October 26, 2007

Chavez is Adored by His Subjects - NOT!

Hugo Chavez seems determined to disallow anyone to interfere with his naked grab for power by "reforming" the constitution of Venezuela.  Does this look like a functioning democracy to you?

 Note the persuader the policeman on the right is carrying.  Yep, a fully functioning democracy you bet.  Sort of reminds me of this one.  Tyrants - once installed, it's hard to change your mind!

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Hi George,

Nice that you put up this report on your blog. But just a little correction, the weapon on the policeman's hands in the right seems very scary, but you know what it is? It's just this device to throw tear gas cannisters at mobs.

Posted by: Augusto at Friday, October 26 2007 01:15 PM (QPjw1)

2 Looks like every lefties dream to me. Government funded thugs to enforce the left's agenda down everyone's throat.

Posted by: DADvocate at Friday, October 26 2007 01:57 PM (AIolm)


While this demonstration is impressive, it is important to remember that these are not the people who support Hugo. His support comes from the vast majority of the population that is destitute especially without State support. Venezuela is a more or less typical Central / South American country with the income distribution pattern that entails.


Don't get me wrong. I think Hugo is a backwoods demagogue who will eventually run the economy into the ground, but he does have a very large base of support and would doubtless win any election that was held. In fact he has. Now you can claim that those elections were fraudulent but I think perhaps they were not. There are a lot more poor people than there are 'others'. And the poor people L-O-V-E Hugo. They are not very 'nuanced' I fear.

Posted by: dougf at Friday, October 26 2007 02:07 PM (16GPT)


Hi Augusto, thanks for the comment.  Yes, I knew what it was, but it is still an evil looking persuader is it not?

Doug, so delightful to see you back again, you need to come much more often my friend.  The point of my post was less of who was demonstrating, than of the methods used to put it down.  I suspect that you are correct about the poor supporting Chavez, but they are precisely the ones that will be hurt the most.  They are also the earlier ones that supported hitler.

Posted by: GM Roper at Friday, October 26 2007 05:00 PM (S60yG)


It is not mere coincidence that men like Chavez pander to the destitute and illiterate; they are the only means by which a despot can remain in power.  Amazingly, the American left “adore” Chavez; it is a conundrum if you listen to the rhetoric spoken for domestic consumption.  The bottom line is that the American left are socialists, and I suspect they would rather embrace than repudiate such men as Uncle Joe Stalin.


GREAT presentation, GM. 

Posted by: Mustang at Friday, October 26 2007 06:55 PM (e0a5u)


Dear GM:

I lived, worked and traveled in Central and South America for 14 years. I have witnessed such things as shown in those photos in about every Latin American nation---and I have been to all of them. They show the Latin American form of government. It is represented not by the individual but by the mass.

And they import such things here. Remember those pro-illegal immigrant marches in the US? Those US cities took on for one day the form of any random Latin American capital. If we allow these illegals to nest here permanently, our Republic will come to resemble the shambles that is almost every government south of the Rio Grande.

Doug has a point. Perhaps Chavez would win a free election. But we will never know. Imagine if the Democrat Party ran every local, statewide and national election in the US. That is how most Latin American elections are held. Come election time there is almost always violence, chicanery and vote theft.

The most reasonable Latin nation is Chile. The most absurd one is Ecuador. The most violent one is Bolivia. The poorest one is Nicaragua. The wealthiest one is Brazil. The one with the best food is Mexico. The most criminal one is Paraguay. The prettiest women are in Argentina. The best backpacking is in Peru.

As an aside, one who believes any foreign media concerning Latin America is very foolish. It matters not if that media be the Economist or CNNABCCBSNBCBBCNPR or the New York Times. Many times I have been present at some event and then saw it reported in the media. It was as if there were two entirely different events on the same day in the same place at the same time.

Finally, let us not be worried that Chavez will form some sort of anti-US alliance with other South American nations. Every one of his neighbors hates his guts. Chavez had to go to Bolivia so that he could prance and prattle on about the US. Pardon me, but the US should worry about…Bolivia?

Posted by: Mike Austin at Sunday, October 28 2007 09:20 AM (S60yG)

7 Mike, you hit it perfectly.  Thank you.  Even Carter backtracked on his "seal of approval" of the Venezuelan elections.

But I don't think any of us are so worried about whether Chavez can or will coddle up to another South or Central American nation.  Mexico is a huge buffer between North and South America.  It's his smooching up to Ahmadinejad and Castro (or who ever is acting on his behalf) that bothers me.  The Cuban people would continue to suffer, with no hope of reform after Castro's death, as long as Chavez is willing to help prop up another dictatorial successor there.  He has the means and the will to do so.  And nothing good can come of his unholy alliance with Iran.

I may be reading too much into his kissy-face with Ahmadinejad.  Nothing may well ever come of that other than two miserable people commiserating over a common enemy.  But I wouldn't bet any money on it.

Posted by: Oyster at Monday, October 29 2007 08:55 AM (hCybq)


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21 The bottom line is that the American left are socialists, and I suspect they would rather embrace than repudiate such men as Uncle Joe Stalin.

Posted by: Silas Blevins at Wednesday, September 26 2012 01:35 AM (4jz7S)

22 and I suspect they would rather embrace than repudiate such men as Uncle Joe Stalin.

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24 Truly said! It'd really hard to change mind.

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25 I really feel sad to hear about the condition of People of Venezuela. 
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