . . and this you can achieve only by making things bigger and more dangerous than they really are." (Petr Chylek, Professor of Physics and Atmospheric Science, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, commenting on reports that Greenland's glaciers are melting. Halifax Chronicle-Herald, August 22, 2001)

"A global climate treaty must be implemented even if there is no scientific evidence to back the [enhanced] greenhouse effect"
(Richard Benedict, US Conservation Foundation)

"We have wished, we ecofreaks, for a disaster or for a social change to come and bomb us into Stone Age, where we might live like Indians in our valley, with our localism, our appropriate technology, our gardens, our homemade religion -- guilt-free at last!"
-- Stewart Brand (writing in the Whole Earth Catalogue)"


What do you do about a leading climatologist who won't toe the liberal line on global warming? Why you demand that he be fired!

From Drudge Report:

May 31, 2006

SILVER SPRING, MD – Hundreds of concerned citizens and leaders from across the nation will join Hurricane Katrina survivors Wednesday to call for the resignation of the heads of the National Hurricane Center and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration....

(A)dvocates will demand that NOAA stop covering up the growing scientific link between severe hurricanes and global warming while insisting on real solutions to the problem of global warming....

Yet, despite a flurry of peer-reviewed scientific studies linking planetary warming to storms like Katrina, leaders at NOAA and the NHC continue to claim that the recent hurricane devastation is part of a "natural cycle."

Don't tell these same people that the sun is at the center of our solar system. They may want other scientists hung for heresy.


Scientists Say Arctic Once Was Tropical
May 31, 2006

WASHINGTON (AP) - Scientists have found what might have been the ideal ancient vacation hotspot with a 74-degree Fahrenheit average temperature, alligator ancestors and palm trees. It's smack in the middle of the Arctic.

First-of-its-kind core samples dug up from deep beneath the Arctic Ocean floor show that 55 million years ago an area near the North Pole was practically a subtropical paradise, three new studies show.

The scientists say their findings are a glimpse backward into a much warmer-than-thought polar region heated by run-amok greenhouse gases that came about naturally.

Skeptics of man-made causes of global warming have nothing to rejoice over, however. The researchers say their studies appearing in Thursday's issue of Nature also offer a peek at just how bad conditions can get.

"It probably was (a tropical paradise) but the mosquitoes were probably the size of your head," said Yale geology professor Mark Pagani, a study co-author.

Wow! Forget about getting hot and rising sea levels. With mosquitoes that big we're going to have one serious outbreak of the West Nile virus. Can you imagine the itch that bite would cause? But, isn't one thing funny? Rather than seeing the obvious point that global warming is part of natural long-term cycles in our climate, the left tries to tell us that this should be a warning as to how bad that it can get if we don't start solving GW now. Well, what was Bush and mankind doing 55 million years ago that caused this problem?

See. With the worshippers of the Global Warming God, everything proves their case--even the things that refute it.

You know. With the lying, firing your critics, and the cover-ups, I'd think that we would be covering Watergate rather than global warming believers. I guess the left admires Nixon more than we knew.

One More--

Finally, from our buddy and a self-described global warming expert on Gore's (or someone's) penchant to lie:

Environment II by Mark A. York:
(Yes, that Mark A. York aka Jake Elmore whose site gives his purpose: "Dedicated to bashing the myths perpetuated by the untrained conservative mind on environmental and other political issues facing the world at this critical juncture.")

May 30, 2006

Swift Boating the Planet, By Paul Krugman

"Al Gore and others who hope to turn global warming into a real political issue are going to have to get tougher, because the other side doesn't play by any known rules."

I haven't read it but I know what he said.

What rules? Lying, firing qualified scientists who see otherwise, scaring people, stealing money for research instead of helping people? It seems that the left has a monopoly on cheating rather than playing by the rule book. (You're welcome for the link, Mark, as much as I appreciate your insight.)

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May 30, 2006

The JOY Of Living ~ Even With Cancer!

Sun-up came like a shy child, sneaking the eyes around the corner to see who was there. As the sky lit up, the world came alive and reminded me how great it is to be alive, even if you are recovering from cancer.

Before sun-up I arose with my bride and made coffee (with a little bit of chickory for a kick) while she got dressed to go to work. I walked her out and kissed her good bye, poured my coffee and sat on the patio to await brother sun. On time and in glory brother sun arose after making sure I was settled on the patio with a book and my morning cup of java. I stared up at the sky, listened to the wind in the trees, sniffed at the fragrance of flowers in the early summer air and listened at last to the gentle cooing of white-wing doves.

I wish I could share that feeling with the world, but I can't and more's the pity.

It occurred to me during that second cuppa that I really do enjoy living. I enjoy sitting with my arms around my bride, or kissing my daughter goodbye after she comes for a visit. I enjoy the interchange of ideas as found in blogs and in reading what others think. But most of all, I enjoy that quiet bit of solitude that I share with God in the morning.

Back in January when I announced on this site that I had cancer, I had absolutely no idea what my future held, other than I intended to fight this evil bastard down to the wire and I intended to win. I still do if you are curious. I received over a hundred comments on that post and well over 300 emails from folk wishing me well. One can share that, but one cannot truly understand the buoyancy to the spirit unless it has happened to you. And one thing I know, deep within my heart-of-hearts, it is not the only thing that has kept me going, but it sure has helped.

The other week, I went to church and got to announce a "Joy," that my CT Scan had come back clean. The congregation applauded and several people walked up after services and announced that they "knew" that things were going to be OK. How did they know? We have lost other church members to disease, accidents and the like, how did they know I would do OK? I don't have an answer, I don't know why some are, like me spared, and others, good people all are not.

I do know that a large part of this is truly the Joy of Living - even with cancer! Nothing that I can imagine would cause me to despair and give up. Nothing that I can think of would make me say that the illness and weakness brought about by chemo-therapy and having part of a lung removed would tilt me towards giving up and giving in.

So, as the sun has risen high in the sky, it is time to bring this little bit of posting to an end, to let you, my faithful readers, know how very much I love all of you (even the lefties out there) and how much you have touched this old guy.

Thanks for being my friends, and Thank YOU God for taking care of me during this phase of my joy filled life.

And friends, be assured that no matter what, I will fight on and beat this thing.
Fight On!

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Wide Awakes Radio

July 4th will see not only the birthday of this Great Nation, but a new kid on the block. GM will join other members of the Wide Awakes on internet radio. Our show will be on Thursdays from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM on Thursday evenings, Central Time. Join me and hear the best of conservative Radio. Lefties beware, Have Couch, will deride! To see the "teaser" click below.

Wide Awakes Radio ~ GM's Corner: Listen in!

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May 29, 2006

A Treat For All

Cao of Cao's Blog has a special Memorial Day Movie up. Go see it here

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On Memorial Day, it is easy to remember those who have died in the cause of freedom and democracy. It is relatively simple to put flowers (a red poppy of course) on military graves, to shed a tear for those who have died in that cause. But it is harder, oh so much harder, to pay tribute to those who actively serve in our military (are you listening Jack Murtha, John Kerry?) but the troops know. Oh, yes, they know!


I went into a public-'ouse to get a pint o'beer,
The publican 'e up an' sez, "We serve no red-coats here."
The girls be'ind the bar they laughed an' giggled fit to die,
I outs into the street again an' to myself sez I:

O it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Tommy, go away";
But it's ``Thank you, Mister Atkins,'' when the band begins to play,
The band begins to play, my boys, the band begins to play,
O it's ``Thank you, Mr. Atkins,'' when the band begins to play.

I went into a theatre as sober as could be,
They gave a drunk civilian room, but 'adn't none for me;
They sent me to the gallery or round the music-'alls,
But when it comes to fightin', Lord! they'll shove me in the stalls!

For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Tommy, wait outside";
But it's "Special train for Atkins" when the trooper's on the tide,
The troopship's on the tide, my boys, the troopship's on the tide,
O it's "Special train for Atkins" when the trooper's on the tide.

Yes, makin' mock o' uniforms that guard you while you sleep
Is cheaper than them uniforms, an' they're starvation cheap;
An' hustlin' drunken soldiers when they're goin' large a bit
Is five times better business than paradin' in full kit.

Then it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Tommy how's yer soul?"
But it's "Thin red line of 'eroes" when the drums begin to roll,
The drums begin to roll, my boys, the drums begin to roll,
O it's "Thin red line of 'eroes" when the drums begin to roll.

We aren't no thin red 'eroes, nor we aren't no blackguards too,
But single men in barricks, most remarkable like you;
An' if sometimes our conduck isn't all your fancy paints:
Why, single men in barricks don't grow into plaster saints;

While it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Tommy, fall be'ind,"
But it's "Please to walk in front, sir," when there's trouble in the wind,
There's trouble in the wind, my boys, there's trouble in the wind,
O it's "Please to walk in front, sir," when there's trouble in the wind.

You talk o' better food for us, an' schools, an' fires an' all:
We'll wait for extry rations if you treat us rational.
Don't mess about the cook-room slops, but prove it to our face
The Widow's Uniform is not the soldier-man's disgrace.

For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Chuck him out, the brute!"
But it's "Saviour of 'is country," when the guns begin to shoot;
An' it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' anything you please;
But Tommy ain't a bloomin' fool - you bet that Tommy sees!

Rudyard Kipling

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American Idol?

My Phriend Phin at Phin's Blog has been listening to a different version of American Idol

Drop by and see how bad it could be.

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The Last Battle ~ A Memorial Day Tribute

Throughout history, men and women, parents and grandparents and even kids have risen up to defend freedom. Since our battle for independence from Great Brittin and Mad King George, the people of these United States of America have been members of the profession of arms. The Army, the Navy, The Marine Corps, the Coast Guard and later the Air Force have stood between us and the despots of the world. Many have given their lives for the freedoms that we enjoy today. This post is about one battle, in one war but stands in Tribute to all those brave men and women, kids grandparents and parents who gave their lives for us. This Memorial Day, let us remember them and all that they have given. Let us also say a prayer for them as we say thanks.

The 102nd Infantry Division fought from Cherbourg, France through some of the roughest fighting, the Bulge, the Roer, the Rhine facing the German 2nd Paratroop Division, the atrocity at Gardelegen and which I posted on here and on to the Elbe At a bridge in Northern Germany, the Tangermunde Bridge, elements of the 102nd Infantry Division watched the last battle between the Russians and the fleeing Germans. This is their story. Reprinted in its entirety from the 102nd Infantry Divisions Official History


On April 12th the Ozarks continued to press east toward the Elbe River, following the spearheading 5th Armored Division. From this point on no further enemy resistance of any magnitude was expected nor encountered. Without reserves, transportation, food or ammunition the enemy had little choice but to surrender. For the most part they either retreated north and across the Elbe or gave up. Those that were retreating didn't take the necessary precautions to destroy bridges left in their paths. This only helped the pace at which the Allies advanced.
The 102nd, 84th and 35th Infantry Divisions were advancing so quickly that the only danger lay from by-passed German units that could not always be tracked down in the forests.
The 102nd, 84th and 35th Infantry Divisions were advancing so quickly that the only danger lay from by-passed German units that could not always be tracked down in the forests. Potential pockets of resistance and ambushes awaited around every turn. By days end the 405th Regiment, 3rd Battalion had traversed approximately 30 miles east to Meine. Their 2nd Battalion made it to Rotgesbuttel and the 1st occupied Rethen. The 406th Regiment was slightly north in Gifhorn.

The next day the 406th, 3rd Battalion after covering about 25 miles ran into a small but stiff pocket of resistance in the woods Northwest of Schwiesau. It would take them until the 14th to clear the woods and head south through Gardelegen to Erxleben. The 2nd Battalion of the 406th headed northeast from the Gardelegen Highway to Osterburg, a town just west of the banks of the Elbe. The 405th Regiment's 1st Battalion advanced to the Elbe into Stendal, near Tangemunde. The 3rd Battalion of the 405th also made it to the Elbe this day. They were south of the 1st in Burgstal. The Ozarks had unequivocally reached the Elbe.

The 405th, 2nd Battalion advanced on Gardelegen from the West and met intense small arms fire. Paratroopers determined to protect a Luftwaffe airfield located within the moated town were soon overrun by two platoons of tanks. No sooner had the 2nd Battalion emerged from the town than they once again found themselves under heavy fire. Unbeknown to the Ozarks at the time, but the enemy was trying to delay the inevitable. The men of the 405th Regiment were about to discover one of the most horrific atrocities of the war. Click here to go to seperate section describing the Gardelegen atrocity.

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May 27, 2006

Obnoxous and Offensive, and I'm Glad Of It~

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred have stated up front what they want to do:

We don't care who we insult or who takes offense. Unlike the other brilliant therapists who regularly blog, we are dead and thus don't give a rats ass about what you think. Further, we are smarter than you, better looking than you and the object of desire of m[any] fabulous and good looking women. For you whiny,metro-sexual and sensitive bastards out there, we concede you look very nice in your pink shirt, yellow paisley tie and dress flip-flops with tassels."
Then they proceed to so with an amazing elan.

I read their post, then read it again and I can't find a whole lot to fault them for. Oh, I'm not sure I fully agree with the illegal immegration issue, but on the other hand, they have laid their position out with a great deal of backup. Could they be right?

Here's the reality horse pill- Hispanic immigrants are no different than European immigrants. Yes, they want to have neighborhood grocery stores that stock food from home and they want to have dry cleaners that explain the spot removal process to them in their own language. So what? In New York, there are dry cleaners who speak Chinese, others who speak Italian and still others that will unload invectives in Yiddish. Spanish speaking dry cleaners will not sink the ocean liner that is America. Besides, as that Hispanic grows out of the neighborhood- and into your four cubits- the kid behind the counter will be going to night school, studying engineering, or law. Be nice- you might need his services one day.

Hispanics also want to educate their kids and build a future for their families. They want o get educated and build businesses. Worried about crime? Well, the Irish 'westies' were not much different than the Italian mob- and they weren't much different from the Jewish gangsters. They were crooks, all of them and for the most part, got what they deserved. That didn't stop those immigrant communities from growing, assimilating and contributing to the American tapestry.

Here's another unspoken secret. In their drive to become 'good Americans,' most immigrants have always been ashamed of their criminal classes- and in fact, went out of their way to be better than average. They had something to prove. That's why Irish beat cops beat the crap out of little red headed boys that stole apples. The cop didn't really care about the kids. He cared that the kid's mother and family would be ashamed. The Irish weren't all shanty, you know. Italian family females were more formidable than most weapons of mass destruction. There was an mother, grandmother, aunt or cousin to keep you in line- and they didn't have to be related to you. Success in Little Italy was a community event. Jewish immigrant parents made sure it was understood that primary education ended with a Bachelor's degree. A graduate degree was OK, but a doctorate was preferable. If you weren't so inclined, that was OK, too. It didn't matter if mama died a few years early, of grief.

There are mothers, fathers and children in the Hispanic community that have Irish, Italian and Jewish traits. For those of you who are wondering why I didn't mention Greeks or Bolivians, be assured that you are idiots."

Agree or disagree, you really ought to read the whole thing.

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Jesse McBeth... More on Less

Jesse McBeth is being raked over the coals big time. QandO has his DD214 and has nailed this young poseur to the wall.

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Our Tone Deaf Narcissistic Congress Critters

First, let me pay respect to all of the Psychbloggers who have done so much work on the nature of narcissism. Especially Dr. Pat Santy at Dr. Sanity, Shrinkwrapped, Sigmund Carl and Alfred, Neo-Neocon (on Kerry) and many others.

Narcissism is what we say when we are talking about Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Note that you cannot (and here I am not) applying a diagnosis to the members of congress. However, there are traits of narcissism and that is what I am discussing. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is agonizingly dificult to treat, it is a persistent pattern of behaving starting in at least early adulthood. The Diagnost And Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association's criteria for someone with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder is as follows:

A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:
1. An exaggerated sense of self-importance
2. Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
3. Believes he is "special" and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
4. Requires excessive admiration
5. Has a sense of entitlement
6. Selfishly takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends
7. Lacks empathy
8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him
9. Shows arrogant, haughty, patronizing, or contemptuous behaviors or attitudes
The recent kerfuffle over the FBI using a warrant to enter the Congressional Office of William Jefferson, (D-La.). Denny Hastert, Speaker of the House and Nancy Pelosi House Minority Leader have strongly condemned the "invasion" stating that it was an ursupation of power by the executive branch.

Of course, just because this has never been done before (using a warrant to enter and search the offices of a member of congress) doesn't mean that it is illegal. In fact, if you will recall, the Contract With America contained the principle that

On the first day of the 104th Congress, the new Republican majority will immediately pass the following major reforms, aimed at restoring the faith and trust of the American people in their government:

FIRST, require all laws that apply to the rest of the country also apply equally to the Congress..." Emphasis Added

So, how does the narcissim fit in. Well, let us look at each of the criteria and discuss them as and if they apply.
1. An exaggerated sense of self-importance: This certainly seems to fit. Congress Critters of both parties seem to believe that they are due more than what the people who elect them think they are due. They are exempt from so very many laws, they can grant themselves pay raises when they want, they don't pay any attention to what is right for the country as a whole... need I go on? Just look at what the Congressional Leadership has blown a fuse over on the search warrant issue.

2. Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, orideal love: This absolutely fits if you look at the POWER they think they have not subject to what the rest of us lowly citizens call check and balances. And, given the number of ordinary folk who are elected and later retire as multi-millionaires one would even think that they have (fulfilled) fantasies of unlimited success.

3. Believes he is "special" and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions): Not sure about this one, let me think on it for a nano-second... Oh, yes, how about not having to pay attention to the outcry about earmarks or budgeting or search warrants or any damn thing else?

4. Requires excessive admiration: Seems to fit

5. Has a sense of entitlement: When the citizens critized the addition of a payraise to the already inflated salary (when you include congressional perks) the members of congress (with a few exceptions) settled back and said "Kiss My ... " and left it in anyway. If that is not a sense of entitlement I don't know what is.

6. Selfishly takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends: I need only say Abramoff, Jefferson, Cunningham, Sherwood, Delay, Ney, Mollohan, Foley and many, many others.

7. Lacks empathy: As in our Congress Critters really don't care what happens to us as long as they get to spend our money and say "tough" when we complain.

8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him: No comment.

9. Shows arrogant, haughty, patronizing, or contemptuous behaviors or attitudes: Ha, is this one on target or what. Congress-Critters are utterly contemptus in their attitudes and behavior in the frequency that they pass laws to insure their re-election (McCain-Feingold anyone?) ignore expressed desire of their constituents regarding spending (Porkbusters has the lowdown) and perhaps most exemplified by the Good (tongue in cheek there) Senator Trent Lott's comment about getting sick and tired of porkbusters objections to his train to nowwhere attempt to earmark $700,000,000.00.

Having said the above, let's look at the specifics of Narcissistic attitudes/behaviors. Dr. Sanity states (in her well explained series on Narcissism):

Much of the evil that humans do to each other comes as a result of Narcissistic Rage and Narcissistic Idealism. In the former case, we hear about or know individuals who manipulate, control, subjugate, hurt or kill others and they are able to do this because they do not consider other people as human or separate from their own Self; or because they are so enraged they are not capable of empathy.

We see stories of this happening all the time on the news, frequently exclaiming, "How could someone do that?" The ex-boyfriend who cannot accept that the woman has dared to withdraw her love and so must kill her (and often himself); the serial killer who does not experience others as really human. The pedophile who abuses then murders his child victim. Every petty criminal who believes implicitly that his feelings and desires are paramount and justify his behavior.

The second type of evil is more subtle, and it comes from the the opposite side of the Self. This side also does not see other people as individuals either; and instead sees them only as fodder for the expression of an IDEAL or as pawns for an Omnipotent Object (e.g., a dictator). People with this Idealizing Narcissistic defect (and by the way, such people are also capable of Narcissistic Rage when thwarted) completely reject the needs of the individual and enslave him or her to their IDEAL. Eventually, the enslavement--whether religious or secular--snuffs out human ambition, confidence, energy and self-esteem. These "do-gooders" cause considerable human misery and their ideologies can lead to genocidal practices and unbelievable atrocities on a grand scale, all in the name of the IDEAL or GOD."

As the narcissistic tendencies of being elected to congress advance, the belief that congress can do good by passing any law they want, tends to enslave the public in a total package of "we know better than you do." If you doubt that, take a look at the IRS. Surely we need to pay taxes, but the complicated tax laws are primarily there to feed special interests via deductions and to insure that sufficient monies are available to pay for the pork which in turn gets the Congress-Critter re-elected. Other examples are rampant, take a look at the retirement package for congress. Serve as little as 6 years and get 14K per year Thirty years gets you something like 114K per year. Plus Social Security, Plus 401Ks etc. as Graef Crystal says: "Those who can take care of themselves -- do..."

I'm very tired of the Tone Deafness of Congress. They need to pay attention and to do that, I suggest they get the following:

UPDATE: From Day By Day cartoon by Chris Muir... Great Minds Think Alike... this cartoon was published the same day as this post, and NO, I didn't see Chris' Cartoon first!

UPDATE # 2: Law Professor Robert F. Turner has the low-down on whether or not the "invasion" was legal:

The "Speech or Debate" clause is contained in Article I, Section 6, which provides that members of Congress "shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place." The provision was designed to protect legislators from civil law suits and unwarranted harassment by the executive branch, such as charges of defamation stemming from criticisms of the president during congressional debate. [emphasis added]
I would have thought that our Tone Deaf Congress-Critters would understand the law they are claiming was violated (the Constitutional seperation of powers clause). Clearly, accepting $100,000.00 in bribes is a "Felony." What is it about this they don't understand? Turner goes on:
It is increasingly rare to find a spirit of bipartisanship in Congress these days. So a display of the spirit would have been a good thing to see--especially in a time of war--but for the fact that the issue now uniting Republican and Democratic leaders is an outrageous assertion that members of Congress are above the law, and that the Constitution immunizes legislators who betray their public trust in return for bribes from investigation by the executive branch.
In light of the attitudes held by so many of our legislators, it is no wonder three times as many Americans disapprove of Congress's job-performance as approve, according to a recent Gallup Poll. Those are Congress's lowest numbers since the Democrats were last in power a dozen years ago.

According to Gallup, 83% of Americans view congressional corruption as a serious problem. There is an election coming up in five months, and legislators who wish to survive it might wish to step back and permit the FBI to do its job."

SOUNDS right to me, and even if, with my hearing loss, I'm tone deaf, I'm not TONE DEAF like these Congress-Critters are.

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May 26, 2006

Noise Interpreted As Shots Fired At Sam Rayburn Building

It is really not funny, but there were "shots fired" which didn't turn out to be shots at all. But for a while, confusion reigned and information was hard to come by. The BEST blogging on the subject was Rick at The Real Ugly American.

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Monuments To Heroes ~ A Photographic Celebration of Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, a day when we honor our Fallen Heroes, I thought a brief representation of some of the Memorials from around the world would be a good place to start. If you live near one of these, please visit, take a moment of reflection on how our freedoms are directly tied to these heroes.

Arizona Memorial.jpg
The USS Arizona Memorial

Arlington National Cemetery

The Bunker Hill Memorial

The Gettysburg National Cemetary

The Marine Corps Monument (AKA the Iwo Jima Memorial)

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The USS Constitution ~ The Oldest Commissioned Ship In the US Navy (AKA "Old Ironsides")

The Alamo

The WWII Veterans Memorial (The Pillars at Night)

The Bataan Memorial courtesy of Cao

The Mount Soledad Memorial also thanks to Cao of Caos Blog

There are hundreds of other monuments. If you have a favorite, send me a photograph, any height but only 450 pixels wide and I will add it to the post. Send the photograph as an insert to along with a description of the Monument/Memorial.

UPDATE: Go see Social Sense for a terrific Memorial Day Post... Way to Go Mustang!

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Pre - Memorial Day Post

This is a reprise from an earlier posting, It is my tribute and each year around this time I will put it up. If you've read it before, read it again, if you haven't enjoy.

This not about national news, partisan bickering, stupidity of government, comedy (oh, wait, is that the same thing?) or any other post I have done. This is about a boy and his dad. I'm was the boy and this is about one of my heroes, my Dad. Forgive me if the title is a little misleading for some, it's not about the current war, but on the effect of war on a single man, one who is gone, but not forgotten. On the cusp of another Memorial Day, its important for me to put this down, and I hope it's message is important to you, because my dad was one of the "Greatest Generation" so eloquently described by Tom Brokaw. A career Army Officer, a patriot, a deeply religious man and my hero.

re·mem·brance (P) Pronunciation Key (r-mmbrns)n.
1.The act or process of remembering.
2.The state of being remembered: holds him in fond remembrance.
3.Something serving to celebrate or honor the memory of a person or event; a memorial.
4.The length of time over which one's memory extends.
5.Something remembered; a reminiscence.
6.A souvenir.
7.A greeting or token expressive of affection.
This is my remembrance of a man who fought in three shooting wars, so that his kids and grandkids and generations beyond would have a life better than his own.

Dad was born in McAlister, Oklahoma where his dad was an assistant warden at the Oklahoma State Prison. He used to say that he wasn't born in Texas, but got here as soon as he could. Grand Dad was a career army officer who after WWI was assigned to "non-military" duties temporarily following a reduction in forces. Grand Dad was recalled to active duty the following year and stayed in the Army until his retirement in 1949. Growing up on a number of military bases, all calvery units, gave dad an early inside look at the functioning of the Army. He decided in High School that he would be a career soldier like his dad, and his dad before him. Joining what would become ROTC in High School, Dad spent his summers training. He graduated from H.S. in 1939 and was off to the University of Texas to obtain a degree in Political Science. He enlisted in the US Army in 1940 recognizing then, even if few else did, that we would soon be involved in a growing war in Europe and possibly in the pacific. He was stationed at Fort Sam Houston as an EM and was commissioned in July, 1941 as a 2nd Lt.

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The Left Is Just Nuts - George Galloway Evades Nurse Kratchet

I've mentioned before that the left is full of people who deal in situational ethics. Anything is okay to them if it is for a cause that they support. Why do I say anything? Well, take this exchange between a reporter and Hussein's paid-off waterboy, George Galloway:

In an interview with GQ magazine, the reporter asked [MP George Galloway]: "Would the assassination of, say, Tony Blair by a suicide bomber - if there were no other casualties - be justified as revenge for the war on Iraq?"

Mr Galloway replied: "Yes, it would be morally justified. I am not calling for it - but if it happened it would be of a wholly different moral order to the events of 7/7. It would be entirely logical and explicable. And morally equivalent to ordering the deaths of thousands of innocent people in Iraq - as Blair did."

Was this a statement made when he was taken off guard? Well, consider another action of his according to this article on his own web site:

Controversial British MP George Galloway has made a surprise appearance on live Cuban television.

He defended Cuban President Fidel Castro against allegations made by a US magazine that he has amassed a personal fortune of $900m (£477m). Mr Galloway said the article was part of a "Yankee imperialist" conspiracy.

He describes Fidel Castro as the living person he most admires.

You would think that the left would be proud of his comments and would be seconding them.

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May 24, 2006

A REAL American Hero; and then some!

Heidi at Euphoric Reality has a heart breaking example of the cruelty of some to our returning, wounded GI's who have given much to the war on terror:

From November 20, 2005 through January 15, 2006, Joshua had over 23 surgeries on his right leg while being treated for depression. He has had 31 surgeries to date. Joshua was discharged from the hospital on February 4, 2006 and began physical therapy. Both bones on his lower right leg were completely gone as well as his calf muscle and nerves. They removed the muscle from his stomach and placed it just below his knee. They did skin graphs from his left leg and hip to put on his right leg and used a new drug hormone that promotes new bone growth.

Joshua suffered other injuries from the explosion as well. He has a blown eardrum, cracked teeth with cavities blown out and shrapnel wounds inside his mouth and all over his body.

Joshua had booked a flight to go home for another convalescent leave on SPIRIT Airlines. We told them we would need a wheelchair and assistance with security because he was a wounded paratrooper confined to a wheel chair. They told us that would not be a problem…We arrived at the airport at 4:30 pm for a 5:10 flight. When we arrived there was no wheel chair, no one at the SPIRIT counter and no security. I looked for a SPIRIT employee for ten minutes. Joshua said, “Dad I’m going to miss my flight, just get me to the gate and they can help us there.” Northwest gave us a wheel chair, but we still had no security. Security would not let us through because we had no boarding pass. We informed them that SPIRIT had our boarding pass and asked that he please let us go to the gate with him and he could verify it, or get someone from SPIRIT and they could give it to him. The security guard said, “You are no different than any other passenger with no boarding pass - no go.”

My son started to cry uncontrollably and told the guard to go to hell. Another lady spoke up and said, “That’s what you get for fighting in a war we have no business in.” Madder and very emotional I asked, “Can’t you remember 9-11?” She responded that was just our excuse to be in Iraq when we should not be there and we deserved whatever we got. That is when my son really lost it. Three WWII vets were coming off flights into DC, gave my son a hug, and stood up to the lady and security guard. They stayed with my son until he flew out.

In the meantime, a wonderful man who works for the Military Severely Injured Center, and assigned to the airport, was called by security. He asked what was going on. The Vets and I explained the situation and he said he would get someone from SPIRIT as soon as possible. It was now 4:50 pm and the plane leaves at 5:10. He went to the SPIRIT counter and there was still no one there. At 5:00, he found the employees in the back room at the SPIRIT counter, where they had been the entire time. He could not explain why they were not there to support their passengers. The manager came out and told us we were too late and they could not get Joshua on the flight because it was leaving in ten minutes. He also explained that it was a non-refundable ticket, but he would let us fly tomorrow evening. The head of MSIC (Military Severely Injured Center) said to give us a voucher on another airline and get the Soldier out tonight. The SPIRIT manager said they do not do vouchers for other airlines. I then suggested they give us a refund so we can get a ticket on another airline…he said, “NO.” The head of MSIC told them to give the Soldier a refund now or we will press charges against SPIRIT. We were then given a refund.

Meanwhile, Joshua was still at security. I told him “SPIRIT would not help us, but hang tight, I’ll get you out tonight, I promise.” Joshua said, “never mind Dad, it’s not worth it. I’m going to end it tonight.” I said don’t you dare do anything stupid. There are too many people who care about you and too many people have got you where you are today. Remember they thought you were going to die and you fought hard to stay alive.

I went to the Northwest counter and the lady was crying because of what had happened. She told me she was already working on a ticket for Joshua. Northwest offered any passenger a free roundtrip ticket to anywhere they flew, if they would give up their seat for a soldier who was severely injured in Iraq.

EIGHT businessmen came forward and said he could have their seat and no compensation was necessary. Northwest then asked if anyone would give up his or her first class seat for Joshua. A gentleman came forward and said Joshua could have his seat, saying he would sit in the toilet if need be. Other passengers remarked that Joshua could sit anywhere on the plane he wants and we will sit wherever.

That is when I broke down and started to cry. Everyone on that Northwest flight began patting Joshua on the back shaking his hand and telling him what a great job he did and how proud they were of him and the other troops who serve. After helping my son board, not one person failed to tell me thanks for what my son and I have been through. Joshua made it back to Michigan and is doing extremely well. He has therapy at Port Huron Hospital and he has counseling twice a week and is doing great!

Since this ordeal began, I have lost my job, Joshua and I have missed the birth of my grandson and granddaughter, my 18-year-old son’s graduation from high school and every holiday. Joshua and I feel we would go through it again if need be. My belief has always been God, Family and Country, in that order, nothing else matters.

Joshua, you may never see this entry, but please know that as an American, I'm proud of you, as a Counselor, I almost want to slap the rude and uncaring individuals who tortured you emotionally, but even more, as a Dad, I'd be proud to call you son though we've never met. Fight on Joshua, Fight On!!!

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Fake "But Accurate" Military Tale

Another so-called military person became the cause célèbre of the anti-American left, after he said that he was ordered to commit atrocities against civilians and made statements such as, "Kids threw rocks at us before and the guard command officer told us to take them out." and "I'm so disappointed in my country. I'm ashamed to have actually served in Iraq." Wow! What a perfect spokesman for the left. But, he is more perfect than we realized, because he is also a liar.

It turns out that this person who claimed to have been an Army Ranger and served in Iraq has no Army record that anyone can find. What gave him away was that his uniform in an anti-war film was about as believable as that of Roger Murdoch (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) in another film--"Airplane." "Airplane" would clearly have been a better and more believable movie.

Here's the link to the story: Another Fake Soldier Tale Debunked, by Michelle Malkin, May 24, 2006

I'm sure that the left is furious that this was discovered. Yeah, it's fake, but so what? Isn't what he said really true, so what does it matter? It's for a "good cause." This is just another example of lack of ethics or situational ethics practiced by the left.

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May 22, 2006

Make Me Gag: Murtha Accepts JFK Profile in Courage Award

As I type this, I'm watching a CBS host interview Caroline Kennedy, Democratic Rep. John P. Murtha, and former Navy general counsel Alberto J. Mora about today's ceremony to award Congressman Murtha with the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. The interview is actually a love fest attacking the U.S. military--not individuals who broke rules, but the entire military. Look for extensive coverage of this by the main-stream media, which gets a "two-fer:" the first when the award was announced in March and today when the award is presented in a ceremony.

Here's a recap from Real Clear Politics that summarized at the time why Murtha won the award and why the choice seems contradictory to the award's purpose:

Profile in Courage? Not John Murtha (Excerpted)

In its announcement of this year's winners, the Foundation described its reasons for honoring Murtha: "Congressman Murtha... was recognized for the difficult and courageous decision of conscience he made in November, 2005, when he reversed his support for the Iraq war and called for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the conflict. His... dissent also made him the target of withering political attacks and resulted in efforts by political opponents to discredit his Vietnam War decorations."

What the Foundation did not describe is how these reasons were consistent with President Kennedy's definition of courage. How did Murtha's opposition to a U.S. presence in Iraq contravene popular opinion? If opinion polls and press reports are to be believed, most Americans oppose the Iraq War.

Furthermore, how did Murtha's Iraq announcement threaten him with "the loss of his friends, his fortune, his contentment, even the esteem of his fellow men"? If anything, Murtha arguably benefited from his reversal. For one, he now stood with the vast majority of his fellow Democrats. And rather than bring him ignominy, his switch made him a prominent voice in the debate over Iraq. He was either a guest or a topic of all the Sunday morning talk shows.

A significantly better example of political courage is that shown by Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut. In contrast to Murtha, Lieberman has been a consistent supporter of American efforts in Iraq. And in further contrast to Murtha, Lieberman has faced real consequences for this stand.

Is this the best that they can do with the award? I guess so, since politics to the left overrides honor.

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May 21, 2006

Oops. That Shouldn't Have Gotten Out

Here are four interesting stories found today at Drudge Report. The Democrats, the left, and most of the liberal press didn't mean for these reports to get too far, but we are glad to help pass them along.

* * * * *

Democratic National Committee Worked To Defeat Nagin

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) secretly placed political operatives in the city of New Orleans to work against the reelection efforts of incumbent Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean made the decision himself to back mayoral candidate and sitting Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu (D-LA), sources reveal.

Dean came to the decision to back the white challenger, over the African-American incumbent Nagin, despite concerns amongst senior black officials in the Party that the DNC should stay neutral.

It sounds like the Democrats are returning to their roots. They don't like the Republican Uncle Tom's, as they call them, and now they don't support blacks in their own party, either. Yet, the Democrats take the black vote for granted.

* * * * *

II. Website (Leftist) Issues 'Partial Apology' Regarding Rove Indictment Report... (from TruthOut)

On Saturday afternoon, May 13, 2006, TruthOut ran a story titled, "Karl Rove Indicted on Charges of Perjury, Lying to Investigators." The story stated in part that top Bush aide Karl Rove had earlier that day been indicted on the charges set forth in the story's title.

The time has now come, however, to issue a partial apology to our readership for this story. While we paid very careful attention to the sourcing on this story, we erred in getting too far out in front of the news-cycle. In moving as quickly as we did, we caused more confusion than clarity. And that was a disservice to our readership and we regret it.

As such, we will be taking the wait-and-see approach for the time being. We will keep you posted.

I guess that the story is "fake but accurate." It will be hard to track this one as the web site is being constantly updated to try to justify their reporting error. They are still saying it's true, but that they are just too far ahead of the curve. If you think that organization is nuts, just read the first comment from one of their typical readers. This same organization concerned with truth also presents us with this other true story: "West's Failure Over Climate Change "Will Kill 182 Million Africans"

* * * * *

III. Caught On Tape: Dem congressman accepting $100,000 in $100 bills... (AP)

A congressman under investigation for bribery (Rep. William Jefferson, D-La) was caught on videotape accepting $100,000 in $100 bills from an FBI informant whose conversations with the lawmaker also were recorded, according to a court document released Sunday. Agents later found the cash hidden in his freezer.

That's $100,000 in cold cash. We've heard about this Democratic congressman before: Rep. William Jefferson, D-La., who represents New Orleans, led a daring mission at the height of the flood crisis to help an African-American resident of New Orleans to salvage his possessions and to be evacuated.

* * * * *

IV. Give and take across the border...

Roughly 10 percent of Mexico's population of about 107 million is now living in the United States, estimates show. About 15 percent of Mexico's labor force is working in the United States. One in every 7 Mexican workers migrates to the United States.

Last year, Mexico received a record $20 billion in remittances from migrant workers. That is equal to Mexico's 2004 income from oil exports and dwarfing tourism revenue. Arriving in small monthly transfers of $100 and $200, remittances have formed a vast river of "migra-dollars".... The money Mexican migrants send home almost equals the U.S. foreign aid budget for the entire world....

Are our Mexican restaurants better than theirs? It must be something.

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Who Could Be Worse Than Bush?

Democrats and their left cheer reports of Bush's declining poll numbers but fail to read the end of article.

Poll Gives Bush His Worst Marks Yet - The New York Times, May 10, 2006

(according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll) Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, who was Mr. Bush's opponent in 2004, had a lower approval rating than Mr. Bush: 26 percent, down from 40 percent in a poll conducted right after the election. And just 28 percent said they had a favorable view of Al Gore, one of Mr. Bush's more vocal critics.

This reminds me of the joke that ends "I don't have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you." Democrats don't understand that the Republicans don't have to be good to be elected. They just have to run better than Democrats.

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An Announcement And A Contest

GM's Corner was started in November, 2004 with the urging of my "progressive" friend Marc Cooper. Since beginning on blogspot then moving to my own domain at a dot com address and finally a proud member of the Mu.Nu blog family we have changed our design, but never our focus. ON JULY 4TH (OR MAYBE THE 5TH) GM'S CORNER WILL START A NEW AND EXCITING PROGRAM ~ ~ WIDE AWAKES RADIO ON THE INTERNET. The Wide Awakes are a group of conservative bloggers who espouse a variety of beliefs unified by a conservative outlook to politics. You ought to have us on your blog rolls if you are a fellow blogger, or on your favorites if you are a reader and wish to partake of some of the best of conservative internet.

Your own GM, Moi, myself will be hosting a show on Thursday Nights at SIX PM Central Time. More information as it develops!

And now for the Contest. I'm looking for a tag line. The one I've come up with may or may not be the final one, but here it is:

If you can come up with a better one, and I bet you can, I'll have you as a guest on the show. Here is YOUR chance to develop an international reputation for your own political savy. Game? Of course you are, my readers are the smartest on the internet.

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May 20, 2006

Who Killed Global Warming?

The debate about global warming isn't really dead, but it is on life-support. Oh, I'm not doubting that it is a little warmer today than it was say 5 or 10 years ago, I'm talking about the disaster that the owlgores and true believers and global warming alarmists (GWA's) would have you think is coming in the next decade or two. It ain't gonna happen folks, it just ain't.

One of the more delightful, articulate and scathing bloggers to take on the GWA and the dishonest reportage of the GWA's is Scott Burgess who writes The Daily Ablution. In his latest, Scott takes a whack at dishonest journalism. Specifically, a whack at Johann Hari who attempts (poorly as it turns out) to discredit

Bjorn Lomborg, the Danish statistician whose 2001 book The Skeptical Environmentalist argued - inter many alia - that, while anthropogenic global warming was a reality, Kyoto represented a sub-optimal means of dealing with it."
According to Scott according to Lomborg, "anthropogenic global warming was a reality..." a point I'm not willing to concede but be that as it may, there is an increase in temperature overall according to a lot of reputable scientists. Of course, there are a lot of reputable scientists who disagree also looking at a larger temperature and climate pattern.

For example, one can legitimately claim that there is global warming at least in the northern hemisphere as we go into summer (and a cooling in the southern hemisphere).

Much of the argument is whether it is anthropogenic or not. I don't know, I'm not a climitologist. I have reported on the statistics of global warming however and I do know something about that. Other sites such as CO2 Science have much more data, as does a site on the opposite side of the argument, Real Climate.

But, I digress. Scott notes:

In the time honoured tradition of agenda-driven hacks everywhere, Mr. Hari begins by softening up his target with a bit of the old ad hominem:

"The problems start with the fact that - contrary to how he is presented in the media - Lomborg is not a scientist. He is a statistician with a degree in politics. He has never produced any original research in the fields of biology, ecology or environmental science."

Of course, Mr. Lomborg has never claimed to be a scientist; and, having reviewed quite a bit of media coverage of his work over the last five years, I can't recall him ever being represented as such (it seems that perhaps Mr. Hari's expertise concerning straw men may stem from a certain self-awareness).

Followed by:
Mr. Hari continues:

" ... and the only problem is to lift the developing world up to our standards. But when Hurricane Katrina - almost certainly a product of global warming..."

"Almost certainly"? How, pray, does Mr. Hari know this? A Katrina scenario had been predicted for decades (I specifically recall being warned of it when I lived in New Orleans in the 70s). It's worth remembering that the storm was only a category 3, with maximum sustained winds of 121 mph, when it made landfall - and that "the sustained winds over all of metropolitan New Orleans and Lake Pontchartrain likely remained weaker than Category 3 strength," according to the National Hurricane Center (emphasis added).

In other words, by the time it hit New Orleans, Katrina was a garden variety storm that just happened to take the worst possible track, an ultimately inevitable event that had long been feared. Any global warming connection is pure speculation, and claims of near certainty are utterly spurious."

You really ought to go read the whole thing. I'll also note that if Scott isn't on your regular reading list, add him. You won't be disappointed.

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May 19, 2006

If Only There Were More Men Like Him

A Day In The Life Of...:

Your alarm goes off, you hit the snooze and sleep for another 10 minutes.
He stays up for days on end.

You take a warm shower to help you wake up.
He goes days or weeks without running water.

You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.
He gets shot at, as others are hit, and keeps moving forward.

You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.
He still fights for your right to wear that shirt.

You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket.
He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags.

You talk trash on your "buddies" that aren't with you.
He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.

You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.
He walks the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists.

You complain about how hot it is.
He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his brow.

You go out to lunch, and complain because the restaurant got your order wrong.
He does not get to eat today.

Your maid makes your bed and washes your clothes.
He wears the same things for months, but makes sure his weapons are clean.

You go to the mall and get your hair redone.
He doesn't have time to brush his teeth today.

You are angry because your class ran 5 minutes over.
He is told he will be held an extra 2 months.

You call your girlfriend and set a date for that night.
He waits for the mail to see if there is a letter from home.

You hug and kiss your girlfriend, like you do everyday.
He holds his letter close and smells his love's perfume.

You roll your eyes as a baby cries.
He gets a letter with pictures of his new child, and wonders if they'll ever meet.

You criticize your government, and say that war never solves anything.
He sees the innocent tortured and killed by their own government and remembers why he is fighting.

You hear the jokes about the war, and make fun of the men like him.
He hears the gun fire and bombs.

You see only what the media wants you to see.
He sees the bodies lying around him.

You are asked to go to the store by your parents. You don't.
He does what he is told.

You stay at home and watch TV.
He takes whatever time he is given to call and write home, sleep, and eat.

You crawl into your bed, with down pillows, and try to get comfortable.
He crawls under a tank for shade and a 5 minute nap, only to be woken by gun fire.

You sit there and judge him, saying the world is a worse place because of men like him.
If only there were more men like him

And a tip of the GM Derby to my wonderful daughter Jennifer for the email with the above in it.

Linked at Woman, Honor Thyself and The Mudville Gazette

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Time For Some Drastic Changes

Almost anyone who reads this blog knows how I feel about the Islamo-Fascists. I despise them and all they stand for. Whether it be because of the highly publicized beheadings, their treatment of gays and women, their constant ranting against Israel and the West in general. Islamo-Fascists are the bottom of the barrel. So, I propose some changes.

The changes I propose are pretty drastic and anyone who knows me and or has read this blog may be shocked. They may say "Wait, this can't be GM. He isn't this radical, not this right wing."

And you would be wrong. I've been pushed too far and I won't go into the why's and hows.

I propose the following constitutional amendments.

1. The first amendment be altered to outlaw the Islamic faith as practiced by Wahhabists.

2. That a new amendment be ratified so that any Wahhabi Muslim be required to wear a RED cartoon of Muhammad on their Clothing over their hearts, that they not be allowed to serve in any governmental office of any kind, that they not be allowed to be licensed in any profession and that they not be allowed to attend any Mosque.

3. That camps be set up in the desert in any of the following states: Arizona, Texas, Utah, Nevada or California to house any Wahhabi Muslim that is caught without their badge or who breaks any law what-so-ever, including traffic and littering laws.

4. That a constitutional amendment be ratified to deport to any other Muslim country each person in the camp in no more than 5 years following a hearing on their crimes.

OK, the entire part of this essay above this sentence is total bull. I do not believe in any of the above, I do not advocate any of the above, I do not support any of the above.

But the news is reporting that there is a country that supports much the same kind of restrictions for religious minorities and that country is Iran.

AhMADinejad, the psychotic President of Iran reportedly urged the passage of these new restrictions, reminiscent of Nazi Germany, after the laws had languashed in the Iranian Parliment for two years.

Public outcry however has been slight, with a few exceptions. Google "Iran and religious Minorities and you fail to find mention of this in the first 30 or so entries. I didn't search further, but even changing the search terms didn't produce any recognizable results. The only "link" that I could find was this one. Oh, I know, the lefties here may say "WHAT? Newsmax? That Right Wing Rag?" I would not necessarily disagree with you, but what if it is right?

Jews must wear yellow patches, Christians red and other religious minorities blue. This from a country where the mad president denies the Holocaust, but promises to start one by wiping out Israel. This from a country that despite world opprobrium is still working on obtaining nuclear weapons, this from a country so backward they hang gays and rape victims and other disturbed people. This from a country that "declared war" on the United States by occupying it's soverign territory in the waining years of the Carter administration.

World, you better wake up, there is trouble brewing and you are collectively sitting on your duff.

Linked at Woman Honor Thyself

Update: According to the Debka File, the descriminatory wording MAY NOT BE in the final bill:

The outcry was sparked when Iranian exiles in Toronto reported to the Canadian National Post that Tehran had passed a law ordering Jews to wear the Yellow Star, Christians a red ribbon, and Zoroastrians a blue article of clothing.

Haroun Yeshaya, until recently head of Iran’s Jewish Committee, denied knowledge of such a clause.

However, the law has not been finally enacted, and speakers in the majlis debate proposed that non-Muslim minorities be made to wear distinctive clothes, yellow being the preferred color for Jews.

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May 18, 2006

Memories of Childhood!

Painting by Rob Gonsalves

How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
Ever a child can do!

Up in the air and over the wall,
Till I can see so wide,
Rivers and trees and cattle and all
Over the countryside -

Till I look down on the garden green,
Down on the roof so brown -
Up in the air I go flying again,
Up in the air and down!

~~Robert Lewis Stevenson~~

And a tip of the GM Derby to Gail at Crossing The Rubicon 2

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Cancer Update and some GOOD NEWS!!!

I know it's been 5 days since I've been able to post something. The chemo-therapy has beat me down pretty bad this week but, this is my Friday off and I hope to be posting more. Woody has tried to help but he is very busy with his CPA practice as well so I'm hoping that you lovely people will bear with me. Sometimes the side effects from the chemo are far more tiring than others.

Now, for the GOOD NEWS!!! I had a CT scan of the chest and abdomen on the 6th of May and the results are just too good not to share:

No evidence of Tumors and the recommendation is for a re-exam in 6 months (but I'll get one in 3 months anyway)... PLUS... I'm halfway through chemo now. YIPPIE KI YAY!!!

More blogging in the very near future... I promise!

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Something for Everyone - Left and Right

Recent reports about our military have both good news and upsetting news for people from both sides of the political spectrum.

First, something to disturb the left and to please the right:

Americans Enlist in Record Numbers from Strategy Page

May 16, 2006: In the last seven months, the U.S. Army has met or exceeded all of its recruiting goals. In that time, over 160,000 people have enlisted, or re-enlisted. The total strength of the active duty and reserve forces are 1.2 million men and women, all of them volunteers. ...the biggest asset in the recruiting effort has been the world-of-mouth from the troops themselves. They believe in what they are doing, and accomplishing.

I guess that the left's violent protests, running military recruiters off of campuses, and fighting military access to mailing lists of high schoolers have not been totally successful. If we could just re-direct the left's rage and fight against our real enemies, we could win the War on Terror in half the time.

Now, something to upset the right and to encourage the left to say "see, see!":

Murtha: Marines may have killed Haditha civilians in cold blood from Army Times

May 17, 2006: Rep. John Murtha, an influential Pennsylvania lawmaker and outspoken critic of the war in Iraq, said today Marines had “killed innocent civilians in cold blood” after allegedly responding to a roadside bomb ambush that killed a Marine during a patrol in Haditha, Iraq, Nov. 19.

...A March 27 Time magazine report published claims by an Iraqi civil rights group that the Marines barged into houses near the bomb strike, throwing grenades and shooting civilians as they cowered in fear. The report prompted calls for a Pentagon probe. “It’s much worse than was reported in Time magazine,” Murtha, a Democrat, former Marine colonel and Vietnam war veteran, told reporters on Capitol Hill.

...Like the Haditha incident, the Fallujah shooting sparked outcries from human-rights groups regarding actions by U.S. forces against Iraqis.

Do you believe that? We're always the bad guys to the left--and they eat it up. Oh--no mention by various "human rights groups" about kidnappings, murders, and suicide bombers on the other side.

Well, we try to be fair and occasionally give both sides of issues. No matter where you fall, this news will likely create a reaction. What's yours?

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G.M.'s Gems or a Roper Repeat

It occurred to us that many of our readers are new and may have missed earlier posts that we found amusing or which deserve retrospection in light of what was predicted versus what actually happened. (To be totally honest, this also helps when we cannot post because of work or sickness.) From time-to-time, we will present selected repeat posts for you. Here is one now.

Would you like cream or sugar with this?

Enjoy coffee with the boss. It's on us!

GM's Corner admires and spotlights honesty. So, enjoy a cup of coffee on us in a visit with an honest boss. Click on An Honest Boss.

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May 14, 2006

Tribute To My Mom

Mother's Day is a special day for the vast majority of us, we typically gather round our mothers and shower them with gifts, flowers, dinner out and other ways of celebration. But today, I want to pay special tribute to one mother in particular, my Mom.

My mother, Shirley Melbert Roper was a unique woman, and I could tell you stories about her for a long, long time. Mom was a feminist before there was a word for it. She brooked no nonsense from anyone, even dad. In 1960 she voted for Kennedy (a staunch no-no in my dad's POV) and he didn't speak to her for a few days until she said he could fix his own meals... peace at last (Dad was never a stupid man...he married Mom didn't he).

Mom was born in 1920 in Houston, Texas where my grandfather was a Methodist Minister. She graduated from Texas Women's University where, during a Methodist gathering she met my Dad. They were married in the TWU Chapel in 1942 and she was absolutely beautiful in her wedding gown and dad looked pretty sharp in his uniform also.

Kids were soon on the horizon, my late sister Pam was born in 1943, I came along in '46 and my brother Bert in '47. Youngest brother Doug in '49 rounding out the family. Dad, being in the Army had many different posts, and Mom managed to move us all on a number of occasions to various homes. Columbus, Ga.; San Antonio, TX during the Korean War; back to Columbus and then to Budingen, Germany; Bad Neuheim, Germany; Stuttgart, Germany; Home to Arkansas, Virginia, then to Panama and finally to Dad's last post in San Antonio where they "retired."

Mom was famous for many things, but having a sense of direction was not one of them. On the move from Budingen to Bad Neuheim, she took a number of wrong turns and finally in exasperation said "Stick with me kids and we'll see Germany." Doug piped up with tears in his eyes and said "But I don't want to see Germany, I want to see Daddy."

I won't say Mom was vain, but she did care about how she looked. Mom had beautifully lusterous black, curley hair and she started showing gray when she was in her early thirties. When she would see a gray hair, she'd pull it out. Once, when I was in the 5th grade and Mom was my teacher, she was writing on the blackboard and one of the kids in class said: "Mrs. Roper, why is your hair black in front and black and white in the back?" She stopped plucking gray hairs then.

Mom also had a fine sense of value and the remarkable ability to make any new post a home for her, Dad and the 4 of us. One year, Dad was on maneuvers in Graffenwehr and she sent him a telegram announcing a "new baby." Since when he had left a few weeks before and he knew she wasn't pregnant, he anxiously inquired by phone what was up. Mom told him about our new baby... A Steinway Baby Grand Piano. Needless to say Dad was not thrilled, but boy was he relieved.

Once, while on a trip to get my brother a pair of shoes we walked by a small German antique store. Looking in the window, Mom noticed a small cup that she recognized as a valuable item. In we all went and she inquired about the price. Bargaining was in her blood and she got the price down to DM 40.00 (about $10.00 US) and that just about cleaned her out of cash. On the way out the door, one of my brothers inquired about getting shoes and wouldn't Dad be angry? Mom replied something to the effect, "Your dad will just have to learn what is important in life."

Mom loved pretty "things" and collected a variety of knick-knacks that she treasured. Including a fairly good set of Hummel’s. In Georgia, however, I almost had my life ended when I found out that the Hummel’s made a really nice "plonk" sound when you dropped them in the rapidly flowing water in the ditch in front of our house. Those 4 or 5 "plonks" could have cost me my life (well, maybe only an arm or leg).

When I was just a newborn, Dad was assigned to the Constabulary, an arm of the US Occupation Forces in Germany. One day a kindly old German fellow came to our house and offered to sell beautiful candelabra to Mom for a pound of Coffee. Delighted, Mom made the trade. Dad was somewhat put out when he came home that day explaining to Mom that part of his job was to eliminate the Black Market. Mom explained that this was not black marketing, it was a simple trade.

Mom was no dunce however, over a period of several summers in the late 50's and early 60's she earned a Master's degree from Arkansas State Teachers College in Conway, Ark. She used her degree in good stead teaching kids the fine art of Drama and Acting. Once, after I had graduated from High School, I dropped by her class to have lunch with her that day. Her class must have been fairly unruly because suddenly she put her head down on the desk and began sobbing and wailing. The class grew deadly silent. After a minute or so, Mom popped her head up and said "And that children is real acting." And Mom could act. She was involved in Little Theater in numerous places we lived and was always terrific. (Full disclosure: No, I'm not prejudiced - well, maybe a little.)

Mom, as I noted, didn't suffer fools lightly. Once, in a faculty meeting at the High School in Beebe, Arkansas, Mom listened to one of the Coaches expounding on the need to use stiff corporal punishment at the drop of a hat. This was in the late '50s when such things were common. Mom looked at the Coach and said "Mr. C, where did you get your teaching certificate, the Five and Dime?" The following year I had that coach for a civics class. Not a fun year to say the least, but having sat though the class, I'd have to say she was probably right.

Mom was active in civic and social organizations, taught school, taught Sunday school and frequently ran for offices in the various organizations. She was active in the Daughters of the American Revolution and was the Texas Regent for the DAR. She threw herself into every activity with grace, aplomb and a dedication I could never match. She was the finest of women.

In 1990 my sister grew ill and ultimately died from ovarian cancer. A parent should never bury their child. A friend of mine notes that when your spouse dies, you become a widow or widower. When your parent's die you become an orphan, but when your child dies we have no word for that. Except maybe devastated and crushed. For the remainder of her life she mourned the loss of my sister, as did we all, but for Mom I think it was especially difficult.

In 1997, Mom grew ill and began a rapid decline, passing away in November, 1998. When she died, a big part of me died with her. I've had many friends in my life, but she was always my biggest friend. I've never met anyone quite like her. Dad was also ill, living only an additional 21 months. Every night before falling asleep, he would pick up her picture and kiss her good night. Theirs was a love that always shined through all the trials, and tribulations of married life, as kids on any drive anywhere, when we got home and before we got out of the car, she and Dad kissed. Dad joined Mom at last in September 2000.

Mom, I know you are still looking down on us three boys and that you still try to take care of us. We're OK Mom, I love you, I miss you and I think of you often. God bless you Mom, God bless you!

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May 13, 2006

Selective Outrages of the Left

Why do the animal rights folk attack women in fur coats and not those wearing leather Jackets? Both are from "bred" animals, in both cases the wearer is wearing an animal by-product.

Ahh, but the answer is EASY: It is safer to attack middle-aged society women than it is to try to spray-paint a bunch of bikers. Simple, really simple.

Cheerfully taken from a comment by Mark who blogs at Marked Up Thanks Mark, your blog is a good one too.

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May 10, 2006

Free Alaa

Bloggers are lining up to support Alaa, a blogger in Egypt who has been taken into custody and who has been supported by The Sand Monkey. Please sign the petition to Free Alaa and urge President Bush to withhold the $2 billion in aid that Egypt receives until more democratic policies are in place and functioning. We cannot Force Mubarrak to be democratic, but we don't have to pay for his autocracy.

Tip of the GM Derby to Glenn Reynolds

Tracked to Kender's Musings and Hard Astarboard

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But, Can He Carry Florida?

Just something else to drive the left crazy.

Brother Jeb would make 'great' US president: Bush

President George W. Bush praised his brother, Florida governor Jeb Bush, as an "excellent" leader who would make a "great president" of the United States.... "I think Jeb would be a great president. But it's up to Jeb to make a decision to run."

Think of the benefits of electing Florida Gov. Bush as President. Maybe this time Barbra Streisand, Alec Baldwin, and half of California might really leave the country for good. To put the punctuation mark on it, Brother Jeb could decide to keep Dick Cheney as his Vice President, since the VP isn't limited to two terms.

However, J.B. needs to worry about his brother's low ratings--that is, until the Democrats nominate their next out-of-touch, left-wing radical, tax-and-spend, open the borders, kiss up to Castro, act like the French, and gut the military candidate...who will be roundly rejected by the voters.

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Oil Shortage Explained

A lot of folks can't understand how we came to have an oil shortage here in our country. Well, there's a very simple answer. Nobody bothered to check the oil. We just didn't know we were getting low. The reason for that is purely geographical.

Our oil is located in Alaska, California, Coastal Florida, Coastal Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Our dipsticks are located in Washington DC.

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May 09, 2006

Speaking Truth To Idiocy

Imagine if you will, two cars in a race on parallel tracks. One car is an Indy job with a huge well tuned engine and a 100 mile absolutely flat raceway, no curves, no obstructions, clear driving. The other is a 1932 Model A Ford poorly maintained, with a bad cylinder and gunked up carburetor. It's road is potholed, rough, partly unpaved and has many pieces of junk on the surface but is, however, 10 miles shorter.

Car one is Iran, car two is those who are trying to head off Iran's development of nuclear diplomacy. Which really has a chance to win? If you said the first, give yourself a prize (might I suggest a swift belt of Glenfiddich just before the Iranian nuke explodes over Israel).

That's illogical Roper, you might say, well, yeah, but it may be also the truth. I'll grant that relationships between the US and Iran is not an automobile race, but it is a race none-the-less. Because right now, there is a concerted move in diplomatic circles and in the mainstream media (MSM) to make the United States in general and George Bush in particular the bad guy in this danse macabre. And the good guys are about to take it in the chops.

Don't believe me? In today's Wall Street Journal is an article by one Amir Taheri outlining the failed diplomacy and policies of the past (Carter, Brzezinski, Clinton, etc.) and how it is currently being touted as the only way to get the irrational and psychotic Iranian regieme to "give up" their nuclear ambitions. And, seemingly, it is based on the failed policies of the past. In his article, Taheri noted:

Something interesting is happening with regard to the crisis over Iran's nuclear ambitions. Slowly the blame is shifting from the mullahs to the Bush administration as the debate is redirected to tackle the hypothetical question of U.S. military action rather than the Islamic Republic's real misdeeds. "No War on Iran" placards are already appearing where "No Nukes for Iran" would make more sense.

The attempt at fabricating another "cause" with which to bash America is backed by the claim that the mullahs are behaving badly because Washington refuses to talk to them. Some of this buzz is coming from those who for years told the U.S. to let them persuade Iran to mend its ways. They include German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his British and French colleagues in the European Union trio that negotiated with Iran for years. Preparing to throw in the towel, they now say the U.S. should "directly engage" Iran. That would enable them to hide their failures and find a pretext for blaming future setbacks on the U.S."

So, why this new meme? Actually for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is Bush Derangement Syndrome. But it is misplaced anger, and typical of the misdirection of the Anti-Bush left. And no, I'm not (this time) saying the whole left, or even the majority of the left, but for damn sure a significant portion of the left that gets to set policy and gets to set the flavor of political debate for the larger left.

Let's go back, as Taheri does to John F. Kenndy, perhaps the last semi-conservative Democratic President. Conservative? Who are you kidding Roper? The conservatives denounced Kennedy as a bleeding heart liberal when he was President. That is correct, but that was then and this is now and we have the advantage of hindsight. Kennedy made some very conservative moves as President, not the least of which was cutting ruinous tax-rates. But, I digress. Kennedy made somewhat of a hash of the Cuban Missle crisis. In order to get missiles out of Cuba (which were already against international law) he pledged two things. One, to remove missles from Turkey and two to promise not to take military action against Cuba. The end result of this "bargaining" was to set a policy that today we still have to deal with and left Cuba via the dictates of Castro to attempt to spread revolution throughout vulnerable parts of the world. As Taheri noted:

Instead of being punished, Castro and his Soviet masters were doubly rewarded for undoing what they shouldn't have done in the first place. And Castro was free to do mischief not only in Latin America but also in Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf, often on behalf of Moscow, right up to the fall of the U.S.S.R."
This is the "sophisticated leadership" that the Democrats and the left would have us follow. Notice how well that worked?

Kennedy was, however, only the first link in a chain of failed positions. Then came Jimmah Cartuh (some spellings have it as Jimmy Carter) who beat the hapless Ford for the Presidency in 1976. Carter then presided over perhaps the most miserable excuse for a presidential administration in the world with possibly the exception of U.S. Grant. When the Mullah's took power in Tehran and foisted their criminal theocracy on Iran, Carter sent them a congratulatory note. Again from Taheri:

In 1979, soon after the mullahs seized power, Mr. Carter sent Ayatollah Khomeini a warm congratulatory letter. Mr. Carter's man at the U.N., a certain Andrew Young, praised Khomeini as "a 20th-century saint."
Saint indeed. And then for some 400 days, the Ayatollah Khomeini and his thugs (one of which is now President of Iran) committed an act of war by seizing the United States Embassy, soverign ground of the United States and holding hostage some 50 plus of its staff. Yes indeed, a real "Saint" that Khomeini. It was not until the inaugeration of Ronald Reagan and the realization that he wouldn't play patty cake with them that they finally released the hostages. There is a lesson here for those of you on the left that really think: you can't deal with these folks, they don't understand or give a damn about diplomacy, they only understand that when their opponent won't back down, that they will.

Taheri goes on to say:

A more dramatic show of U.S. support for the mullahs came when Mr. Brzezinski flew to Algiers to meet Khomeini's prime minister, Mehdi Bazargan. This was love at first sight -- to the point where Mr. Carter approved the resumption of military supplies to Iran, even as the mullahs were executing Iranians by the thousands, including many whose only "crime" was friendship with the U.S. The Carter administration's behavior convinced the mullahs that the U.S. was a paper tiger and that it was time for the Islamic Revolution to highlight hatred of America. Mr. Carter reaped what he had sown when the mullahs sent "student" fanatics to seize the U.S. embassy compound, a clear act of war, and hold its diplomats hostage for 444 days. "The Carter administration's weakness was a direct encouragement to [anti-American] hard-liners," wrote Ibrahim Asgharzadeh, one of the hostage-takers, years later.

Mr. Brzezinski's op-ed took the title "Been There, Done That," meant as a sneering nod to events that led to the liberation of Iraq. A more apt title, however, is: "Been There, Done That, Learned Nothing" -- a nod to Mr. Brzezinski's failure to learn the lessons of Iran even three decades later."

Did you read that? ""The Carter administration's weakness was a direct encouragement to [anti-American] hard-liners."

Continue reading "Speaking Truth To Idiocy"
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United 93 - A Personal Remembrance

A very good friend and a terrific guy sent me this e-mail. I'm glad he did and I'm glad he gave me permission to share it with you.

GM, I'm glad you went, I haven't seen it yet, and here's why:

From September 5, 2001 - September 10, 2001 I was in Rome, Italy on a company sponsored trip. Todd Beamer, a co-worker, and his wife Lisa were there too. I knew Todd pretty well - we worked in the same group and, being sales people, had worked on a couple of deals together.

On Sunday evening, September 9, 2001, we attended a black tie dinner which was hosted by our company and held at a spectacular villa on a hill in Rome.

The view was west with the sun setting behind the city. This night was a festive celebration with great food, wine, and company.

On Monday morning the company sponsored part of the trip was over and we all boarded a bus to the airport. Some of us, like my wife and I, were headed to other parts of Italy for a few days. Todd, and some others, were headed home - Todd had a customer meeting scheduled for later in the day of the 11th and wanted to be home to see his boys before he left for the West Coast.

Tuesday my wife and I awoke at our hotel in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast. It is impossible for me to describe what a beautiful day it was. We took the bus into Positano, poked around some shops, had lunch, etc. On our way back to town after a walk we went by a shop and a young-ish Italian woman came out and told us two planes had crashed into the World Trade Center. We didn't believe her. She insisted. I explained that her joke was not funny, was in very poor taste, and we walked away. A short distance later we came upon a sort of bar/restaurant that had a large screen tv tuned to CNN and discovered that she had not been joking.

We were stunned, shocked, angry, and fearful. Many people around the tv were crying. We were mesmerized by the images and stayed for perhaps an hour. I then decided to call into the office to see what I could find out.

Because the planes had left from Boston, our home base, I feared for friends and coworkers who may have had to travel that day.

When I connected with our office administrator she told me the news of Todd's plane. It is hard to describe the feelings - feelings that I'm sure anyone who knew someone on one of the planes or in the Towers felt. The juxtaposition of the joy and revelry of Sunday night and the terror and anger of Tuesday created overwhelming feelings. To this day I can still see Todd and Lisa (who was pregnant at the time) walking out of our hotel in Rome for a day of sightseeing. They were hand-in-hand.

Several months later, I want to say it was April of 2002, I was at a company regional meeting. At one of the meeting breaks the VP running the meeting told us to be back in our seats at an exact time; we were admonished not to straggle in, as sales people are wont to do. She said she had a surprise for us.

Shortly after we were all seated the surprise was unveiled: Lisa Beamer and her newly born baby! Suddenly the room broke out in a standing ovation. Eventually Lisa spoke to us - I am still stunned by her composure, her ability to speak about Todd and the events of the previous 7 months. By the time she was finished speaking there wasn't a dry eye in the place - except for her own.

As is well documented, Todd was fond of the phrase "Let's Roll". In my experience it was not something he said out of false confidence or braggadocio; it was simply a concise and clear call to action.

All of which is to say that I don't need to be reminded of the heroics of the passengers and crew of Flight 93. I trust that Todd was one among many.

I also trust that many or most of us would have done the same in the same circumstances.

We must never forget, and "United 93" is an excellent piece in the puzzle of remembrance. I just don't need reminding right now and don't think I could handle seeing it all over again - at least not right now.

Never forget, Never!

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May 07, 2006

Cindy Sheehag Watch

Whoops, I really meant Cindy Sheehan Watch. A new site by a great guy John Pendleton. Go and read and support his efforts.

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United 93

Just came home a little while ago from the theater. Beloved esposa and I went to see United 93 and I walked out with a lump in my throat, tears in my eyes and a renewed resolve that these heroes will never be forgotten. The movie opened with the islamo-fascists praying to Allah for success. Success in killing innocents which is about a big a perversion of faith as I can think of. No better perhaps than all of the other religious wars mankind has fostered, but harrowing none-the-less because these were our people, our times.

I remember being in Berlin, Germany on 9/11 and as we boarded the train to return to Warnemünde, we first heard about the attacks on the World Trade Center. When we were able to board ship again, we stood transfixed by the carnage we saw and first heard of the crash of United 93.

I cannot express the fullness of the feelings I felt watching this movie, I cannot express my deep seated anger and hostility to the islamo-fascists. I cannot!

Go see this movie, what ever you do. It is not a typical movie drama, there is little character development, only a window onto heroism, and, yes, cowardice of the foes of freedom. We need more movies like this, lest we forget. Perhaps the LA Times (of all papers) says it best in an Op-Ed piece entitled Draft Hollywood. A quote:

Such self-examination and reform are part of the measure of our greatness. But there's a difference between a humble nation confessing its sins and a country of flagellants whipping themselves for every impure thought. Since the '60s, we have had, it seems, an endless string of war movies, from "Dr. Strangelove" to "Syriana," in which the United States is depicted as wildly aggressive and endlessly corrupt — which, in fact, it's not; which, in fact, it never has been.

In taking our self-examining ethos to these extremes, we have lost a kind of wisdom, wisdom that acknowledges the complexity of human life but can move through it to find the simple truth again. While assessing the intricate failings of our moral history, many of us have lost sight of the simple truth that the system that shapes us is, in fact, a great one, that it has moved us inexorably to do better and that it's well worth defending against every aggressor and certainly against as shabby and vicious an aggressor as we face today.

Not only have we lost this kind of wisdom, but I think that a handful of elites — really only a handful of academics, journalists and artists — has raised up a golden counterfeit in its stead. With this counterfeit wisdom, they imagine themselves above the need for patriotism; they fantasize they grasp a truth beyond good and evil, and they preen themselves on a higher calling than the protection of our way of life. And all the while they forget that they imagine and fantasize and preen only by the grace of those who fight and die and stand guard to secure those freedoms that our system alone guarantees.

When war comes, as it always will, and when it is justified, as it is now, some nuances and shades of gray have to be set aside. It is time, instead, for faith and for ferocity. Our enemies have these weapons, after all. Our movies should inspire us to have them too."

Again, see this movie, it is time well spent. As the LAT noted, it is indeed time for Faith and for Ferocity.

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Jean-François Revel: A Good Frenchman Passes On

It's too bad that the greatness of some people are discovered after they have passed on--but, it is the living who often lose out rather than the deceased. Such is the case with my personal regret for not having learned more about French philospher Jean-François Revel, who recently died. Making a living and raising a family took precedence over getting to better understand and appreciate this man who had a positive influence on President Ronald Reagan. Revel was a French leftist, but with a realistic and kind view of America, which brought him disdain from his peers. That gave him two qualities that I admire--discernment for the truth and the courage to stand up for what's right.

I don't have time today to do the subject justice, so be sure to go to the sites linked below and read what this recently deceased philospher came to learn and write about America. All quotes are excerpted, but I encourage you to read the entire link for each.

Jean-François Revel (© 2006 Telegraph Group Limited)

Jean-François Revel, who died on Saturday aged 82, was almost unique among French philosophers in being a champion of economic liberalism and an outspoken critic of the anti-Americanism of European intellectuals - particularly French ones.

On his visit to the States, Revel had been "astonished by evidence that everything Europeans were saying about the US was false"; and most of his book consisted of a heavily sarcastic point-by-point rebuttal of the knee-jerk, anti-American prejudices of the day. Europe's loss of leadership during the post-war era, in his opinion, had led to an irrational envy and resentment.

A definitive proof of the irrational origins of anti-American sentiment, he suggested, was to be found in the way in which critics often reproached the United States for some shortcoming, and then for its opposite.

"Without Marx or Jesus" became a best-seller in France and in the United States, but won almost universally hostile reviews from European critics. Revel's Swedish publisher was unable to get a single television interview for him, despite impressive sales; in Finland he was confronted on television by two "intellectuals" - one from Romania, the other from Poland; his Greek publisher composed a preface in which he begged his compatriots' pardon for having published the book.

Refusing to be daunted, Revel returned to the charge in "L'Obsession anti-americaine. Son fonctionnement, ses causes, ses inconsequences" (2003), in which he directed his heavy sarcasm at European intellectuals who claimed that America had brought the 9/11 terrorist attacks on itself and blamed her for impoverishing the developing world through globalisation. Slogans such as "No to terrorism. No to war", Revel wrote, were "about as intelligent as 'No to illness. No to medicine'."

But much of Revel's anger was directed at his fellow countrymen: "We French have had little to say against Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qaddafi, Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe, the imams of the Islamic Republic of Iran, or the bosses of China and Vietnam. We reserve our admonitions and our contempt and our attacks for Ronald Reagan and George W Bush."

Here are other links to help you appreciate this man and to help us better understand the frustrations that we continue to have with the left today. This first one is excellent.

In defense of the Stars and Stripes (© 2004 John Parker)
BOOK REVIEW: Anti-Americanism by Jean-Francois Revel

Many of Revel's observations about the anti-Americans, such as their amazingly recent advocacy (in many cases) of totalitarian communism, or the fact that many intellectuals in failed societies have sought to blame the US scapegoat instead of engaging in self-criticism, have been made before by other writers. He is at his most original, however, when analyzing the cultists' psychological motivations; for example, contrasting the motives of the anti-American left with the anti-American right. To wit, the left essentially regards the United States as a devil figure, one that it has clung to all the more tightly in the years since its former deity, Marxist collectivism, collapsed in an abyss of poverty and repression. The right, by contrast, resents the United States as a pretender to the throne of global leadership that rightfully belongs to Europe - conveniently ignoring the fact that World Wars I and II, communist ideology, and socialist-influenced economic policies, which are, in actuality, the main factors that resulted in US ascension, all originated entirely in Europe.

This article offers a lesson for the future of democracy.

Why Do Europeans Hate America? Jean-Francois Revel Explains by: Albert Mohler (© 11/11/2003 [LINK FIXED]

"Democracy may, after all, turn out to have been a historical accident, a brief parenthesis that is closing before our eyes." With those words, French philosopher Jean-Francois Revel sounded an alarm as the ramparts of democratic conviction were under attack by the political left. Revel, one of the most important conservative thinkers in France, saw European intellectuals and the political left in America undermining the very foundations of democracy.

"Democracy tends to ignore, even deny, threats to its existence because it loathes doing what is needed to counter them," explained Revel. "It awakens only when the danger becomes deadly, imminent, evident. By then, either there is too little time left for it to save itself, or the price of survival has become crushingly high."

Revel's prescient warning to the European Left should also serve to educate thoughtful Americans about the challenge we face in Europe, which may be as daunting a challenge as that posed by Islamic terrorism. Something sick lies at the heart of Western civilization. The democracies that will surely perish will be those who cannot tell the difference between good and evil, survival and ruin, freedom and tyranny. Or, perhaps more to the point, the greatest danger faced by democracy are those who deny that there is any real difference after all.

And, be sure to check this one out--particularly near the end where Revel dscribes why many of us on the right automatically throw out any arguments from the left. Do I ever identify with this.

Europe's Anti-American Obsession
By Jean-Francois Revel (In the American Enterprise - December, 2003)

What picture of American society is likely to be imprinted on the consciousness of average Europeans? Given what they read or hear every day from intellectuals and politicians, they can hardly have any choice in the unpleasant particulars, especially if they happen to be French. The picture repeatedly sketched for them is as follows:

American society is entirely ruled by money. No other value, whether familial, moral, religious, civic, cultural, professional, or ethical has any potency in itself. Everything in America is a commodity, regarded and used exclusively for its material value. A person is judged solely by the worth of his bank account. Every U.S. President has been in the pockets of the oil companies, the military-industrial complex, the agricultural lobby, or the financial manipulators of Wall Street. America is the "jungle" par excellence of out-of-control, "savage" capitalism, where the rich are always becoming richer and fewer, while the poor are becoming poorer and more numerous. Poverty is the dominant social reality....

...The great irony of this anti-American obsession is that it aggravates the evil that it aims to extirpate, namely the go it-alone impulse famously ascribed to the U.S. By criticizing the Americans whatever they do, on every occasion--even when they are completely right--Europeans (we are not alone in this, but we lead the dance) compel Americans to disregard our objections--even when we are right. The American reflex, conditioned by the constant avalanche of anathemas coming at them, causes them to keep thinking: "They're always blaming us, so why consult them at all? We already know they'll vilify us."

And so America's enemies and allies alike, valuing animosity toward the U.S. over influence on her, condemn themselves to impotence. In the process they strengthen the American superpower.

Does Jean-François Revel express some of your views in these writings? He does mine, and, while I regret not knowing more about him before, I'm glad that I do now, as he helps me to understand and explain to others my feelings and positions about the left and, on a more positive view, my views on America. I hope that you found this interesting and that you will do more research yourself on Jean-François Revel and his writings.

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I'm Sorry Islamo-Fascists

I'd like to be able to say that I came up with this idea, but I can't. I gleefully stole it from Moonbat Monitor (and I'll do a trackback in partial recompense) and the idea itself is far too good a dig at the silly "I'm sorry" posters of a year or so ago.

You remember the "I'm Sorry" silliness don't you? No, well I won't provide a link but I'm happy to allow you to google it and here is a picture of one of the Moonbats who is uhhh, "sorry" (ugh, and she is from Travis County, Texas too - which goes to show that not all Texicans have any intelligence).

So, this pretty young Moonbat believes that saying you're sorry (that Bush got elected) will keep the Islamo-fascist from killing her and blowing up Travis County, Texas? Puh-Leze! How dumb can one get? But, as the Moonbat Monitor indicated, perhaps we should apologize. I'm even willing to start it out. To take part in this new "I'm Sorry Islamo-Fascists" all you have to do is make a comment and apologize. So, here is my kick off:
Dear Islamo-Fascists, I'm sorry that you think a failed 7th Century ideology has any place in this modern world. I'm sorry that you are so stupid as to think that there are not enough good folk in this world who will rise up and smack you down. I'm sorry that when we kill your stupid butts, we don't bury you with a hunk of pig in your mouths."

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May 06, 2006

Espella Strikes Again

Espella Humanzee is one of my favorite bloggers, and is the one who added the United States Flag to my Elephant Hand Painting I found on the internet. You can see his addition at the top right of this blog. But, Espella has outdone himself this time.

Of course, I've always thought Democrats in general and Kennedy's in particular have been asleep at the wheel.

Espella has more on this in "Schadenfraude: The Wail of the Babies"

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Tip of the GM Derby to My friend Lt. Col Tad, USMC (Ret) for the email. Thanks Tad, you too are one of America's heroes.

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The Words They Use ~ A Study In Misdirection

I love blogging, I love reading blogs, left, right, center it doesn't matter to me. I have blogger friends on the left, on the right and in the center. I have blogger friends who are RINO's and Die Hard Republicans, who are DINO's and Yellow Dog Democrats. I even know a few libertarians.

One of the things I love the most is the use of language. Especially the language of the left, meant as one thing, but really a misdirection. Let me explain. The liberal mind is incapable of saying what they mean. I first came on this phenomenon while reading leftish blogs, in particular, the use of the phrase (since 2004) "Reality Based Community." Why is this a phenomenon? Simply because the word means 1 : an observable fact or event and 2 : an object or aspect known through the senses rather than by thought or intuition. So, lets take a look at what the left means by "Reality Based Community." A Google search yields (today) over three million hits of the term. Acccording to the Wikipedia, the term means:

Reality-based community" is a popular term among Internet bloggers that is an example of political framing. In the fall of 2004, the phrase "proud member of the reality-based community," was first used to suggest the blogger's opinions are based more on observation than faith, assumption, or ideology and that others who disagree are unrealistic. The term has been defined as people who "believe that solutions emerge from [their] judicious study of discernible reality." Some bloggers have gone as far as to suggest that there is an overarching conflict in society between the reality-based community and the "faith-based community" as a whole."
So those who say that they are members of a so-called (full disclosure: here my use of the term "so called" indicates doubt and derision of the term) reality based communities are saying that they have the power to observe and those that do not adhere to that concept are merely faith based and have nothing to draw on. Oh really?

Yes really! Matthew Yglesias notes:

But now that shrill, Bush-hating libertarian Gene Healy is suggesting "Reality-Based Community" T-shirts it appears that the anti-Bush coalition may at last, thanks to an anonymous White House advisor, have found a unifying theme. We are not merely the Ancient and Hermetic Order of the Shrill, which may turn off some of your more mild-mannered Bush opponents, we are, proud members of the Reality-Based Community. On the other side is, well, the other guys."
How quaint. Those folk can say that they are not just shrill oppositionalists but actually (according to Wikipedia) people who "believe that solutions emerge from [their] judicious study of discernible reality." Yet, I've yet to see any real "solutions" from the left, mostly carping and caterwauling without proposing anything solid in terms of a solution. One of the most obvious of these is John "Do you know who I am?" Kerry who throughout the 2004 Presidential election cycle said he had a plan to end the war in Iraq, a plan to improve the economy a plan to... Well, insufficient voters believed him and he lost. So, now that he doesn't need to keep his Nixonian plans secret any more, where are they. Can we say of these supporters of Kerry and Kerry himself that a continued silence condems Americans and Iraqi's to ongoing war? Can we say that the economy doesn't need his plan? Of course not, Kerry had no such plan because keeping it "secret" now would be pointless. Unless of course he is planning to run again in 2008 and I don't think even Kerry is that stupid. On the other hand....

But, I digress. Let's go back to the reality based community. They observe and come up with detailed plans whereas we on the oppositie side of the political fence merely have faith that our plans will work, not based on any understanding of human nature or facts, but merely based on, well, nothing. Balderdash! The so called reality based community still doesn't understand, in spite of observations since the 1930's at the minimum that you cannot bow down to terrorism, whether of non-state actors or state actors. Whether they be members of Al Qaeda or of the Government of Iran. Whether they be Hitler wanting to annex the Sudatenland in Czechoslovakia or Osama bin Laden blowing up an American warcraft or planning and carrying out one of the biggest acts of terrorism in the history of the world on September 11, 2001. So much for their "judicious study of discernible reality."

Other words and terms also come to mind. For example the term "Pro-Choice" when of course they don't mean pro choice, they mean pro-abortion. But this is another example of "framing." If you frame the argument as pro abortion vs. pro-life, the pro abortion team loses the argument. However, if you "re-frame" the argument as "pro-choice" then you get to say that those who oppose you do not want women to have a choice in managing their bodies. It seems to me that in very few instances (rape, incest for example) the choice comes from having unprotected recreational sex. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for sex, it just means more if it is in a committed relationship. If not in a committed relationship, and it is unprotected it almost invites pregnancy, disease and other unfortunate consequinces.

Another term used by the left to misdirect is "Tax cuts for the rich." Oh, this one is especially pernicious, and egregious and truly sloppy. Any cursory "judicious study of discernible reality" will tell you rather quickly that the so called rich are paying MORE TAXES than they did before the so called tax cuts for the rich. A true "judicious study of discerniable reality" will show that the percentage of receipts by the government have increased "from the rich." Bruce Bartlett writing in Real Clear Politics last December notes:

...we now have data for Australia from the Australian Taxation Office. In 2003, they show the top 5 percent of taxpayers paying 30.2 percent of all income taxes, the top 10 percent paying 41.8 percent, and the top 25 percent paying 63.8 percent. But the top income tax rate in Australia is 47 percent. Thus we see that the country with the highest top rate also brings in the least amount of total income tax revenue from its richest citizens in percentage terms.

At some point, those on the left must decide what really matters to them -- the appearance of soaking the rich by imposing high statutory tax rates that may cause actual tax payments by the wealthy to fall, or lower rates that may bring in more revenue that can pay for government programs to aid the poor? Sadly, the left nearly always votes for appearances over reality, favoring high rates that bring in little revenue even when lower rates would bring in more."

Oh, I'm not even close to being done yet, you'll have to click on the link below to continue reading and see what else I'm going to have to say...

Continue reading "The Words They Use ~ A Study In Misdirection"
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May 05, 2006

Kennedy Skipped Oral Exam, Fails Written One

You have to see this from The Smoking Gun. It's a page from the police report of another recent auto accident involving Rep. Patrick Kennedy. Now, in the latest accident at the Capitol, Kennedy failed to pass the bar--no, I mean a real bar, not the law exam. Kennedy was given a pass on the breathalyzer test in that one. However, he was actually given a written test on this earlier incident in R.I., for which Kennedy's answers, in his own handwriting, that were attached to the police report are shown below. There is some debate as to what language he used. This should clear up any questions, and does it ever. Couldn't they have given him a take-home test, instead?


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Bored? Tired of Politics? Tired of Liberals? Try These.

I enjoy brain teasers because they, unlike liberals, can be logically explained. If you want to take a rest from politics and liberals, try these puzzles that I enjoyed:


1. Monty Hall Dilemma

Imagine that the set of Monty Hall's game show Let's Make a Deal has three closed doors. Behind one of these doors is a car; behind the other two are goats. The contestant does not know where the car is, but Monty Hall does.

The contestant picks a door and Monty opens one of the remaining doors, one he knows doesn't hide the car. If the contestant has already chosen the correct door, Monty is equally likely to open either of the two remaining doors.

After Monty has shown a goat behind the door that he opens, the contestant is always given the option to switch doors. What is the probability of winning the car if she stays with her first choice? What if she decides to switch?

Should the contestant keep the original door that she picked or switch? It's one thing to know the answer, but quite another to know why it is correct. Well, you should always switch from the door you originally picked. Why? To better understand the probabilities, try this exercise.


2. The Missing Dollar

Three men go to stay at a motel, and the man at the desk charges them $30.00 for a room. They split the cost ten dollars each. Later the manager tells the desk man that he overcharged the men, that the actual cost should have been $25.00. The manager gives the bellboy $5.00 and tells him to give it to the men. The bellboy, however, decides to cheat the men and pockets $2.00, giving each of the men only one dollar.

Now each man has paid $9.00 to stay in the room and 3 x $9.00 = $27.00. The bellboy has pocketed $2.00. $27.00 + $2.00 = $29.00 - so where is the missing $1.00?

Hint: It didn't go for taxes. Go to the bottom of the problem's link for the solution--but, only after you've tried to answer it.


3. Guess Your Number

This puzzle allows you to pick one number out of a jumbled set, and the character in the game will guess your number. Well, if that doesn't make sense, just play the game and you will understand it. Click on the above link which will take you to the quiz, and advance each page by clicking on the guy at the bottom right "thumbing a ride."

How does it work? In the third grade, I learned a math concept called "casting out nines" to check my math. There's your hint. If you understand the concept, you can impress your friends by guessing their numbers.


Wasn't that fun and a nice diversion from the worries of the world? If you didn't cheat and looked ahead at the solutions, these could keep you busy for hours--years if you're a liberal. Okay, back to work.

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Cinco de Mayo - New American Holiday

Well, we do have some things in common with Mexico and owe thanks to them for their past help. I don't think that the Mexican victory over France saved the U.S., but Mexicans have been our friends and allies. Differences between friends can be worked out.

Cinco History

The 5th of May is not Mexican Independence Day, but it should be! And Cinco de Mayo is not an American holiday, but it should be.

(Read the body of the article for details.)

Mexicans, you see, never forget who their friends are, and neither do Americans. That's why Cinco de Mayo is such a party -- A party that celebrates freedom and liberty. There are two ideals which Mexicans and Americans have fought shoulder to shoulder to protect, ever since the 5th of May, 1862. VIVA! el CINCO DE MAYO!!

Today, let's forget about immigration and, as individuals, celebrate this day of independence--a shared belief in liberty--with our friends from Mexico.

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Now, About That Interest and Late Fees

Thanks, Britain. I was only kidding about the late fees.

United Kingdom Making Final Payments on U.S. Lend-Lease Debt

Between March 1941 and September 1945, the United States' lend-lease programme transferred some $48bn worth of war material to other nations, the largest part of it (worth some $21bn) to Britain. This was an enormous sum, nearly equal to an entire year's UK gross national product.

Britain has been paying off our lend-lease bill in annual instalments ever since 1950. This week the Treasury confirmed that the last payment of £45m will be made by the end of this year. Lend-lease was an extraordinarily far-sighted American move - hardly "the most unsordid act in the history of any nation", as Churchill described it. But it was also the price of our survival. Repayment of debt may be unfashionable these days. But if ever a debt deserved paying it was lend-lease.

Nice words. How soon many other people in Europe forget the generosity of Americans. This should be a simple reminder to them...and, I'm sure that we would do it again if called.

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May 04, 2006

A Kennedy Wrecks Speeding to Congressional Vote--at 2:45 in the morning? [UPDATED]

Have you heard this one? A member of the Kennedy family and a member of Congress was involved in an early morning car wreck while under the influence, and the wreck was covered up. déjà vu!

From Drudge Report:

ROLL CALL reports: ...the wreck took place at approximately 2:45 a.m. Thursday when Kennedy's car, operating with its running lights turned off, narrowly missed colliding with a Capitol Police cruiser and smashed into a security barricade at First and C streets Southeast.

“The driver exited the vehicle and he was observed to be staggering,” Baird’s letter states. Officers approached the driver, who “declared to them he was a Congressman and was late to a vote. The House had adjourned nearly three hours before this incident. It was Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy from Rhode Island.”

Baird wrote that Capitol Police Patrol Division units, who are trained in driving under the influence cases, were not allowed to perform basic field sobriety tests on the Congressman.

...This morning's incident comes just over two weeks after Kennedy was involved in a car accident in Rhode Island.

Talk about bad luck. At least, when he made his explanation and then released a revised explanation, Congressman Kennedy was not having to wear a neck brace like his poor dad did when explaining his famous wreck. Regarding the attempted cover-up, the Kennedy's are like Castro in thinking that a separate system exists for them.



Kennedy Blames Accident on Sleep Medicine

Rep. Patrick Kennedy crashed his car near the Capitol early Thursday, and a police official said he appeared intoxicated. Kennedy said he had taken sleep medication and a prescription anti-nausea drug that can cause drowsiness.

Kennedy, D-R.I., addressed the issue after a spate of news reports. His initial statement said, "I consumed no alcohol prior to the incident."

Later, however, he issued a longer statement saying the attending physician for Congress had prescribed Phenergan on Tuesday to treat Kennedy's gastroenteritis, an inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

Kennedy said he returned to his Capitol Hill home on Wednesday evening after a final series of votes in Congress and took "prescribed" amounts of Phenergan and Ambien, another prescribed drug that he occasionally takes to fall asleep.

"Some time around 2:45 a.m., I drove the few blocks to the Capitol Complex believing I needed to vote," his second statement said. "Apparently, I was disoriented from the medication."

Now, for another viewpoint....

U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy insisted yesterday that he had consumed “no alcohol” before he slammed his Mustang convertible into a concrete barrier near his office, but a hostess at a popular Capitol Hill watering hole told the Herald she saw him drinking in the hours before the crash.

“He was drinking a little bit,” said the woman, who works at the Hawk & Dove and would not give her name.

Leaving his office late last night, Kennedy refused to say whether he’d been to the Hawk & Dove the night before.

...Patrolmen’s union president Lou Cannon told the Associated Press that officers were fuming that police brass intervened and blocked attempts to give Kennedy sobriety tests. “The officers just want to be able to do their jobs,” Cannon said.

Leaving his Capitol Hill office last night, Kennedy told reporters: “I asked for no special treatment.”

After Kennedy responded to the swelling scandal with his first letter, a Herald reporter visisted bars where Kennedy is known to socialize.

A bartender at the Tune Inn, which is next to the Hawk & Dove, also said Kennedy was spotted in the Hawk & Dove Wednesday.

Hawk & Dove manager Edgar Gutierrez said Kennedy is a regular in the bar. Gutierrez said he was working Wednesday night but did not see the congressman. (Providing cover will get you a big tip and repeat business!)

Kennedy, who has battled booze and drug problems in the past, said in his first statement: “I will fully cooperate with the Capitol Police in whatever investigation they choose to undertake.” (Well, that would be a switch from his earlier actions with them.)

Despite the wreck, Kennedy took part in normal business at the Capitol yesterday and appeared unshaken by the incident as he chatted with other members. But one Rhode Island political insider said there has been talk of Kennedy’s bizarre behavior of late. (Of course he was unshaken after a drunken wreck. He learned from the best--his Dad.)

“He has looked terrible lately,” the source said. “He’s been acting goofy, kind of zany.” (Would you want this guy voting on how to spend billions of tax dollars and representing you?)

In addition to seeking substance abuse treatment as a teen, Kennedy has acknowledged being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

A spokeswoman for Kennedy’s father, U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, said the senior Massachusetts senator would have no comment on the matter. (Where's a father when his son needs him? Oh, maybe they need to check the Hawk & Dove for him, too. He could be passed out on the floor from his pills.)

Do you think that if this had been a Republican that there would be outcries from the left and from the media for him to immediately resign? You betcha.

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Castro Worth $900 Million - Credits Cuban System

And, all this time I thought that the Cuban economy was bad and that Cubans were repressed. Well, apparently, not all of them.

Castro worth $900 million: Forbes

Castro, who says his net worth is nil, is likely the beneficiary of up to $900 million, based on his control of state-owned companies, (Forbes) the U.S. financial magazine said in its annual tally of "Kings, Queens & Dictators" fortunes on Thursday.

...Castro had said he was considering suing after Forbes released its 2005 list, scoffing then his wealth was estimated to be close to that of the queen of England. ...This year, Castro would be well above the British monarch. Queen Elizabeth came in with some $500 million in estates, gems and a stamp collection built by her grandfather.

Well, this explains how Castro can afford those expensive Cuban cigars and why the newest South American presidents are getting cozy with him. They want to use his expensive beach condo.

Of course, you won't read much about Castro's wealth from leftists, who like to portray Castro as a great leader and socialism as great system. Well, it has worked for him.

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Sheesh...No, Sheehan - What's Really Important

Did you know that Ms. Sheehan is still overlooking this one little detail?

From Snopes:
Claim: Casey Sheehan's grave is as yet unmarked with a standard headstone.
Status: True.

She can travel the world denouncing the war and the Bush administration, she can go have her picture taken with anti-American politicians in Venezuela, she can vacation in Hawaii, she can buy a new VW convertible....she can accept $250,000 in death benefits from the DoD, but she's just grieving too much to even mark her son's grave...after all, it's only been two years.

I must have missed this one in the New York Times. Sheesh.

Thanks to Delftsman at Emigre with a Digital Cluebat
(Also, acknowledgments to RightWingrocker and Michelle Malkin)

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May 03, 2006

U.N. to Iran: "Get rid of nukes or face 12 years of paper resolutions!"

Here we go again. A radical Mideastern country run by a mad man threatens to use weapons of mass destruction against another country and the U.N. cannot decide to do anything about it. Liberals will be working overtime to blame Bush for this.

Iran threatens Israel if US acts "evil"

Iran threatened on Tuesday to attack Israel in response to any "evil" act by the United States and said it had enriched uranium to a level close to the maximum compatible with civilian use in power stations.

The defiant statements were issued shortly before world powers met in Paris late on Tuesday to plan their next moves after Tehran rejected a U.N. call to halt uranium enrichment.

US could seek Iran sanctions outside UN: Bolton

With no clear sign the United States can win U.N. support for sanctions against Iran, the Bush administration said on Tuesday it could work instead with like-minded nations to punish Tehran for its nuclear programs.

The United States, which has its own sanctions on the Islamic republic, is lobbying for the United Nations Security Council to impose international sanctions on Iran but faces resistance from veto holders Russia and China.

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Arab Teens Defused

Makes sense to me. Why question the word of three young Arab males with explosives? No profiling necessary.

Teens Planned Blow-out

Three teenagers from the Arab town of Qalansawe were arrested after 150,000 detonators were found in the house of one of them. The teenagers, age 15 and 16 were taken to a police station for questioning where they claimed that the detonators meant for their personal use. (Raanan Ben-Zur)

Posted by Woody M. at 12:04 AM | Comments (6)

What Government Intimidation?

For you people on the left who think we should pay more in taxes, here's someone who would love to have your names and social security numbers just so that you can do that.

IRS Employee from Hell

Eva Temple was a quality analyst at the IRS with a serious anger management problem. After harassing and threatening her landlord, Temple was arrested. She was abusive to the arresting officers and threatened them with audits. Then, when the IRS fired her for unrelated reasons, she left threatening voice mail messages for the person responsible for terminating her.
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Let's Be Like France! Yeah, right.

I'm often told by leftists that everything is better in France and Europe in general than in the U.S. Judge for yourself. We would want this? The left is often arrogant and more often wrong.

Hope for France?

Resistance to reform has been cemented in many Western European countries as a consequence of the political rhetoric for decades. If people have been listening to the same thing over and over again, they will start to believe it: "The European Social Model is superior both when it comes to economic efficiency and social justice," is the ruling mantra. Recent campaigns on that theme - and against others such as the US - make the problem even worse.

The model perpetuates itself. Government agencies that have been created to centrally plan parts of society and people's lives will do all they can to show they are still necessary. And when a majority of the adult population - the voters - are dependent on the state for their income and welfare, they will act to preserve the system. The insiders will try to protect what they believe is a privileged position.

Posted by Woody M. at 12:02 AM | Comments (3)

South America Going South

Are people in South America going nuts? Look at the leaders that they pick. This is who the left supports. I don't want to hear one word from them about President Bush.

Three Amigos: Evo, Hugo and Fidel

Unfortunately, it looks like Mr. Morales' presidency (in Bolivia) has said "adios" to common sense. He is beginning to pick fights with moderate neighbors, to push away Brazil, to alienate investors, to inundate his country with "social workers" and advisors from Cuba and Venezuela, to reopen old wounds in the separatist region of Santa Cruz, and to undermine the independent electoral system. This week he nationalized the country's oil and gas industry.
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